All You Need to Know About Call Tracking for Television

Kira Remy
5 minute read
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Kira Remy
5 minute read

From PPC ads and Google analytics to email marketing click-through rates and an array of digital reporting tools, tracking ROI for online campaigns is a straightforward task for marketers. However, when it comes to tracking offline campaigns from print, radio, and television advertising, knowing which of your offline marketing efforts resulted in the most inbound phone calls can be a difficult task for businesses without call tracking and analytics. 

For the purposes of keeping things shorter than Tolstoy’s War and Peace, we’ll stick to covering the benefits and outcomes of call tracking television below. And for a larger look into call tracking for all offline advertising, reading our blog on How to Track Leads From Offline Campaigns will be a great follow up to this one

How to Utilize Call Tracking for Television

Since the 1940s, television advertising has been the main way to market products and services. For many years, companies haven’t had a way to understand exactly what percentage of their television advertising could be attributed to attracting new business. However, in this digital age, technological advancements like call tracking software have made it possible for marketers to fill the gap in television marketing data without missing a beat. 

Implementing call analytics to calculate the value television is driving in new business contextualizes the performance of your campaigns and makes it possible to not only adjust your television advertising strategy but optimize the performance of your marketing efforts as a whole.  

Similar to online call tracking efforts, television call tracking uses a unique tracking number to segment calls from a specific television advertisement and collects data to then send back to your lead management software or CRM. Fortunately for all marketers, the same practice applies to a unique website landing page that you may have used in your digital campaigns, making it easy to track all inbound calls from each campaign, no matter the source.

Using call tracking software also automatically logs caller information—callers that are driven by a television advertisement will be stored and attributed to the specific television marketing campaign they were initially interested in. Additionally, call tracking software will record the full call history of each lead and each interaction they may have with your brand thereafter. 

Mapping a customer’s data and call history will ultimately enable the engagement tactics your sales team has been looking for, as well as the multi-channel attribution your marketing team is looking to achieve. Your business can seamlessly log all customer interactions from television advertising to other ad campaign engagements.

Just as your television marketing strategy is integrated with online campaign tracking through call tracking analytics, your sales and customer service departments should be aligned and prepared to refer to specific television marketing efforts. Fluid communication across departments can go a long way as well as make the customer experience more personal. 

The Benefits of Call Tracking Television 

At a high level, television marketing attribution can result in nothing but a guessing game, but by integrating call tracking with your television advertising, your business can complete the puzzle of how both online and offline advertising campaigns fit together to generate new business.  

While creating commercials and multimedia assets that are needed for television advertising can be a bit more involved than listing certain digital campaigns, the results can be far-reaching and impactful. Television advertising is also a great way to beat out less innovative marketing teams of your competitors. 

The benefits of TV ads are elevated even further when call tracking and analytics are added to the mix. Call tracking improves data visibility for television advertising and optimizes customer engagement, as well as your company’s ability to track campaign performance. The insights understood through call tracking television and analytics can improve your company’s marketing performance and generate insights that benefit other campaigns your business may be operating.

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Kira Remy
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