The How-To Guide on Generating Contractor Leads Through Social Media

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13 minute read

This blog is part of our ongoing series on home services lead generation, offering strategic insights to maximize qualified lead generation for industry professionals.

Ever wondered how vast the digital landscape truly is? As of 2023, 4.9 billion individuals have already created their accounts in a diverse assortment of social networks. But hold onto your hats, because this is just the beginning. Projections are pointing towards a monumental leap to 5.85 billion users by 2027.

Imagine: users seamlessly navigate six to seven platforms monthly, akin to dancing between worlds in an instant. For businesses in the contractors market, this diversity of engagement plays into their hands. However, there’s more to this digital playground than meets the eye. A strategic approach to social media marketing for contractors, through every interaction, will help maximize potential and grow your construction business.

Ready to discover the secrets to turning clicks into the best contractor leads? Keep reading our guide on digital marketing for builders and learn tips to utilize social media to your utmost advantage. Explore subscription options or request a demo to unlock the potential of Phonexa’s comprehensive platform.

Unleash the Power of Social Media for Construction Companies

Are you still on the fence about whether social media is worth it for contractors? Prepare to be amazed by these numbers:

➥   In the U.S., people have an average of 7.1 social media accounts, and globally, it’s 8.4 accounts per person.

➥   Americans spend about 2 hours and 7 minutes daily on social media, while the global average worldwide is now 143 minutes. Over a lifetime, this adds up to 5.7 years spent on social media activities.

Source: Statista

Social media has become a game-changer, helping contractors generate leads, achieve tangible results, and thrive in their businesses.

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

So, how does it work?

An overwhelming 81% of people assert that social media has elevated the accountability standards for businesses. Today, brands are expected to meet higher standards than even friends, family, or politicians.

According to recent findings, 45% of contractors have boosted brand awareness, 36% have seen a surge in website traffic, and 18% have successfully generated leads through social media.

Here are the key benefits of social media for contractors:

Expanding your professional circle Social media platforms present a valuable opportunity for contractors to connect with peers, share insights, and explore job prospects.
Showcasing your brand On social media, it’s more than just expanding your reach; it’s about building your brand identity, confirming reliability, and sharing your expertise to generate more leads.
Marketing on a budget Social media marketing for contractors beats traditional advertising in cost-effectiveness. With targeted promotions, you reach potential clients actively seeking construction services.
Boosting website traffic Sharing your construction social media posts can attract more visitors to your website, ultimately increasing your chances of converting them into leads.

What Is the Best Social Media for Construction Businesses?

Quality contractor advertising means capturing the maximum audience and achieving significant online visibility. For this, use the most popular platforms. Before we get to them, remember not to spread yourself too thin across multiple channels. Narrow your focus on one or two platforms to achieve better results.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2023, YouTube and Facebook stand out as the most utilized online platforms among U.S. adults, with significant usage reported on both platforms.

➥   YouTube leads the list, with approximately 83% of U.S. adults reporting ever using the platform.

➥   Facebook follows closely behind with 68% of respondents indicating usage.

➥   Around half of U.S. adults (47%) report using Instagram.

Source: PewResearchCenter

Now let’s explore why YouTube leads the pack. Beyond its dominance, short-form videos — typically less than a minute in length — captivate the attention of 66% of consumers. Highly shareable, these bite-sized videos are 2.5 times more engaging than longer videos, and 34% of consumers appreciate the more genuine nature of the shorter form. Why not implement it in social media contractor marketing?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best social media platforms for contractors:

YouTube for Contractors – Demonstrating Expertise

YouTube’s popularity as a video-sharing platform provides contractors with an opportunity to visually demonstrate their skills. 52% of internet users access the platform at least once a month. As of 2023, it has solidified its position as the world’s second-largest search engine, second only to Google.

Some social media ideas for home builders are:

  • Informative videos on construction techniques
  • Home exterior project highlights
  • DIY house remodeling tips
  • Interactive 3D home tours
  • Green building techniques

Facebook for Contractors – Building Local Connections

85% of Facebook users watch videos on the platform every month. This is the best place to advertise for contractors, showcase their potential, and establish direct connections with clients. Plus, targeted ads effortlessly zoom in on local audiences, making Facebook an essential platform to present a brand in the contractors’ market.

Instagram for Contractors – Visual Storytelling

With its engaging features like Reels and visually-oriented feed, Instagram is ideal for both international and local contractor marketing. Construction projects, compelling stories, behind-the-scene videos, and interviews with teams in high-resolution allow contractors to bring their work to life, connecting with clients who appreciate the aesthetic aspect of their projects.

