One remarkable lead management system for all your campaigns.



Phonexa’s LMS SYNC lead management system allows customers to manage all inbound and outbound leads. Whether the leads are generated by you or your affiliates, you can choose to either keep them or transfer them to your network of lead buyers. LMS SYNC works hand-in-hand with Waves to deliver comprehensive reports on all your campaigns. Take a look below to learn more about LMS SYNC.



  • Works with Waves to deliver advanced analytics
  • Campaign filters
  • Option to group campaigns
  • Duplicate settings
  • Cap restrictions
  • Option to not present lists
  • Creates schedules
  • Includes API integrations
  • Pingtree settings
  • User management
  • Accounting options


Reports from LMS SYNC are incredibly detailed, pulling data from all sides so you can make informed decisions on the fly. With our accessible interface, campaign adjustments can be made from any device.

Reports Display:

  • Performance summary
  • Minimum price reports
  • Lead details
  • Option to search leads
  • Cap out details
  • Conversion details
  • Sources by campaign
  • Filter analysis
  • Lead rejection reasons
  • Lead processing analysis
  • Publishers’ post errors

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