Professional IVR Voice Recording: How It Works

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
13 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
13 minute read

Every brand encompasses many different things, from logos to corporate colors, quality assurance to public relations, and critical products to its staff. However, customer-facing aspects like marketing, sales, and support have the most significant impact on brands. 

Having professional voice recordings for your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one way of improving your brand image and enhancing the customer experience.

As martech’s influence grows, many entrepreneurs convert their operations to online platforms and tools essential for companies, like knowing their way around IVR voice recording software, AI-generated voices, IVR scripting, and artificial voice simulators.

Let’s take a closer look at how business phone message recordings, call center voice prompts,  and IVR marketing campaigns can help brands centralize communication and keep abreast of the fast-changing industry trends.

What Is Professional Voice Recording for IVR?

First off, an IVR system that is part of Call Logic – Phonexa’s call intelligence platform – helps guide callers on what next steps to take based on their needs and inquiries. They add convenience and efficiency to the relationship between a business and its customers. These steps are also commonly used in marketing and sales environments and at customer care centers.

When a prospective or existing client connects to an IVR, the system prompts them to share essential information about themselves or the reason for their call. IVR software collects crucial customer data to provide brands with a clear customer profile while saving time and speeding up the conversion process.

A critical part of your IVR is professional voice recording. That is a pre-recorded message that greets customers, giving them information about your business. The IVR is the customer’s voice when interacting with your brand for the first time. Voice recordings can be done internally with an online voice recorder or by a professional voice recording company.

Did you miss our recent guide to interactive voice response? Check out here to see why you should use dynamic and comprehensive IVR technology.

Professional voice recording for business has numerous benefits. It enables companies to deliver an excellent IVR customer experience by choosing from a large pool of voice artists, IVR message samples, or uploading their pre-recorded IVR messages.

What Is IVR Voice Prompt?

With professional voice messages like custom greetings and contact center voice prompts, brands can offer their customers a more individually tailored experience. 

As an upfront system, IVR typically greets consumers and presents the spoken menu options, also known as IVR prompts. Customers can respond to these prompts by pressing a button or vocalizing their choice.

While IVR prompts can serve various purposes for outbound and inbound calls, they’re instrumental when dealing with high call volume. Since IVR prompts require specific intervals and gaps to enable consumers to choose the preferable option, IVR scripts must be cut up into numerous phrases and assembled into properly functioning menus.

It’s no secret that IVR sets the tone for the conversation. Therefore, the menu structure and IVR prompts must be well-thought-out and on-brand. Besides, IVR prompts require professional voice-over software and talent to maintain a consistent tone even when recorded in fragmented pieces.

But IVRs are not only about informing, guiding through menus, resolving issues, and providing an opportunity to talk to a live agent. They’re often used to tell about errors.

Let’s look at IVR message examples often used by businesses when specific errors or issues arise.

Professional IVR Voice Recording How It Works - 1

Source: M&C Associates

How to Record IVR Messages

Voice talent often uses professional voice recording software or services offered by voice logging companies to create IVR voice recording samples of professional voice greetings, on-hold voice recordings, etc. 

Some companies prefer using call center software or specific features of call intelligence platforms to create voice recordings for phone systems. Others look for freelance voice talent or professional online voice-over services offering voice message recording for businesses.

However, if you want to enhance customer service while capturing call data and recording client interactions, it’s crucial to implement the proper call tracking and distribution solution. Such solutions often incorporate essential features like IVR tracking and call recording.

The Importance of IVR Call Recording

Nearly every call consumers make to contact a business is recorded. Why is that? Call recording enables organizations to ensure that their staff provides excellent customer service. On top of that, IVR call recording functionality must be an essential part of the call center’s daily toolkit. 


There’s no denying that recording inbound and outbound calls enables businesses to assess new strategies properly, evaluate customer sentiment, distinguish experience trends, and understand whether sales reps or call center agents require additional training.

Here’s how businesses can use IVR call recording to gain insight into the quality of marketing leads and staff performance:

  • Staff evaluation: Access to call recordings helps firms determine their clients’ issues and evaluate how sales reps and agents handle phone calls.
  • Dispute resolution: Apart from staff evaluation, pre-recorded calls can help businesses gain insights and resolve customer complaints more efficiently.
  • Product enhancement: IVR call recordings can be a helpful tool for gathering information about products or services that require improvement.
  • Reference check: Since IVR enables call routing, every forwarded call can be cross-referenced with a previous one. Therefore, IVR call recordings can be used to help new agents gain a better understanding of products and issues customers typically face.