LinkedIn for Contractors – Professional Connections

LinkedIn offers a dedicated platform for contractors to connect with industry professionals and potential clients. With millions of connections, it exposes construction companies to a vast audience. Here are some valuable LinkedIn marketing tips to help a construction company grow:

  1. Utilize LinkedIn’s precise targeting options to reach potential customers who match your ideal demographics.
  2. Invite your LinkedIn connections to join your email marketing list to further engage with your audience.
  3. Share high-quality, valuable content to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  4. Encourage your employees to complete their LinkedIn profiles to showcase your company’s expertise.
  5. Participate in LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry to network and interact with potential clients or create your channel to grow your business.
  6. Maintain an updated and consistent LinkedIn company profile, equipped with a custom URL, to reinforce your brand identity, and make it rank higher in search results.


Let’s delve into practical tips for maximizing the benefits of social media for contractors.

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Businesses are quick to embrace the potential of emerging technologies, and in today’s digital-centric business environment, it’s no surprise that 77% of small businesses utilize social media. Beyond merely establishing brand recognition (44%), a notable portion of small businesses — 41% — rely on social media as a key revenue generator.

The most engaging types of social media content for a construction company are:

Source: SproutSocial

Struggling with what to post on social media? You’re not alone. We’ve curated a bunch of 12 ingenious content ideas tailored specifically for construction social media marketing. Get ready to captivate your audience, boost engagement, and flaunt your expertise like never before — check out our social media post ideas for construction companies.

1. Project Progress Perfection

Construction projects take time, but social media contractors don’t have to stand still. Keep your audience engaged with regular updates on ongoing projects.

With 91% of consumers preferring visual content over traditional text-based formats, give your audience behind-the-scenes glimpses and major milestone highlights to captivate their attention. Invest in your social media marketing for contractors and keep your audience engaged with compelling updates that showcase your dedication to excellence in every phase of construction.

2. Before-and-After Presentation

Your construction leads will be astonished by your jaw-dropping before-and-after images or videos of modern construction projects. They will be captivated by the power of transformation and your skill in action. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase remarkable changes and improvements in engineering and construction projects.

Sharing captivating images or engaging videos across various platforms is a great social media strategy for construction companies to garner attention and build credibility.

3. Mesmerizing Timelapse Narratives

Condense months of hard work into mesmerizing timelapse videos. Watch construction come to life in fast-forward, leaving your audience in awe of your craftsmanship. Here’s a great example of Instagram time-lapse content marketing for contractors:

Explore the mesmerizing time-lapse footage on YouTube capturing the construction progress on South Main Street, Old Town Algonquin:

4. Sneak Peeks & Thrilling Teasers

Build anticipation of your construction leads by offering tantalizing sneak peeks of your upcoming projects. Social media builders can free their imagination and use catchy images, videos, animations, or 3D renderings that glimpse the magic in the making.


Studies show that 90% of viewers are more likely to express interest in a project after viewing captivating videos, especially with sneak peeks. If you put effort into high-quality teasers, you will be remembered by users, because over 80% recall video ads seen last month.

5. Masterclass in Construction Techniques

Amplify your presence in the construction industry through enriched social media marketing for contractors. Share valuable insights and insider tips with homeowners, offering them a deeper understanding of construction techniques, materials, and decision-making processes.

Whether it’s eco-friendly building practices, advanced framing methods, or smart home integration, making posts about these techniques will position your business as a leader in the industry.

➥   78% of homeowners are interested in learning about innovative construction techniques before starting a project.

6. Effective Customer Testimonials

Let satisfied clients do the talking! Share glowing testimonials and reviews that highlight the success stories of your projects. Nothing builds trust like real-life experiences with satisfied customers.

Why are client testimonials the best construction social media ideas?

  • Research shows that real testimonials can increase conversion rates by up to 14.6%.
  • Customer reviews showcase real experiences, proving the value of your product or service.
  • They overcome objections, answering potential customers’ doubts.
  • They work across various channels like websites, social media, and emails, providing tangible proof.

7. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind those construction fences? Then provide your construction leads with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. It’s one of the best contractor marketing tips out there. From foundation laying to finishing touches, share insights, techniques, and the dedication driving your projects forward.

Ensuring videos remain within 1-5 minutes is paramount, as concise and pertinent content has a greater potential to captivate viewers’ interest significantly.

8. Design Dreams Come Alive

Social media contractors can fuel inspiration and engage more leads with curated design collections and mood boards on Instagram or Facebook.

