Go Beyond with Advanced Call Tracking Capabilities


Work smarter, not harder!

A suite of solutions for one low price

  • Call Analytics & Tracking

    Create more efficient campaigns with data-analyzing resources. Use call tracking numbers to acquire detailed attribution on your inbound call traffic

  • Interactive Voice Response

    Create a customizable journey and better customer experience with voice logic that greets customers, collects helpful information, and directs them to the best representative

  • Predictive Modeling

    Put your data to work by using tracking and predictive modeling tools to show probable outcomes of adjusted strategies for your marketing campaigns

  • Ping Post Calls 2.0

    We’ve reinvented real-time distribution and how publishers, buyers, and affiliate networks sell calls across all lead flows

Stop Paying for Integrations

Phonexa offers free integrations for major platforms, as well as for the third-party tools you use every day.

Get more for less. Phonexa also provides you with seven other marketing automation products as part of our all-in-one suite, including robust solutions for leads, clicks, emails, SMS, accounting, and more.

  • One contract

  • One set of credentials

  • One 24/7 first-class support team