Next-Gen Leads: A Closer Look at Home Services Lead Generation Trends

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16 minute read

This blog is part of our home services lead generation series, where we provide strategic insights to help industry professionals keep track of home services lead generation trends and spot high-quality home service leads.

The home services industry is undergoing a deep and rapid transformation, especially noticeable in approaches to the generation of home services leads and management of potential customers.

Today, we witness the true evolution of the next-gen home service leads. Imagine the scale: in 2021, the industry was characterized by an atypical increase in the number of potential customers online — a staggering 70%. And now, over 60% of consumers prioritize seamless, contactless experiences when seeking home services, emphasizing the impact of current lead generation trends.

The home services industry quickly adopts advanced technology and forward-thinking strategies to maintain a competitive edge. So without further ado, let’s examine the latest home services lead generation trends, as they profoundly influence the future of the niche.

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The Core Significance of Home Services Lead Generation

Engaging actively in prospecting through modern methods like lead generation software, influencer marketing, or email campaigns breathes vitality into home service providers.

Getting a constant flow of potential customers is the expected result. However, home service lead generation brings many other advantages, such as increasing brand recognition in the market or your profitability.

The home services lead generation industry is going through the best times. The numbers don’t lie: the global home services market was valued at around $824 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach over $1.2 trillion by 2028, as Meetanshi concludes. Home improvement spending in the U.S. alone reached $420 billion in 2020.

How are home services leads generated? Businesses often rely on specific channels that constantly open up new avenues. Let’s explore the key principles that underpin successful home services lead generation strategies.

  1. Customer-centric approach: The primary strategy revolves around prioritizing the client. By comprehending the unique needs and challenges of each customer, it enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts. According to a recent survey, 73% of consumers prefer brands that personalize their content.
  2. Compelling online brand image: It is not debatable that a strong web presence, especially on social networks, allows for generating more home services leads. After all, a staggering 97% of consumers are looking for companies nearby on the web.
  3. Strategic SEO: Creating a competing website with the best keywords increases the visibility of your services in search networks (75% of Internet users never turn over the first page of Google).
  4. Top-notch content: Impressive and informative content that answers common queries is the key to successful lead generation. One of the main strategies you can use for home services leads is to offer blogs, videos, and graphics.
  5. Consistent communication: The method that holds everything together is open lines of communication with your audience through various channels that allow you to keep the business in focus.

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Which Home Services Lead Generation Trends Matter Now?

Numerous trends related to the home industry leads, owing to the recent niche transformations. We will focus on those tendencies that are exerting the most significant influence.

1. Going Digital in Home Improvement Lead Generation

Digital transformation has affected all industries, and this has been particularly noticeable in recent years. When it comes to finding home services, the vast majority, 87% of consumers, look online. Therefore, cooperating with Google and creating a stunning company profile is one of the proven lead generation trends.

A simple Google search allows you to quickly and easily find local home service companies. According to statistics, in the US, 96% of local businesses receive 25 views per month, and almost half of them receive more than 1,000 visits to brand websites. Great, isn’t it? This is extremely important to help you find home services leads faster.

  • Tip: To create and optimize a Google business profile, be as transparent as possible in the informative part, provide current locations and hours of operation, actively manage customer reviews, and use attractive visual materials for more engagement. Note, that companies that have Google My Business profiles are perceived as reputable by 94% more individuals.

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    2. Adoption of AI for Getting More Leads

    Artificial intelligence is truly revolutionizing lead generation, which also applies to home improvement leads. It also significantly contributes to personalization: every potential client gets exactly what they need. From predictive analytics to chatbots, AI-powered tools increase efficiency and accuracy in identifying and capturing home services leads.

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    A notable 9 out of 10 organizations endorse AI implementation as a means to gain a competitive edge. This technology has become one of the key lead generation trends, especially for home service companies.

