HitMetrix: The Only Road to Conversion Rate Optimization

Mina Frolova
Senior Product Manager
4 minute read
Mina Frolova
Senior Product Manager
4 minute read

If you’re using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other pay-per-click platform to drive traffic to your webpage, you know how expensive traffic can be and how little room there is for marketing errors that result in financial loss.

But imagine what would happen if you had a tool integrated with the rest of your marketing tech stack that provides you insights into conversion rate optimization (CRO) by leveraging real-time user behavior data and web analytics that help you with the actionable insights you need to improve conversions.

Finding a wholesome tool that supplies all those demands is challenging, but with Phonexa’s HitMetrix, you can now grow your business with an improved CRO, eliminate fraud, identify friction points, and take necessary action to improve your campaign outcomes.

Actionable Analytics: No More Digging Into Extensive Screen Recordings & Heatmaps to Identify Friction

With HitMetrix, the days of watching hours of screen recordings and manually vetting issues and friction points are far gone. While still offering heatmaps and session recordings as additional tools to look deeper into web page performance, HitMetrix approaches conversions with strategies to support publishers, leadgen professionals, and conversion rate optimization specialists.

This behavior recording and analytics tool also gives website owners access to a simply navigated yet extensive data set that can be overlaid with other marketing metrics to improve conversion performance.

Here’s what supplies this 360-degree view:

  • Friction Insights & Evaluation: Track any action that causes friction, including click rate, click-error, bounce, speed-browsing, mouse-out, and mobility.
  • Session Replay Software: Videos are archived for review, allowing you to track behavior analytics, tendencies, and frequencies to identify frustrating sessions for fixing.
  • Usability Testing: Understand when visitors get stuck and drop out during the conversion journey.
  • Click Tracking: Discover which components of your marketing funnel capture attention that translates into clicks.
  • Activity-Tracking: Leverage the real-time changes to the data that analyzes your conversions and tracks every step of how leads turned into conversions.
  • Screen Recording & Session Replay: Archived videos that back your data and review them later to track behavior, tendencies, and frequencies in visitor behavior.

The value proposition here is simple — maximizing conversions with a tool that gives complete visibility into fraud, friction, and other measurable data and making your site compelling to visitors and beneficial to your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Use web analytics through HitMetrix like a pro to grow your lead generation with a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that is native to your current lead management system. Learn more here

A CRO Tool as Part of Your Marketing Tech Stack

HitMetrix sets itself apart from competing products on the market with its ability to pair and be fully integrated with seven core marketing automation tools within the Phonexa platform.

And you’d be missing a key piece of the puzzle if you didn’t wonder where HitMetrix sits with the rest of your automation stack.

While powerful alone, HitMetrix is most effective when used with other Phonexa products to optimize conversions resulting from calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and more.

The benefits are unmatched. Here’s how HitMetrix works with other key players within the Phonexa platform:

HitMetrix & LMS Sync

What if you knew just about everything about your lead traffic? When you pair HitMetrix with LMS Sync, you can activate an all-encompassing view into fraudulent lead traits, insights on user behavior, and more.

HitMetrix & Call Logic

Do you have a business that’s more call-focused? Add HitMetrix to your website that drives call traffic to unpack what exactly causes call conversion.

HitMetrix & Lynx 

Gain campaign clarity when you track the clicks on your paid campaigns with direct links to landing pages within your website. Add HitMetrix to the equation to measure conversion rates and evaluate the return on your ad spend (ROAS).

These solutions embody a marketing powerhouse that fully supports your website’s conversion rate optimization and lead generation efforts when working together.

HitMetrix for the Win

Current Phonexa customers already know the value of running all of their leadgen efforts through one comprehensive solution. HitMetrix has been that missing piece in the puzzle, the cherry on top, for those wanting to optimize conversion rates as an added layer of certainty to the rest of their marketing.

With HitMetrix, these desires are a mere reality as the product is driven by a fully-integrated and self-sufficient automation platform that does the job of eight separate ones. HitMetrix is a part of that bundle, so you never have to worry about lengthy integrations and inactivity caused by singular third-party tools.

Power your leadgen and conversion rates with one centralized platform that converges your data, insights, and campaign ROI to shape winning strategies for your overall business.

Are you a current Phonexa user unsure of where HitMetrix can jump in with the rest of your marketing efforts? Click here to learn more about the tool that can help you gain a 360-degree view of your conversion rate optimization. 

New to Phonexa but curious about HitMetrix?  Schedule a consultation to learn more about how HitMetrix and the rest of the Phonexa suite can help you centralize your efforts in one place.

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Mina Frolova
Senior Product Manager
Mina Frolova is the Senior Product Manager for Phonexa.
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