Capitalizing On IVR Recordings for Call Centers

IVR technology is especially valuable for businesses dealing with a high volume of calls. Even the most well-equipped call center IVR can become overworked occasionally, and having a call center IVR can facilitate the task while retaining client satisfaction.

With Phonexa’s marketing automation suite, businesses don’t have to figure out how to create an IVR recording or look for IVR voice-over talent. Brands can utilize the dynamic functionality of Cloud PBX – Phonexa’s cloud phone system – and Call Logic to streamline call processes, gain call insights, shape growth strategies, and improve conversion rates.

Phonexa’s Cloud PBX and IVR system utilize custom voice recordings for your business and store audio recordings of phone calls between your sales reps and clients. With phone system recordings and agent scoring, companies can measure keyword usage, maintain sizable call centers, and host agents in multiple locations.

Here are some features that Phonexa’s IVR recording software offers to call centers and businesses:

  • Data capture: Data enables enterprises to deliver connected customer experience, and IVR technology captures this data and provides specific information to salespeople and call center agents. IVR, combined with business voice recordings, guarantees that businesses will successfully handle all customer requests, automate call routing, and deliver excellent customer experience.
  • Voice recognition IVR: This technology allows callers to make voice inquiries and receive assistance and feedback from company representatives when needed. Unlike touch-tone menus, it uses the caller’s native language to answer specific questions and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Automated call routing: As a fundamental feature of an IVR system, call routing enables companies to reduce lead response time, improve retention and satisfaction rates, and mitigate call abandonment.

Benefits of Professional Voice Recordings for Businesses

Having an employee make an IVR voice recording or use a computer-generated greeting might be enough for some businesses. However, professional voice recordings are critical in any customer-facing activity for various reasons.

According to various studies, prospects calling a business prefer interacting with a human voice rather than a computer-generated one. It’s no wonder that much of the R&D that goes into innovative approaches such as AI-generated voices, artificial voice simulators, and voice assistants are geared toward making the AI voice sound more natural, like a live person.

Let’s examine in more detail how businesses can benefit from professional voice messages.



#1. Professional IVR voice-overs keep the tone of IVR scripts on brand.  

With numerous online voice-over services and features offered by marketing automation solutions, companies can make the most of IVR message recordings by ensuring the right tone and perfect pitch with no extra resources required.

#2. Professional voice message recordings create authority and build trust.  

Professional IVR voice-over shows prospective and existing customers that a business is inclined to invest in maintaining high customer support and service standards.

#3. Professional IVR voiceovers always match the company’s marketing needs.  

Seasoned voice actors understand how to get the most out of any IVR script by getting acquainted with the brand, grasping its character, and translating it into the IVR voice-over that resonates with the audience.

How To Create an IVR Script

An IVR script is a professional voice greeting or message that customers hear when they call a company. Since it sets the tone of the caller interaction, it must be well-thought-out, appropriately designed, and implemented correctly.

Well-written IVR scripts can quickly boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate customer experience, as long as your clients don’t leave unresolved issues or complaints. In contrast, poor IVR scripts can cause many problems. For instance, it can result in long-term losses like harming the brand reputation and costing future sales.

Consider following these six simple tips to create a compelling IVR script:

  1. Focus on keeping it simple and avoid using jargon
  2. Keep questions to the minimum but ensure they are on point
  3. Ensure simple and easy navigation if your script is multi-level
  4. Include a return option to improve an overall experience
  5. Provide an opportunity to speak with sales reps or agents
  6. Use professional IVR voice recordings to ensure clarity and build trust

IVR Voice Prompts With a Professionally Recorded Message

Phonexa’s immaculate recording feature personalizes the caller experience by replacing greetings and announcements with professionally recorded IVR voice prompts.

Professional voice prompt recordings are essential to your business’s IVR system because they personalize your B2C and B2B interactions and enhance your overall caller experience. 

Unsurprisingly, the first voice that speaks to your customers leaves a lasting impression. This greeting can be as distinct as a personal recording or as generic as an IVR bot.

Phonexa’s professional recordings will take your caller experience to the next level. With this feature, businesses can select talented voices to greet customers, make important announcements, speak out voice prompts for IVR, and more.

How Professional Recordings Work

After creating IVR greeting messages or other informational content, Phonexa uploads them to your IVR. It’s that simple!

  • Wide selection of talented voices
  • Ability to upload your professionally recorded greetings
  • Power to create IVR greetings, messages on hold, voice prompts, and announcements
  • Multiple languages available
  • Capability to handle a higher volume of calls
  • Ability to qualify customers through custom voice-recorded messages and greetings

5 Reasons Why IVR Voice Recording Is Essential for Your Business

1. Establish Professionalism and Clarity

As the name suggests, professional voice recordings are typically interactive and sound professional. That not only helps customers clearly understand your message but can also enhance the perception of your brand.

