One Remarkable Lead Management System for All Your Marketing Campaigns

Drive more sales by managing your leads effectively with Phonexa’s lead management software

Convert More Leads into Customers Through Proper Follow-up and Nurturing

Lead generation takes enormous effort. Are you positive you are getting the most out of every lead?

Phonexa’s Lead Management System, LMS SYNC, gives you the tools to effectively generate, track, and distribute leads, using custom filtration and network integration that ensures you unlock every lead’s full value and grow your sales pipeline.

Maximize Your Leads’ Potential with Phonexa’s Lead Management System

Track Your Ads and Leads

Knowing which ads are bringing in the most leads is fundamental for your business. Our online lead management software tracks how each one of your ads performs, giving you critical market insights. Ensure you only get quality leads with our custom filtration system, then keep close tabs on every lead with our intuitive display.

Develop New Revenue Streams

Phonexa’s online lead management system opens up new opportunities for your leads with the advanced lead distribution. Our ping tree technology gives you the portal through which you can redistribute your leads and increase your revenue.

Know Emerging Trends

In lead generation, data is king—and LMS SYNC makes it easier than ever to view and understand the flood of information that comes in with every campaign. Our real-time reporting gives you the ability to see marketing trends develop as they happen, giving you the opportunity to make critical changes. And with Predictive Modeling, that data becomes a roadmap that you can follow to find more earnings in the future.

Ready to manage your leads without any hassle and maximize your marketing ROI?

How Lead Management Software Works

Sales lead management software tracks everything about your leads so that you can focus on conversions and distribution. From the moment an ad, email, or paid search link is clicked, your prospects are followed closely by Phonexa’s lead management system - LMS SYNC - so that you have a complete understanding of each costumer’s journey. By the time a lead fills out your optimized forms, you’ll have a clear vision of the likelihood of conversion and be able to nourish that lead.

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Analytics | Analyze the effects of your campaign optimizations and keep track of detailed customer behavior through meaningful data and statistics.


Tracking | Build effective marketing campaigns and drive more revenue by tracking advertisement performances, customer details, and more in real-time with comprehensive lead tracking tools.


Lead Distribution | Expand your revenue margins by distributing your leads to additional buyers through a multi-tier Ping Tree available in our lead management and distribution software.


Real-Time Reporting | Stay updated on your ongoing marketing campaigns and leads status with detailed, real-time reports sent straight to your inbox.


Predictive Modeling | Phonexa’s premier analytics solution gives you a thorough visual analysis of your web and call leads with detailed analytics, comparison data, and predictive insights.


Interactive Management | The user-friendly management dashboard simplifies the lead tracking process to help you better analyze your ROI and make effective campaign optimizations.


Filtering and Restrictions | Filter your leads according to their sales status and set access limits to other LMS users with the granular filtering and restriction features on LMS SYNC.


URL Tracking Capabilities | Monitor your URL clicks and campaign performances on a per-lead level with our affordable lead management system.


Payout Structures | To accommodate your preferences, our lead management tool offers a variety of different payout options for greater convenience.


Fraud Detector and Email Verification | Our advanced fraud detector and multi-step verification process ensure that only high quality leads pass through to increase your overall conversions.

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What is the sales lead management process?

The sales lead management process refers to identifying, generating, and maintaining prospects for your business. The process involves creating content that resonates with your audience with the aim of improving your brand, driving traffic, closing sales, or achieving various objectives.

Why is a lead management system important?

Having a proper lead management system is critical to achieving your business goals. Through the system, you can plan and implement various campaigns to generate traffic, gather leads, nurture leads, and close new customers.

What is the best lead management software?

Your business goals should help you determine the best lead management system to use. The best lead management software for a small business is the one that includes features such as automated lead capturing, intelligent routing, reporting and analysis, activity scheduling and tracking, and advanced security.

Can you provide me with customized features in the lead management system?

Phonexa’s Lead Management System (LMS SYNC) can be customized to track specific data you are interested in. For example, the system can track clicks on your paid search or email links and provide an overview of leads' behavior before they fill your optimized forms.

Our web-based lead management software can be easily customized for different industries, such as real estate, insurance, loans, and mortgages.

Why should my business use lead tracking?

Lead tracking helps you to know the performance of your marketing campaigns. By tracking leads, you can quickly determine campaigns that are leading to the best results and which ones are depleting your marketing budget without providing substantial ROI.

How do I track sales leads?

You can use various lead tracking and management software solutions to track your sales leads. Lead tracking tools can identify the channels from which the leads are originating, the activity of the leads on your online properties, average lifetime value, and so on.

What is the best way to organize and manage my sales leads?

First of all, you have to identify your end goal. What immediate, short-term, and long-term plans do you have for your business? These plans should be part of your campaigns for attracting and retaining leads.

Why should I choose Phonexa’s LMS SYNC?

Phonexa’s LMS SYNC is one of the best lead management systems that provides granular analytical data on the impact of your marketing campaigns. With this top lead management software, you can build campaigns and track leads in real-time, uncover new revenue opportunities, get real-time information of your campaigns, and make informed decisions.

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