    Using AI for home services lead generation includes many features and processes:

  • Lead qualification: Checking and identifying potential home services leads from various sources such as social media, websites, and referrals. For example, a landscaping company using AI can target homeowners who recently searched for garden design ideas.
  • Campaign optimization: AI software can optimize marketing campaigns in real-time, boosting response rates. For instance, a Harley Davidson dealership in New York saw a 2930% increase in sales leads by leveraging AI in its lead generation campaigns.
  • Predictive lead scoring: Save time by using AI to qualify home service leads efficiently, based on behavior and engagement patterns. For example, a home renovation company uses AI to prioritize leads based on factors like budget, project size, and timeline urgency.
    1. Predictive Lead Scoring With Artificial Intelligence

      1. Lead engagement: Keep home services leads warm with automated, personalized communication via email, messages, and calls using AI. Epson America achieved a 240% increase in engagement by employing an AI assistant for lead nurturing.
      2. Chatbots: Intelligent chatbots engage and assist customers 24/7, and qualify leads seamlessly. HVAC companies using AI chatbots offer real-time advice on home heating and cooling solutions.
      3. Personalization: Deliver hyper-personalized content based on browsing habits. For instance, AI algorithms can recommend relevant home improvement tips or project ideas to homeowners, driving interest and lead generation.

      The expected contribution to the global economy is anticipated to exceed $15.7 trillion by 2030, therefore, artificial intelligence will strengthen its upward trajectory in 2024.

      3. Influencer Marketing for Improved Home Services Advertising

      This trend is like a snowball rolling downhill – gaining momentum. Influencer marketing can help much in increasing reach, as well as building trust and authority. This is because popular influencers or celebrities have gained this recognition among their audience and are a valuable channel for attracting home service leads.

      In addition, influencer marketing will allow:

      • Expand the home service audience
      • Use authority in popular niches
      • Receive information using analytics
      • Use a variety of digital platforms
      • Save time and money resources

      In the U.S. and UK, the credibility of influencers surpasses the degree of reach and type of content. More often than not, influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers gain more credibility than those with a million or more followers.

      Influencer Marketing

      In current lead generation trends for home services, micro-influencers remain the top choice for marketers. In 2021, the demand for this influential group surged even more — 90% of marketers expressed their preference to collaborate with micro-influencers. On the contrary, 72% of marketers continue to favor macro-influencers as the second-largest segment.

      Types of influencers businesses wish to work with

      4. Social Media Lead Generation for Home Improvement Leads

      Creative and unique content marketing approaches are leading in generating leads for construction, owning more than half (51.5%) of lead gen channels, among which social networks stand out. They remain fertile grounds for home improvement lead generation, and help to increase the openness of the brand.

      Consider allocating a modest budget for targeted social media home service ads to broaden your outreach. Facebook and Instagram, in particular, offer cost-effective advertising options for generating home services leads.

      Statista - Popular social networks

      Source: Statista

      Meta platforms are the most popular social networks, and this is not surprising. These spaces are perfect for showcasing before-and-after photos, addressing FAQs, and providing valuable home service tips. Here’s what you can post on social networks to engage more home services leads:

      • Facebook — interactive polls on home service projects, helpful how-to videos on home improvement, or trend-related posts
      • Instagram — carousel before-and-after about home transformation, client testimonials in highlights, or Q&A stories about repairing works
      • LinkedIn — professional success stories about home transformation, industry insights, or team spotlights
      • TikTok — interactive DIY challenges, before and after slideshows, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, etc.

      5. Video Marketing and Live Streaming for Home Lead Gen

      Videoconferencing and online chat have outperformed in-person interactions for B2B companies since COVID-19, driving increased revenue. Engaging visual content continues to dominate the digital landscape. Video marketing and live streaming offer immersive experiences, making them powerful tools for capturing the attention of home services leads.

      ThinkWithGoogle - Online and video search

      Source: ThinkWithGoogle

      McKinsey & Company research states that a resounding 90% of B2B decision-makers foresee continued reliance on video and live chat, which underscores the significance of virtual communication.

      Visual storytelling resonates with audiences better than text and should be linked to content and email marketing. It adds more personalization, thus, enhancing engagement of potential customers in the home services industry.

      How Video Marketing Drives High-Quality Leads

      6. Voice and Local Search to Get Home Business Leads

      An integral element of engaging home service leads and customers of other niches are local and voice search devices. Optimizing such content improves a brand’s online visibility many times over. Statistics have repeatedly confirmed that virtual assistants are on the rise and are of great importance:

      Statista - Voice assistants

      Source: Statista

      1. In 2020, the number of voice assistants worldwide reached 4.2 billion, and at the beginning of 2024 — 8.4 billion.
      2. In 2022, 62% of Americans aged 18 and above use voice assistants on various devices, including smart speakers, smartphones, TV remotes, in-car systems, computers/laptops, tablets, and more.
      3. 57% of voice command users in the USA use voice commands daily.
      4. Among smart speaker owners, 20% now spend most of their audio time listening through a smart speaker.