Prospects and customers don’t expect to hear an unprofessional-sounding IVR voice recording when they call a corporate entity. For that reason, small businesses and enterprises often use professional voice recording for phone systems. Customers may have a bad experience with your company and drop the call if they encounter any of the following when calling:

  • Unprofessional-sounding voice recordings
  • Unclear or ambiguous IVR message
  • Repetitive and boring IVR recording

2. Capture Your Business’s Tone and Voice

For customer-facing activities like support and marketing, it’s crucial to have IVR recordings that capture a specific tone of voice. For example, you can use an upbeat voice if your offerings are appropriate for that tone. When experiencing challenges such as service outages, you can record IVR messages that are more reassuring or apologetic.

3. Use Multi-language IVR Recordings

Suppose you have a significant international presence or know that a certain percentage of your customer base speaks a specific language. In that case, it can be challenging to record professional voice greetings and messages for each language internally. Even if you did, capturing some subtle nuances and figures of speech for each language could be challenging.

Consider outsourcing message recordings to voice recording companies to obtain them in different languages. It ensures your IVR voice recordings are done correctly and conveys to your customers that you fully understand their diverse backgrounds and needs.

4. Personalize IVR Messages

Personalized IVR voice recordings are a marketer’s secret weapon in data-driven marketing. While it could be tempting or convenient for a business to record generic IVR messages and play them to each customer, personalized pre-recorded messages perform better in more ways than one.

For example, your business can replace generic greetings with personalized IVR greetings for each customer based on specific campaigns or customer-facing activity. You can also use CRM data to create customized IVR messages for callers based on their past interactions with their businesses.

5. Enhance the Customer Experience

Professionally, pre-recorded voice messages help to reduce hold times and ambiguity. Apart from this, they can guide the internal call routing to improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of a customer support team.

By using professional voice recordings, businesses can create clear messages that guide customers to the right team member or provide answers to their questions. That will ultimately result in shorter “on-hold” times, and fewer dropped calls or lost leads.

The Use of IVR Systems and Professional IVR Recordings Across Industries

Financial Services

Financial institutions use machine learning to understand their clients better and gain more control over the customer experience. With IVR voice recordings, high-quality scripts, and the right IVR software, businesses can automate client interactions, optimize caller journeys, and identify growth opportunities.

Insurance Carriers

Insurance companies are strangers to investing in customer support and service. Besides, the success of their digital efforts and IVR marketing campaigns depends critically on their ability to capture data and design caller journeys. 

Utilizing call intelligence, lead distribution, cloud phone systems, and professional IVR voice recordings for insurance companies offer them endless opportunities for improving customer engagement and retention rates.

Real Estate

It’s crucial to make the best first impression when communicating with property buyers. IVR scripts and professional IVR recordings for real estate can help companies create a unified brand image, boost customer retention, and enhance the customer experience.

Retail and E-commerce

Call routing, lead distribution, and IVR recording services for e-commerce and retail companies can move the needle on brand recognition, business processes, and ROI. 

Most e-commerce businesses need to scale their marketing efforts with call, email, and SMS solutions. But adding an IVR system to their marketing mix can help them stand out, automate cash on delivery confirmations, handle orders and returns, and manage a high volume of inbound calls.

Why Choose Phonexa’s Cloud PBX and IVR System?

With Phonexa’s IVR system, you can enhance customer service and route your customers to the correct department. Our system offers professional voice recordings that can be created or uploaded and supports IVR recordings in multiple languages.

You can design the perfect IVR marketing campaigns through customizable templates. It provides self-servicing options and is integrated with the Automatic Call Distributor to route calls accurately. Request a demo to learn more about our IVR system.

Schedule a consultation to learn how Phonexa’s marketing automation suite can support your company’s IVR needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IVR message?

When consumers call a company, an IVR message is the first thing they hear. An IVR message is typically created based on an IVR script. The best examples are a call queue notification or a greeting delivered by the IVR system.

What is IVR recording?

Through IVR recordings, businesses interact with customers and capture call data. An interactive voice response system then offers specific options to callers based on their feedback.

Where is the voice recorded for IVR prompts and customized voice on-hold recordings?

Businesses use online voice recording services or implement IVR software to create IVR prompts and customized professional voice messages.

Is the voice pre-recorded for IVR greeting messages and surveys?

Yes, companies mainly use pre-recorded voice messages for greetings and IVR surveys.

Why is it important to have your IVR voiced by a professional?

Voice talent makes IVR prompts seamless while assuring prospective and existing clients that your brand is trustworthy and professional.

Got Questions?

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