3 Easy and Affordable Ways to Automate Your Law Firm Marketing

One common bucket list goal of many lawyers seem to be having their own law firm, similar to how doctors and optometrists want their own clinics. The liberty to work for yourself, earn your own loyal clients, and make more revenue with your efforts can be extremely gratifying. Yet, the issue that many of these new law firms face is struggling to find the right marketing platforms to help them reach their goals. What any new business needs most, regardless of the industry, is an affordable solution to their marketing demands. Thankfully, the solution exists and it goes by the name of automation.

Marketing automations are now part of our everyday lives. Consumers encounter voice automations, click-to-call options, automatic redirects, and other automated technology on a daily basis. Tedious tasks that don’t require personal assistance from a human agent should be automated to save time for both the firm and the caller. This, in turn, will earn you more money in the long haul. Before we get into the three ways to automate your marketing efforts, let’s discuss some of the benefits of doing so.

Marketing Automation Benefits:

Efficient Customer Service: Convenience and efficiency are traits that any consumer would appreciate in their customer journey. While it’s easy to say, achieving this can be quite difficult (we would argue impossible) without the help of marketing automations.

Better Brand Image: By automating the tedious parts of your customer service, you’ll actually increase the efficiency of the process and make it easier for your callers to get the answers they need. Consumers often call in because they have very specific inquiries about the business or product. The faster they receive their answers, the better their call experience will be. As a result, you will start building a better brand image with potential customers.

Greater Business Longevity: If you continue to conduct business with advanced marketing automations in place, earning you great rap amongst your intended audience, you can most likely expect to be in the business for a longer period of time.

If you’re convinced that marketing automation is the way to go, here are the three easy and affordable ways you can start incorporating automations into your marketing strategies today:

Voice Automation

Perhaps the most direct automation you can implement is voice automation. In previous years, traditional call centers were used to handle even the most mundane inquiries because there wasn’t proper technology available to allow for self-service. Now, call automations have become the norm for businesses of all sizes. The main reason why this automation benefits your law firm is because it filters, services, and routes your calls with absolute efficiency. Callers who dial for law services are most likely driven by a sense of urgency, so to be able to deliver a fast and seamless call experience would be extremely beneficial for your business. An advanced voice automation would also be integrated with call tracking in order to further personalize the call and give your callers an even more efficient customer experience. The more you optimize your calls, the more clients you will likely gain.

Call Tracking

The next automation to seriously consider would be advanced call tracking. Call tracking takes the manual work off your plate when it comes to ROI attribution. While you focus your time and energy developing better outreach strategies and servicing clients, call tracking will send you automatic reports and analytics to keep you updated on your existing campaigns in real time. Without call tracking, law firms have to waste their precious time manually tracking the results of their campaigns. The saying, “Time is money,” couldn’t be truer for law firms, and the more time spent on tedious tasks that could be automated, the more money is lost.

Real-Time Reports

As mentioned, real-time reports is a feature that often accompanies having an advanced call tracking solution. It’s important for your law firm to be in the know on the latest campaign results so that you can make the proper adjustments for a more successful run. With these up-to-the-minute reports sent straight to your device, you’ll have the accurate data you need to make informed decisions on the go.

Phonexa’s call platform has solutions for every call marketing demand in the industry. If there’s a specific feature that you need but can’t find on our website, reach out to us today and we’ll be glad to work with you to build that call feature. For a complete run-down of our software as a service solutions, schedule a free live demo today.

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