      As voice search technology advances, home service marketers are expected to optimize local and voice search performance by enhancing listings, reviews, content, and voice search snippets to generate more home improvement leads.

      7. Chatbots: Conversational Marketing for Home Service Leads

      Real-time conversations with potential customers using chatbots and messaging apps provide valuable interaction in the form of instant responses to new customer inquiries and, therefore, engage many home services leads.

      It is not surprising that professional marketers predict the key importance of chatbots in business communications. In particular, it will encourage more organizations to invest in home services lead generation using chatbots.

      • 66% of Millennials and 58% of Baby Boomers cited 24/7 support as a top benefit.

      The latest statistics on chatbots confirm the increase in their use in various industries, including B2B and B2C:

      Google statistics on chatbots

      Source: Google

      Despite the rather high cost of professional chatbots, over time this will cease to be an obstacle for small businesses. Technology is constantly evolving and the demand for round-the-clock support is enormous.

      8. Straightforward Messaging for Advanced Home Service Leads Generation

      Crafting clear and concise messages resonates effectively with today’s consumers, especially in the context of home services leads. Communicating straightforwardly significantly boosts home lead generation efforts.

      • Nearly 40% of consumers are open to switching to brands that prioritize transparency.
      • A significant majority of consumers, precisely 81%, insist on establishing trust with a brand before making a purchase.
      • The majority of individuals (59%) define transparency in business as openness and candor.

      Transparency = Customer Loyalty

      Implementing direct messaging for both B2B and B2C is one of the crucial lead generation trends in the home service sector. You need clarity and honesty in demonstrating your potential and quality of service. To stand out and win over your audience, clearly explain why your business is the best choice, avoiding confusing language.

      The key takeaway is to shift the focus from self-promotion to user-centric communication. Prospects are more likely to engage with content that directly addresses their needs, making transparency a powerful tool.

      9. Home Services Lead Generation Analytics and Data Insights

      Unlocking the power of data isn’t just a buzzword — it’s the game-changer businesses need. Insights fueled by data enhance lead generation for service businesses so they skillfully maneuver decision-making with precision. The lack of data and insights is the biggest barrier to getting home services leads.

      Overcoming Major Obstacles to Lead Generation

      Now, let’s talk about the game-changing tools — analytics. They’re not just numbers on a screen; they’re the key to unraveling customer behavior mysteries. Imagine having the ability to tailor your home services lead generation efforts with sniper-like accuracy.

      • Here’s the scoop: 33% of companies already use decision intelligence, a trend that’s not just a blip on the radar but set to skyrocket.

      The rise of digital tools has made gathering, processing, and analyzing data a breeze. And guess what? Big players are already in the game. Picture this: 30% of the Top 250 organizations are rocking both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. And the best part? It’s not just for the giants; small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs are about to join the analytics party.

      10. Intent-Based Lead Generation of Home Services Leads

      Revealing the secrets of potential customers’ desires is similar to discovering the treasure map to conversion success. It’s all about zeroing in on what makes them tick, paving the way for personalized interactions that feel tailor-made.

      Predictive analytics can be powerful for home services lead generation, and here are the numbers to prove it:

      1. Conversion boost: Businesses leveraging predictive analytics and understanding customer intent experience a staggering 25% boost in conversion rates.
      2. Resource optimization: The integration of predictive analytics leads to a 30% improvement in resource allocation efficiency.
      3. Personalization impact: Lead gen methods based on predictive analytics witness a remarkable 35% increase in engagement.

      Predictive analytics opens up a world of possibilities across various home service categories. Businesses can tailor their approaches from renovations and landscaping to plumbing and electrical services to fit distinct needs and preferences.

      11. Omnichannel Business Lead Generation Services

      Creating a seamless and engaging customer journey across various channels is the secret sauce to sparking more meaningful customer interactions. The game is changing for home service providers, and they’re feeling the heat of the rising B2B trend in omnichannel outreach.

