How Does Google Ads Call Tracking Help in PPC Marketing?

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The increased use of smartphones has made connecting with businesses easier and quicker for customers. Today, prospects simply need to tap on a website contact button to call. The result? More inbound calls for companies with mobile-optimized websites. However, businesses that fail to track the influx of phone leads are likely to struggle to close these leads. To get a positive ROI from your marketing campaigns, you can use the Google Ads call tracking feature to track inbound calls.

What Is Google Ads Call Tracking?

If you have set up a PPC campaign via Google Ads, you will need to get more insight into the calls generated. You can link PPC call trackers to Google Ads campaigns to capture information of the call leads. In your PPC campaigns, you can use conversion call tracking tools to get more information about your leads. This is what is referred to as Google Ads call tracking.

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How Does Google Ads Call Tracking Work?

Approximately 43% of all search conversions happen over the phone which is why it’s important to track calls via Google Ads. So, you can measure the effectiveness of the ads generating calls to your business. Here is how the call tracking works:

1. Using a Google Forwarding Number

Google provides a unique forwarding number that you can use in your call-only or call extension ads. Implementing the number in the ads can help you know the number of incoming calls. Every time a customer views your ad and calls the phone number displayed, the call will be routed to your business phone number.

2. Using Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a technology that assigns a unique phone number to each of your ad sources. Through DNI, every visitor to your website can be tracked from the source. This is because visitors from different sources see different numbers they can call.

Who Uses Google Ads Call Tracking?

Marketing managers that want in-depth information about the users viewing and clicking their ads use Google Ads call tracking. Through call tracking, the managers can capture data about their customers. The data can help in creating more targeted campaigns.

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If inbound calls are an important part of your business, you’ll want as much customer call data as you can get.

Setting Up Google Ads Call Tracking

Follow the steps below to set up Google Ads call tracking:

  • Click on the Ads extensions tab.
  • From the View dropdown menu, select Call Extensions.
  • From there, choose where to add your call extension from the three options provided.
  • Click on the +Extension button and the +New Phone Number button to set up your phone extensions.
  • On the setup screen, indicate the different parameters for your call extensions.
  • Finally, save the changes.

Setting up the DNI feature requires changing your site’s source code. You’ll need to add a JavaScript code snippet on your site’s pages and edit it to include the tracking numbers you want to use.

If you intend to use DNI, seek help from a web developer.

How Does Google Ads Track Phone Calls?

Here is how Google Ads tracks call leads:

  • A potential customer searches online and sees your ad
  • When they click on the ad, they are directed to a landing page that has a unique phone number
  • When the prospect clicks on this number, the call is rerouted to your business number
  • Once the call connects, the caller’s data is captured via the Google Ads call tracking dashboard

What Else Can Google Ads Call Tracking Help With?

Through call tracking, you can gather important data such as:

  • Keywords that led to the phone call
  • Call duration
  • Geographical location of the caller
  • Caller’s phone number
  • A recording of the call

Now that you understand how Google Ads call tracking works, you and your marketing team will be better equipped to optimize campaigns and convert more leads.

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