Calls, Leads, Clicks, Email and SMS Industry Now Has A ‘Suite’ All-In-One Marketing Solution

David Gasparyan
President & Chairman
4 minute read
David Gasparyan
President & Chairman
4 minute read

Dealing with the brunt and burden of COVID-19 was a difficult proposition for every business and leader during the pandemic, and it was no different for Phonexa.

The coronavirus wave could have had a crippling effect on our five-year-old company, but we ultimately persevered and accomplished what once seemed like the impossible, daunting assignment as we were working hard toward shaking the industry from its shoulders and reinventing the customer journey for online marketing campaigns.

As the President of Phonexa, I can now share with great pride that we just announced the launch of three additional products to our platform with Lynx (click tracking), Opt-Intel (suppression list management) and Cloud PBX (cloud phone system).

The trio of solutions were built to complement Phonexa’s existing pillar products in Call Logic (call tracking and distribution), LMS SYNC (lead tracking and distribution), E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing) and Books360 (automated accounting).

We strategically launched the new solutions with a refreshed brand positioning that’s uniquely designed for businesses to leverage our lead management benefits and to further separate Phonexa from competition who offer just one or two niche services.

We decided to bring the power and value of Phonexa and its seven — and still growing — products by bundling the benefits of its integrations and introducing a new monthly pricing model that begins at just $100 with no set-up fee. We know better than anyone that the best way for a sales team to track calls and leads is by doing so with a defined budget. Our new pricing structure enables that.

Phonexa’s Features Are Now Bundled As Part Of A Suite Deal!

The mission behind our moves and motives is simple — we want to arm business owners with sophisticated, end-to-end tools for their marketing efforts, each of which are available in the same shed.

Our first-to-market development is a groundbreaking one for the entire industry because this is the first time calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting products are all merged together under one uniform entity.

Phonexa’s reimagined model is designed to empower brands with new ways to customize, optimize, and improve lead flow and customer engagement in order to increase conversions and ROI.

Our all-in-one suite’s reporting and analytics will also allow companies to efficiently consider new end-to-end integrated marketing strategies at a much lower cost.

The archaic days of segmentation and depending on niche-based marketing solutions are over.

Google, Adobe and … Phonexa

Much like Google and Adobe and other leading tech companies have revolutionized industries with their set of foundational tools, Phonexa is following in their trailblazing footsteps but in a parallel path by arming marketers with an all-in-one suite of products for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting.

Much like, say, Google’s suite of services are waiting at the ready to be used whenever you need them, the same can be said for Phonexa’s seven different solutions that work hand-in-hand.

After a period of uncertainty and adjusting on the fly between a total workforce of nearly 150 across the United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine, there is finally some semblance of normalcy in the world and across our business units for us and our partners alike.

It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day For Phonexa

The virus surfaced at a time when we were preparing for an aggressive growth period and focused on scaling to separate ourselves in the market. I am even more humbled to share that we did not lay off a single employee during the pandemic. In fact, we had a hiring spree as we strapped our boots and built new products.

Regions around the world have now eased social guidelines — we celebrated the reopening of California by honoring local heroes.

Business is beginning to get back to normal.

We’ll be reentering the conference picture throughout Q3 and Q4, highlighted by our booth and presence at InsureTech Connect at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from October 4 to 6.

To celebrate the launch of our new and improved all-in-one marketing solution, Phonexa will be providing all event attendees three completely free months of the enterprise version.

The power and proof of Phonexa is in the pudding, and we can’t wait for you to get a complimentary taste. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming weeks.

Phonexa is also headed to New York City on July 18 to sponsor and host the preeminent email marketing event in the industry with the MailCon Meetup in Manhattan.

None of these great developments and wave of momentum would have been possible without the persistence and perseverance of our global team that allowed us to successfully reach our brand repositioning.

The end result is the debut of software and all-in-one marketing solution with a distinct value proposition for our customers

It’s a great new era for Phonexa.

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David Gasparyan avatar
David Gasparyan
President & Chairman
Phonexa Founder and President David Gasparyan has been a serial entrepreneur and visionary in the tech space for the past two decades by creating a diverse mix of companies offering unique digital marketing solutions.

More recently in 2016, he founded Phonexa, an all-in-one marketing platform for calls, leads, clicks and email. As communication methods have evolved, Phonexa’s formative tools have shaped how industry-leading companies in the insurance, home service and financial spaces connect with consumers.

Phonexa Holdings has grown and built teams and headquarters over the last five years in Glendale, Calif., United Kingdom and Ukraine and now collectively has a staff of 130. Revenue has reached to $200 million annually ever since the inception of Phonexa Holdings.

As a byproduct of Gasparyan’s leadership, Phonexa took great pride during the pandemic by growing its operations, and not cutting any staff. The growth-minded Gasparyan also enhanced his software during the difficult period by adding four new products to Phonexa’s suite. Gasparyan’s efforts have not gone unnoticed.

His leadership skills and business gravitas have led to him earning a column penning feature stories for Forbes. The Los Angeles Business Journal named Phonexa as one of the "Best Places to Work in Los Angeles" while also honoring executive Lilit Davtyan as “CFO of the Year.” Phonexa also made a splash at awards shows garnering multiple top honors for its creative campaigns.

Culture, diversity, inclusion and community is of utmost importance for Gasparyan, an immigrant from Armenia who speaks four different languages.

Phonexa has made an impact throughout Southern California and abroad with its Phonexa Cares initiative.

The company has raised funds to protect victims of aggression in Artsakh, collected materials to donate to California wildfire victims, and contributed to Habitat for Humanity worksites. During the pandemic, Phonexa also honored first responders by hosting drive-thru lunches, and supported small businesses who were in financial strife.

Gasparyan is also working toward building Glendale into becoming California’s next great tech hub and economic powerhouse. Every year, Gasparyan and Phonexa are one of the key cogs and drivers behind Glendale Tech Week.
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