How Warwick Financial Used Phonexa to Change Its Business Model & Boost Lead Volume by 85%

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Case Overview: Brand, Problem, Solution

Warwick Financial Services is a credit brokerage firm based in the United Kingdom specializing in personal finance and pairing borrowers with reputable UK lenders who provide consumers with high-cost, short-term credit loans.

Before finding Phonexa, Warwick Financial was a non-traditional broker, which meant that the company never actually dealt with consumer data but instead acted as the bridge that connected interested borrowers with lenders by simply providing a list of lenders to consumers depending on their loan needs. The company operated on a cost-per-click (CPC) ad model with little room for advancement or revenue growth.

That only lasted until 2020, when Warwick Financial — like millions of other businesses during the pandemic — faced the ultimate challenge of needing to scale with innovation to meet the demands of a growing population in dire need of short-term loans.

That’s right around the time when Gary Tatham, Owner and Director of Warwick Financial, discovered the Phonexa suite of lead generation and marketing automation tools. The discovery provided the company with cutting-edge software tools to scale operations. It also helped Tatham and his team escape the singular focus of CPC and move into a more dynamic ping tree-focused business model with growing revenue streams.

Now, Phonexa sits at the forefront of Warwick Financial’s lead generation, lead acquisition, sale of traffic, and re-targeting efforts.

Results at a Glance

  • 375% revenue increase YoY in 2021
  • 1.3 million leads sold in 2021, as opposed to 200,000 the previous year
  • MoM lead volume growth by 85% (from 15,000 leads per month to 100,000 leads per month)

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Dynamic Ping Tree Functionality Expands Business

Warwick Financial utilized Phonexa’s LMS Sync to scale and add dimensions to its marketing automation lead generation and distribution efforts. By setting up a unique and individualized dynamic ping tree for every single lender, the company was able to revive the idle network of credit brokers and turn them into relevant and profitable income streams, all while maximizing the potential of sales for every single lead that funneled in.

What was once a one-sided and comparison-driven brokerage firm now positioned itself as a well-oiled and self-sufficient leadgen machine with a vast network of collaborative lenders, circulating over 100,000 leads per month, generating over 72% more revenue in 2021 than the year before.

Tatham says that despite the difficulty in setting up and managing a ping tree, the Phonexa team has delivered a very hands-on approach and guidance throughout all steps of the process.


Reporting Paving Future Strategies

Before coming to Phonexa, Warwick Financial lacked proper software that collected lead data and presented actionable reports that would help shape improvement strategies and deliver measurable results in their lead generation.

One thing that often goes unnoticed is the critical role of real-time data reporting and analytics in the fast-paced and data-driven environment moving the financial services vertical.

But Warwick Financial quickly seized the opportunities presented with real-time data reporting. Since adopting Phonexa into their tech stack, Warwick Financial has utilized detailed analytics and insights within the Phonexa reporting dashboard to make better campaign decisions. As a result, they’ve been able to drive better results for their multifaceted leadgen efforts through organic search, social media, PPC, and affiliate marketing.

And whenever data became too much for comfort, Tatham says that his Phonexa team turned into consultants, providing insights and helping shape strategies around the decisions to help optimize practices and scale.


Connected From Anywhere Through the Phonexa App

As a smaller company with a limited workforce actively monitoring campaigns and lead flows at a given time, Tatham needed to keep his eyes on the pulse of every single ping tree that Warwick Financial operated.

He found that the Phonexa app — available on the App Store and Google Play — provides the distinct features and functions he needs to check-in and monitor campaigns in real-time, even when he’s away from the office.

Tatham now uses the app to launch and pause campaigns and conduct other decision-making, all with a touch of a button in the palm of his hand. With the accessibility the app provides, Tatham’s team has received broader efficiency and access to campaign information in an instant from any location.

Warwick Financial’s Future with Phonexa

With the strategic guidance of Phonexa’s always-available teams and Tatham’s willingness to adopt new marketing automation and lead generation innovations, Warwick Financial’s future growth is looking brighter than ever.

And with speed-to-contact being top of mind for the financial services industry, Tatham has felt the need to secure strong re-engagement and re-marketing initiatives that optimize conversion rates from all funneled leads.

Even beyond the lead sale and conversion, Tatham needed to ensure that even the unconverted leads get a response to their loan inquiries. That’s why he is actively working with Phonexa’s Onboarding and Customer Success teams to launch SMS and email campaigns that would help him re-target existing inquirers.

By slowly adopting E-Delivery , Phonexa’s email and SMS marketing platform, Tatham will develop re-engagement strategies, including depthful and GDPR and ICO-compliant list management practices and privacy policy enforcement.

Through compliant email outreach, Warwick Financial Services has ensured a fully automated lead generation future with many new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

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