Spark creativity in social media marketing for contractors with these steps:

  1. Share mood boards featuring images and design elements from past projects, highlighting successful constructions.
  2. Create curated collections that spotlight current design trends in architecture and interior design.
  3. Provide tips, insights, and advice related to construction and design. Plus, add marketing tips for contractors to network with other professionals in the industry.
  4. Encourage followers to interact with the company’s content by asking questions, conducting polls, or hosting design challenges.
  5. Use curated design collections as a way to promote special offers or discounts on construction services.

9.  Interactive Q&A Sessions

Break the barrier between you and your best contractor leads with lively Q&A sessions. Here’s how they work:

  1. Engaging directly with followers: Personalize interactions by adding customers’ names or preferences, asking open-ended questions, encouraging them to leave feedback, and responding promptly to every message or comment.
  2. Answering burning questions: Hosting Q&A sessions or live streams helps social media contractors address the issues of customers. Create dedicated FAQ posts and offer detailed explanations to demonstrate expertise.
  3. Enhancing meaningful connections: Become closer to your customers by organizing meetups, workshops, or virtual events where they can communicate with each other and the company’s team.


An overwhelming 88% of marketers agree that integrating interactive content effectively sets your brand apart from competitors, aiding in the establishment of a distinct identity in the market. Here is a great post example for social media contractors:

10.  Community Champions

Show your heart by showcasing your involvement in community projects. Local contractor marketing includes sharing heartwarming stories and photos of construction companies to make a difference in the communities they serve.

According to a survey from ResearchGate, companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs experience higher employee morale and retention rates, as well as increased customer loyalty.

Here’s how social media contractors can effectively showcase their community involvement:

  • Identify local community projects or causes that align with your company values
  • Get involved by volunteering time, resources, or expertise
  • Document your involvement through stories, photos, and videos
  • Share these stories on your website and social media platforms

11. Spotlight on Stars

Your team constitutes your most valuable asset. Illuminate the capabilities and contributions of your adept team members through captivating posts and videos that accentuate their achievements.

➥   According to Gallup, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

➥   LinkedIn reports that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

➥   Forbes research has shown that businesses with a strong focus on employee recognition have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate.

Here’s what social media contractors need to perform:

  • Regularly feature team members on your website and social media.
  • Highlight their achievements, skills, and contributions to projects.
  • Encourage team members to share their own experiences and insights.

12.  Trendsetting Talk

Stay ahead of the curve by discussing the latest news and trends as a social media strategy for construction companies. Explore tendencies like cutting-edge technologies or sustainable practices, as well as promote industry events, conferences, and trade shows.

As the global construction industry is projected to reach $11.4 trillion by 2026, it’s evident that remaining updated on emerging technologies and sustainable practices is vital for success.

Interesting fact: According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 99% of marketers find unique value in trade shows that other marketing mediums don’t provide.

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing for Contractors With Phonexa

Mastering social media marketing for construction companies is a nuanced endeavor, combining industry expertise, strategic outreach, and a focus on engaging your target audience. Phonexa’s tailored solutions empower construction companies to excel in the digital landscape, providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize lead generation and marketing efforts.

Our platform provides you with the tools necessary to deliver a seamless customer experience, from creating engaging content to harnessing analytics for enhanced insights. Partner with us to elevate your construction business’s profitability and drive increased traffic to your site.

Here’s more about Phonexa:

Phonexa provides a solution with advanced call tracking and lead management tools for efficiency. Explore subscription options or request a demo to unlock the potential of our comprehensive platform.

Maximizing Lead Generation for Social Media Contractors

Attracting attention on social media marks the start of the journey toward converting prospects into loyal customers. It’s vital to implement a strong system to track and nurture potential leads through the sales funnel. This process involves social media contractors to ensure effective management and optimization of online presence. Monitor contractor social media accounts closely, respond promptly to comments, mention relevant companies, and share valuable content. Dive deeper into researching the needs of contractor leads, both online and offline, to tailor your approach accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is social media marketing for contractors worth it?

Absolutely. Social media isn’t just a trend; it’s a game-changer for businesses across the board. For contractors, it’s a direct line to potential customers, offering tangible results that can elevate their business. Whether it’s raising brand awareness or drumming up leads, the benefits of social media marketing for contractors are undeniable.

What are the key benefits of social media marketing for contractors?

Modern platforms present a valuable opportunity for social media contractors to expand their professional circle, showcase their brand identity, market their services cost-effectively, and boost website traffic and search rankings.

Which social media platforms are best for contractor marketing?

The best social media platforms for construction companies include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These networks offer unique features and advantages for showcasing projects, building connections, and sharing insights.

How to effectively use social media marketing for general contractors

Social media marketing for contractors means regularly posting engaging content, such as:

  • Project updates
  • Before-and-after transformations
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses
  • Expert tips
  • Client testimonials
  • Community involvement


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