      Contrasting Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Marketing

      A multichannel approach involves reaching home services leads through various sources like websites, emails, and stores, boosting traffic and success. On the other hand, an omnichannel strategy consolidates interactions from different channels into one platform, ensuring a personalized customer experience and timely solutions to their needs.

      Let’s talk numbers for a second — did you know that businesses with a strong omnichannel engagement strategy retain, on average, 89% of their customers? Now, that’s not a figure you want to ignore, and embracing an omnichannel approach for home services lead generation is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.

      12. Personalization and Customer Experience: Get More Business Leads

      In a sea of generic business messages, consumers are craving something more — something tailored to their needs, interests, and preferences. Enter personalization, the superhero of home services lead generation. It’s not just about scoring points; it’s about building relationships that go the distance.

      Let’s talk tactics. Create personalized email campaigns and targeted social media ads. Tap into data like demographics, browsing history, and past interactions. This way, home services businesses can create an experience that’s as unique as each lead. The result? Skyrocketed engagement and a turbocharged likelihood of conversion.

      But here’s the trick — personalization isn’t just about the immediate win because it’s a long game. If you keep an eye on how each home services lead responds and engages, businesses can fine-tune their lead gen game and stand out in the competitive market.

      ThinkWithGoogle - Personalization

      Source: ThinkWithGoogle

      13. Increased Privacy and Security to Get More Home Service Leads

      In a world where privacy is the new cool, making data security the VIP in your home improvement lead generation party is the golden ticket to winning hearts and trust. Let’s face it, everyone’s got their guard up about who’s handling their precious data.

      But hold up, it’s not just a trend – it’s the new normal. The digital marketplace is always in need of better security and confidentiality and people want a guarantee that privacy is in safe hands.

      Now, let’s talk strategies:

      • Provide users with the autonomy to select their site cookies
      • Exercise discretion with user contact information
      • Apply encryption protocols to emails
      • Prioritize a robust security framework

      As for the numbers game — in 2021-2022, businesses that put data safety on the throne saw a whopping 75% increase in customer trust. A study by Gigya found that 69% of clients would share more personal information if they trusted a brand, emphasizing the link between security and customer loyalty. These are solid B2B lead generation statistics that prove prioritizing data security isn’t just a trend – it’s about setting the standard and enhancing your credibility.

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      Decoding the Future of Home Improvement Lead Generation Strategies

      Generating a consistent flow of high-quality home services leads is a complex challenge, demanding effective marketing across multiple locations and channels to stay competitive. Yet, obtaining leads is only half the battle; the ultimate goal is to engage customers with visual and virtual tools, straightforward communication, and increased privacy.

      Empower your business with progressive technology tailored to engage and retain home services leads. Discover how Phonexa’s lead generation solution can enhance your contacts, conversions, and compliance.


      Build your plan to drive more qualified calls and leads, or book a demo to explore the solutions tailored to your business needs.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the current home services lead generation trends?

      Current home services lead generation trends include a growing reliance on online platforms and digital marketing strategies, such as SEO and social media advertising, to connect with potential customers. The use of technology, such as mobile apps and virtual consultations, is on the rise, reflecting a broader shift towards personalized communication and enhanced customer experience.

      How can service providers stay ahead in the competitive home services leads market?

      Modern providers should prioritize online visibility, leverage social media platforms, and embrace emerging technologies like chatbots for instant customer engagement. Additionally, it’s important to stay informed about the latest lead generation trends and shifts in consumer preferences. This can significantly enhance the chances of acquiring quality home services leads.

      Are there regional variations in home services lead generation trends?

      Yes, regional variations exist in home services leads trends due to cultural, economic, and technological differences. In some areas, traditional methods may still dominate, while in others, advanced online platforms and digital marketing strategies may be more prevalent. Understanding the local lead generation market size and dynamics is crucial for service providers aiming to optimize efforts.

      How to get free leads for home care services?

      To obtain free home services leads, use the following methods:

      • Online platforms such as social media by creating interesting content and participating in local community groups.
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize your website for relevant keywords
      • Collecting positive reviews, increasing your online reputation, and attracting new home services leads through word-of-mouth referrals.



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