URL Tracking

Dusting the digital footprints on your websites and advertisements.

What is URL Tracking?

URL tracking shows the traffic source of each lead that has visited your website or has signed up for your service. By showing the correlation between your leads and the marketing sources that spurred those leads, you can assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your customer journey for exceptional results.

What can be tracked and why?

All digital marketing channels can be tracked in detail, including but not limited to: search advertisements, email campaigns, social media advertisements and blog articles. The accuracy and efficiency of URL tracking makes it a core feature on LMS SYNC. Users can thoroughly trace their traffic sources in order to attribute ROI to the right campaigns.

Easy Setup:
It only takes seconds to create a unique URL for each of your various campaigns.
Real-Time Updates:
Set notifications or check live updates each time a lead interacts with your unique URL.
Detailed Insights:
Receive comprehensive reports on your leads and campaigns, including specific engagement activities, the time and date of each conversion and more.

Track your leads with the best-performing LMS on the market.