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Why Businesses Switch to Phonexa

Optimized distribution that ensures calls are sent to destinations that match consumers to services and result in maximum profitability.
24/7 support for technical questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to help you achieve your goals.
Tools that enhance the customer journey: a customizable IVR or call recording that ensures every caller is a priority.
Enjoy seamless integrations with all the tech stack tools that you already use, complete with guided onboarding for a stress-free transition for you and your team.
The ability to spot trends and find income-boosting insights with granular reporting not available with other solutions.
Market-leading call technology like ping-post calls that allow for real-time call bidding to give buyers greater flexibility and opportunity.

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What does advanced call analytics software do?

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With advanced call analytics software, businesses are able to get data insights on all their call campaigns with intuitive tables and reports.

Call analytics leverages all the data from call tracking efforts, breaking down in detail the performance of specific keywords in call campaigns or viewing campaign success as it relates to location, time of day, and other key factors. These analytical tools give insights into call campaign performance and help businesses improve their marketing ROI.

How does call analytics software help sales departments?

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Call analytics software is a valuable tool for sales departments seeking to improve the customer journey and boost conversions. Sales departments can use phone analytics derived from their call campaigns to measure their performance with their digital efforts as well as with call center conversion rates.

Call analytics is tremendously useful as part of a team’s sales call software tech stack. Call analytics software can integrate with other sales tools such as Google AdWords and Salesforce. By bringing together different technology tools, sales departments are able to get a complete view of the customer journey for their inbound calls, from keyword to call center.

What features are available with call analytics software?

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Call analytics software comes with a number of features that make it a useful asset of sales logic software. Varying filters can be identified and changed with the filter analyzer, while traffic flow reports show traffic quality. There are many other fast-loading reports available with advanced reporting options, including comparison reports that show changes in your call campaign performance.

Which industries benefit from call analytics software?

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All businesses that run call campaigns and seek more actionable data for their efforts can benefit from call analytics software. The advantages of call analytics software can especially translate to those performance marketers who work in verticals like financial services, home services, and insurance.

Insurance marketers have much to gain by using call analytics software because many of their conversions happen through call interactions. Using call analytics, insurance marketers can measure and determine their customer acquisition cost or leverage tools to perform lead scoring on their inbound call leads.


When you do good work, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes notice. While our number one priority is always the satisfaction of our customers, we always appreciate recognition for our platform, our marketing, or our company culture.

Here are a few of the different ways Phonexa has been recognized over the years.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

My overall experience has been great. Our team uses vanity numbers to track calls and a custom IVR to route these calls. It helps with our attribution and we are able to see what campaigns are the most profitable, which helps us increase our marketing ROI. The software is very fast. The software is robust and flexible.
Bobby G.

Bobby G.

Sales Manager
We finally found the one!
I really appreciate being able to do everything in one platform. From call tracking to ping tree management, accounting, and my email campaigns. Everything works together and tracks seamlessly. I can see a lead from the time it is generated to monetization on the backend.
Devin F.

Devin F.

Platform is fast and easy to use. I'm able to seamlessly move through different reporting and analytical tools to get what I need. It has features that I haven't seen in any other platform. You're going to be able to see an overview of everything and also have all the features to dive-in and get a more in-depth analysis.
Jesse N.

Jesse N.


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