A completely automated accounting platform that works seamlessly with LMS SYNC and Call Logic to help you keep track of all payables and receivables from your vendors and customers.



Books360 is the first of its kind, completely automated accounting platform that generates and sends invoices based on your preferred settings. You can easily email pay statements and set different payment methods through Books360. Its user-friendly interface and convenience-first design means that anyone can navigate the platform from any device. The best part is, Books360 is customizable for any industry.

What You’ll Receive with Books360

  • Automated customer invoices
  • Total sales
  • Total expenses
  • Completed leads
  • Sold leads
  • Payout details
  • Specific dates and times
  • Affiliate details/statuses
  • API integrations
  • A variety of payment methods

The genius of Books360


Customer invoices are sent on an automated schedule of your choice. Books360’s automated invoices reduce the time and resources it takes to perform these repetitive, yet crucial, tasks on a strict schedule.


Books360 allows you to make adjustments to your invoicing schedule and payment options. This convenient platform provides the error-free assistance you need to deliver consistent customer service.


Whether you prefer to receive payments through check or electronic transfer, make mass payouts or individual stipends, Books360 accommodates all of these specific needs and more.

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