How the Cloud PBX Market is Thriving in Global Markets

David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
5 minute read
David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
5 minute read

The United Kingdom is home to one of the world’s most dynamic economies and call centers that support entire businesses making up that economy. As Chief Executive Officer of Phonexa in the U.K., I’ve seen firsthand how the local market value for call centers has rocketed to be amongst the numbers of £2 billion, dubbing the U.K. as the country with the third-largest Cloud PBX market size in Europe.

Is there increased competition for the ordinary business owner?

Yes — with a growing PBX market comes the great need for businesses to keep up. So, if you own a business or agency specializing in insurance, home services, debt, or financial services, you’re in luck because Phonexa can help you with exactly that.

I say this because a burgeoning PBX market indicates that through phone calls, consumers are dictating a shift back to a more connected human-to-human relationship with the businesses they partner with.

But a shift back to telephone communication shouldn’t be considered bad practice or an outdated one at all. When you back your business with a dynamic Cloud PBX system like the one offered by Phonexa, you’re setting yourself up to achieve a whole new level of customer satisfaction.

Are you excited about Cloud PBX but aren’t sure where to start? Here are three questions you should ask yourself before choosing your next Cloud PBX system to support your inbound and outbound call strategy.

Earlier, we wrote about the ins and outs of Cloud PBX, highlighting everything businesses need to know to dial up effective call marketing strategies. Read more here.

Do I Know What I Need In A Cloud-Based Telephony System?

Imagine the convenience of storing all of your call data in one place and accessing it at any given time. That may just be the flashiest offering of a good Cloud PBX system — an excellent means of streamlined communication — that widens the horizons for improvement based on real call data.

Let’s get granular. What’s the cloud? How can a business owner or marketer benefit from using a cloud-based PBX system?

The convenience of cloud-based calls has many hefty benefits. For instance, current-day Cloud PBX replaces the old, stocky hardware that once took up office space and drained businesses of revenue due to its massive maintenance costs, extended downtimes, and increased labor.

Nowadays, all application lives in the cloud and can be accessed with login credentials and an internet connection from any geographical point. What used to be a painful reality is now a game-changer for call centers, with increased connectivity and no disruptions to internal processes or productivity.

The following are some general conditions to look out for:

  • Flexible Customisations That Supply Your PBX Needs: the key players include everything from creating an effective, multi-tiered IVR or setting specific call filters or guidelines for your PBX operation for startups.
  • Responsive Capabilities To Add Or Remove Users: A seasoned Cloud PBX system allows administrators to add, remove, or replace end-users or call agents within minutes. Some companies will go the extra mile to charge for additional users and data; however, a good cloud communication platform shouldn’t have to rely on that to earn additional revenue.

The following are some product features you need:

  • Interactive Voice Response: These guided call menus allow client interaction through several pre-set questions and response actions. The IVR is essential because it shortens the caller’s time on hold and shortens the entire process. A good IVR collects caller information through a series of questions and sends the responses to call agents ahead of time.
  • Call Agent Scoring: This feature tracks and scores keyword usage in conversations with clients so that your company can measure the productivity of customer representatives. It also connects keyword usage to conversions, allowing companies to score their agents fairly.
  • Outbound Calling Functionalities: This function increases conversion opportunities by dialing web lead prospects and putting them in immediate contact with an agent.
  • Personalized And Smart Call Routing: Paired with an IVR, this functionality will allow you to use your agents’ scores and agent queue to connect callers to the team member best suited to serve the lead’s specific needs.

Cloud-Based Telephony System

Is It Scalable?

Do you have larger plans for your business for the coming months and years? Keep that in mind when choosing your next Cloud PBX technology. Experience shows that ill-informed decisions regarding a long-term commitment to SaaS platforms can be a punch to your pockets.

That’s why you must choose a service that can grow alongside your business.

Instead of focusing on affordability, narrow your scope on what you want your business to look like down the road. Identify your goals to understand whether the system you’re considering can be scaled to your future needs.

To decide whether a system is scalable for your business, determine if they offer new AI integrations, signs of voice recognition, or ringless message capabilities.

If the company doesn’t yet offer these functionalities, ask whether they are on the horizon for this company. If the answer is insufficient or unbelievable — you should know to go the other way.

The truth is that PBX 2.0 is on its way to revolutionizing entire industries, and whether your business will get to bear its first fruits is entirely up to your provider’s ability to keep up and scale.

Will It Give Me The ROI I’m Seeking?

Cloud PBX phone systems open up a world of financial gain and returns on your investment, regardless of the size of your company or the vertical you’re in. Your ROI can come in actual dollars or incremental improvements in efficiency and productivity.

With Cloud PBX, you can quickly achieve both, as cloud-based systems will give you the following benefits:

  • No more hardware costs
  • Easy scalability with small investments
  • Customer and employee satisfaction
  • Shorter call length with the ability to handle higher call volumes
  • Less interruption to your business

When factoring in some or all of these details, you get cumulative value from your investment, and you’ll begin to see an increased inflow of productivity and profits.

How Phonexa Can Help Your U.K. Business Scale

What you get with Phonexa’s Cloud PBX system is everything you need to achieve a smooth and quick customer-caller exchange and experience. Its unique, multi-dimensional features and sought-after capabilities are etched with tools that give a positive growth rate and revenue.

Phonexa’s Cloud PBX works seamlessly with the rest of our all-in-one platforms for call and lead generation, tracking and distribution, and more as an integrated software solution.

With impressive market growth, I look forward to helping U.K. based companies scale to their business potential with the use of Cloud PBX bundled with Call Logic for call analytics and tracking, as well as other products within Phonexa’s all-in-one suite for marketing automation.

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David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
David Pickard is the CEO of Phonexa UK
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