Your 12 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

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12 minute read

Two main goals dominate the digital market today: generating revenue and increasing visibility online. In this tangled web of virtual commerce, WordPress is becoming the go-to platform for many online brands and aspiring affiliate marketers. You can easily manage marketing companies on the base, but for this, you still need an affiliate martech stack and specific tools.

These tools are WordPress plugins — particularly helpful instruments that can do everything and even more to maximize user engagement and drive sales.


To strengthen their domains, marketers often turn to the wonders of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress. These sophisticated tools can turn a simple site into a bustling monetization and collaboration hub.

We’re rolling up our sleeves to uncover the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress that are the real game-changers, transforming digital aspirations into success stories.

The Best Plugins for WordPress: Affiliate Marketing Focus

First and foremost, a plugin is a software extension or tool designed to facilitate and enhance the implementation of affiliate marketing strategies on a WordPress website.

These are not just applications with functions; they are full-fledged systems that simplify the process of advertising and managing affiliate programs. The best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress help you to do the following:

  • Manage links
  • Track partner referrals
  • Integrate with various eCommerce platforms

As for affiliate marketing, it remains a dynamic force for online businesses in the modern digital environment. This approach to marketing is primarily based on efficiency, where all parties receive profits and benefits. Let’s examine the advantages the key participants of the affiliate marketing ecosystem can gain:

Source: Understanding Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem: What Is Affiliate Network?

For WordPress users, affiliate marketing plugin integration is critical for several reasons:

  1. These plugins help you manage affiliate links effectively and organize them in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. They allow you to track clicks, conversions, and other important metrics by tracking link performance.
  3. Affiliate marketing plugins help in optimizing the display and effectiveness of affiliate content on a web page.
  4. These tools optimize various aspects of affiliate marketing, as well as save time and effort for website owners and affiliate marketers.


Using the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress will let you conquer new heights. Now, it’s time to experience the power of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress and uncover how they can help affiliate networks, brands, and advertisers generate additional income and foster valuable collaborations.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

In this wide-ranging rundown, we bring you the 12 essential plugins for WordPress that are set to revolutionize your online earning potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just stepping into the game, these plugins are your ticket to taking your WordPress website to the next level.

Pretty Links


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
48,470 2 130 0.5 34.41% 58.22% 0 4.75% 0.06% 2.57%


Pretty Links is the first on the list for a reason. With this plugin, you can craft elegant and effective links with just a few clicks. Whether you’re a blogger, social media guru, or affiliate marketer, taming your links has never been easier.

It is truly one of the best plugins for blog on WordPress and affiliate marketing links — you may manage social links, URL redirects, and affiliate links with a single user-friendly interface.

But that’s not all. Pretty Links isn’t just link shortening; it’s a comprehensive set of tools that offers advanced retargeting options, automated marketing solutions, and even the ability to track link performance in real-time.

HT Easy GA4

HT Easy GA4

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with “HT Easy GA4“, the ultimate analytics solution for WordPress. This plugin provides comprehensive features to monitor, analyze, and elevate your WooCommerce site.

From in-depth e-commerce insights to privacy-centric tracking options, “HT Easy GA4” empowers you to understand your audience like never before.

Whether you want to refine your marketing strategies, enhance user engagement, or boost your sales performance, this plugin is your all-in-one analytics powerhouse. The plugin seamlessly integrates into the WordPress dashboard, offering access to powerful analytics tools after installation.

Here are some reasons why people choose HT Easy GA4:

  • Unified Analytics View: Seamlessly integrate app and web data for a complete analysis of user interactions.
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Dive deep into your data with sophisticated reporting features that uncover actionable insights.
  • Streamlined Dashboard Access: Effortlessly view and interpret your analytics data directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Simplified Google Integration: Utilize the “Login with Google” feature for an efficient, hassle-free setup process.
  • Event Tracking Excellence: Get detailed analyses of e-commerce events to fine-tune your strategy and drive conversions.
  • Customizable Reports: Tailor your analytics to meet your needs, ensuring you always have the most important insights.
  • Affiliate Link Optimization: Track and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts for increased revenue.
  • In-Depth Performance Metrics: Gain access to extensive reports on both standard and e-commerce metrics to inform your decisions.



Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
89,559 3 252 0.47 34.52% 51.83% 0 12.09% 0.64% 0.92%


AffiliateWP is another great WordPress affiliate plugin that strikes a perfect balance of simplicity, efficiency, and functionality — all geared toward unparalleled performance. It’s truly a game changer and one of the best plugins for WordPress blog, and here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. Easy integration: Launch your platform with a single click and enjoy integration with WooCommerce and 28 other eCommerce and form plugins.
  2. Advanced tracking: You can track referral links, custom landing pages, cross-domain promotions, and more.
  3. Streamlined payments: You can also streamline the payment process for all your affiliates with Stripe or PayPal, saving you valuable time and effort every month.
  4. Flexible affiliate commissions: Create a commission structure that fits your business, from one-time and recurring to tiered and personalized commissions, with maximum flexibility.
  5. Unlimited creativity: Unleash your imagination with unlimited possibilities for referral links, banners, landing pages, QR codes, and more, allowing you to create a dynamic and exciting affiliate program.


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
708,427 2 142 0.61 20.81% 67.85% 0.57% 9.97% 0.43% 0.37%


Experience the unrivaled power and simplicity of MonsterInsights, the #1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress, adored by over 3 million users worldwide.

Plenty of businesses, marketers, and developers rely on MonsterInsights, one of the best analytics plugins for WordPress, to unlock the full potential of their websites. Here are several reasons why:

  1. Accessing and comprehending your website’s analytics — explore the comprehensive audience report, revealing visitor demographics, behavior patterns, and device usage.
  2. Delve into the user behavior report, a powerful tool that illuminates the paths visitors take to discover and navigate your site.
  3. Leave the guesswork behind with the content report, empowering you to understand which pages and posts are resonating most with your audience.
  4. For online stores, MonsterInsights offers a comprehensive e-commerce report, delivering essential metrics such as total revenue, conversion rates, top products, and referral sources.
  5. Gone are the days of complex coding — with MonsterInsights, setting up Google Analytics on your WordPress site is a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
577,216 2 71 0.63 41.43% 33.63% 1.84% 8.89% 6.78% 7.44%


ReferralCandy is your superpower in sales marketing. The solution automates customer referral campaigns for your WooCommerce store, boosting sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

With the ReferralCandy plugin, one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress, and an open-source solution, you can sell products or services more effectively through your online store.

Why choose ReferralCandy:

  • Rewarding customers for sharing personalized referral links
  • Simple integration of a refer-a-friend program without the need for developers



Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
218,791 4 251 0.53 40.41% 36.01% 0.01% 19.96% 0.87% 2.73%


If you are looking for premium themes, one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs is YIThemes. It’s a spectacular collection of meticulously crafted themes catering to diverse website needs.

One of the greatest advantages is that it requires no coding expertise — you can create professional websites on your own. On top of that, YIThemes are engineered to provide seamless integration with the WordPress platform. Every user is ensured to have a hassle-free setup and smooth operation.

What would you like to create for business — an online store, portfolio, blog, or corporate website? Regardless of the choice, one of the best plugins for affiliate marketing WordPress YIThemes offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to suit any online venture.




Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate
29,551 1 241 0.17


SliceWP is one of the 12 best WordPress affiliate plugins that simplifies the management of diverse affiliate programs. It allows effortlessly onboard affiliates, automatically monitor visits and commissions, and boost your revenue — all within your familiar WordPress environment.

Here are some of its best features we’d like to highlight:

  • A dedicated space for affiliates
  • Affiliate coupon tracking
  • Informative real-time reports
  • One-click PayPal payouts
  • WordPress eCommerce integrations


Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
100,701 3 109 0.5 50.23% 21.32% 0.02% 23.74% 0.27% 4.43%


MeThemeShop offers a variety of WordPress plugins designed to improve website functionality and performance. They are both convenient and easy to customize and compatible with a variety of WordPress themes.

Here are the most popular ones available from MyThemeShop:

  1. WP Subscribe Pro: A powerful email subscription plugin to build and manage subscriber lists.
  2. WP Review Pro: A feature-rich review plugin to add stylish and customizable review boxes to WordPress posts and pages.
  3. WP Mega Menu: One of the best menu plugins for WordPress, with many customizations and highly functional navigation.
  4. WP Notification Bar Pro: A competent plugin to effectively promote important messages, offers, or announcements on websites.
  5. WP Quiz Pro: One of the best quiz plugins for WordPress, capable of creating interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls.



Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
288,555 3 163 0.53 40.83% 39.17% 0 10.67% 3.20% 6.13%


With a strong emphasis on conversion optimization, ThriveThemes offers a suite of conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins to enhance website performance and increase engagement.

Again, ThriveThemes is one of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress. Let’s look at its unique set of features, namely:

  • Thrive Architect — a mighty visual page building tool in WordPress with 290+ templates
  • Thrive Leads — a plugin for building email lists
  • Thrive Ultimatum — a potent marketing tool for creating time-limited deals and countdown campaigns
  • Thrive Quiz Builder — an instrument for making fun quizzes
  • Thrive Ovation — a plugin for websites to collect and display customer testimonials
  • Thrive Apprentice — a feature for creating online courses and membership sites
  • Thrive Theme Builder — a powerful WordPress theme builder for complete website design control



Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate Direct Traffic Search Traffic Paid Referral Traffic Referral Traffic Social Traffic Mail Traffic
13,773,682 6 398 0.36 62.89% 28.55% 2.25% 1.52% 2.97% 1.81%


Do you want to optimize your website content and performance more effectively? Don’t forget SEMrush, one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Another prominent feature of SEMrush is its ability to ensure your content’s success with the SEO Writing Assistant — a smart editing tool that enhances visibility and engagement.

Let’s look at the key features of the SEMrush application for WordPress web pages:

  • On-page SEO recommendations
  • Content analysis and AI tools
  • Comprehensive SEO audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research





Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate
29,703 1 80 0.27


Affiliate Booster, listed as one of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress, was crafted by an experienced affiliate marketer. It’s a feature-filled application, allowing you to bid farewell to multiple plugins cluttering your blog and streamline the process.

Here are the main attributes of AffiliateBooster:

  • Over 28 pre-made designs
  • Intuitive controls and versatile blocks
  • Optimized for tablet & mobile devices
  • Seamless setup — no coding needed





Monthly Visits Page Per Visit Time On Site Bounce Rate
23,445 1 185 0.28


SolidAffiliate is the last on the list, but no less important: it can build, manage, and expand affiliate programs within WordPress. You can start your WooCommerce store’s referral program within minutes and drive success.

The key characteristics of SolidAffiliate WordPress affiliate plugin are:

  • Quick and effortless setup
  • User-friendly integration
  • Streamlined onboarding process
  • Flexible commission management
  • Comprehensive performance tracking



Transform your affiliate linking process into a breeze — try EasyAzon — one of the best plugins to use for Amazon affiliate marketing WordPress.

You can manage your affiliate links seamlessly with site defaults or on an individual basis, all without any coding knowledge. You can enjoy the flexibility of setting links to open in new windows, applying no-follow attributes, and even cloaking links.

Furthermore, EasyAzon’s automatic link localizer taps into international audiences, dynamically displaying Amazon affiliate links based on the visitor’s location.

Make the Most of Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Are you ready to take your affiliate program to the next level? Carefully study all the features of the plugins and embark on a journey to great success.

While WordPress provides the foundation, the incorporation of specialized plugins truly unlocks the platform’s potential. These applications are comprehensive systems that ensure effective link management, crucial metric tracking, and seamless integration with various platforms.

Discover the Complete Affiliate Marketing Toolkit at Phonexa

Phonexa’s all-in-one solution for results-oriented marketing facilitates personalized campaign development, improves user interaction, and amplifies profits.


Up-lift your affiliate marketing campaign performance using Phonexa’s extensive software suite or book an online consultation to unveil optimal strategies for marketing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are affiliate plugins for WordPress?
Simply put, the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing are specialized software extensions designed to facilitate and enhance the implementation of affiliate marketing strategies.

These marketing tools serve as all-encompassing systems that simplify the process of advertising with affiliate programs.

How do affiliate marketing plugins benefit WordPress users?
These instruments are serviceable in helping WordPress users optimize their affiliate marketing efforts and drive revenue through various functionalities and features.

The benefits of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress are manifold and can impact the performance of a website:

  • Effective link management
  • Comprehensive tracking capabilities
  • Enhanced display and optimization
  • Time and effort savings
  • Revenue generation and collaboration

What are the top 5 best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress?
The must-have plugins for WordPress in affiliate marketing nowadays are:

  • Pretty Links
  • ReferralCandy
  • Monster Insights
  • Thrive Themes
  • AffiliateWP
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