8 Marketing Channels You Should Focus On in 2022

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4 minute read

There is one main activity that is responsible for over 90 percent of your company revenue: marketing. Even with a great product or service, if no one knows what you are offering, you will struggle to meet your sales goals.

Marketing should be one of your core business activities. Getting the word out about your offers is critical not only for driving sales but also for building your brand.

Here are 8 marketing channels you should tap into in 2021 to improve your bottom-line.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC marketing can drive thousands of leads to your website and generate sales almost immediately. However, you need to be strategic with your PPC marketing campaigns.

To start, set up landing pages to capture your prospects’ details. A great way of improving your landing page conversion is to deliver value upfront. Depending on your business, the value could be a free consultation, call, offer, valuable download, or any other asset that will be beneficial for your prospects. You want to convey the benefits of your product.

Consider your target customer’s behavior.

  • Where are they located?
  • What is their age group?
  • What are they searching?

Make sure you are targeting the right prospects and adjust your paid advertising campaigns accordingly.

You can use call tracking software to monitor your campaigns to identify which ones are driving the most traffic. Also, you can tweak your campaigns to get the highest ROI from your marketing spend.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to get your message seen by your target audience. Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses that know how to use it with strategies for nurturing and closing clients.

Set up funnels on your website to segment your leads based on interests and other attributes. From there, create email content that resonates with the leads, and drive them down towards the end of the funnel to get them to buy.

You can use email marketing software to set up automated email nurturing campaigns for your leads.

3. Local Platform Reviews

Local online review sites are great for building your brand among local customers. This can include sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, and other local directories. Research what review sites your prospects are looking at and make sure you are consistently collecting reviews. This helps build credibility. For example, if you are selling software, then Capterra would be a relevant site.

Encourage your customers to review your business on these platforms. Also, be proactive and respond to reviews written about your business, then acknowledge any piece of feedback you get.

4. Social Media Networks

Social media networks are always changing and can sometimes seem to have been overused in marketing to the point where you might not think it’s useful for your industry. However, there are still tons of marketing opportunities in the social media space.

Find out the social media networks that your prospects are frequently using. Post relevant content across platforms and interact with users. For example, use retargeting to get your brand or offers to prospects on Facebook that have previously visited your website.

5. Your Website

Your website should play a large role in your conversions and sales by being user-friendly and fast-loading. According to a study, 79% of online shoppers say they won’t return to a site that loads slowly.

In addition to fast load times, you also want to provide prospects with all the information they need to make an informed decision about your products or services. Make sure you have your contact information prominently displayed to encourage customers to call you. It should be easy for prospects to fill out a form and reach out.

You can use lead management software to track your leads and have a complete picture of your customer’s journey. This will help increase the likelihood of conversion through proper follow-up and nurturing.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Getting organic traffic to your site is a goal of every marketer. Search engine optimization (SEO) can keep your business afloat and lower your marketing costs in the long term. It will also play an important role in bringing more organic traffic to your site.

Optimize your website for search engines. This means doing keyword research to find out what your prospects are searching for regarding your services, optimizing your content with relevant keywords, and building links to your articles.

A B2B SEO strategy can take time to produce results. Therefore, implement the strategy concurrently with other marketing strategies.

7. Word of Mouth Marketing

A report by Talk Triggers shows that 83% of Americans say they are more likely to purchase a product that is recommended by family or friends.

For businesses that get it, word of mouth is a free marketing strategy that can get those sales rolling in. How do you encourage word of mouth marketing? By being a company that provides excellent value to its clients. This doesn’t just mean creating a great product, but also providing tremendous customer service.

Go above board to differentiate your product and offer unmatched service and attention to your customers. Do this, and your customers will do the word of mouth marketing for you.

8. Content Marketing

Content is still king in the online world in 2021.

Come up with a comprehensive content marketing strategy for driving prospects to your business. Successful content marketing is an ongoing process and you may have to implement multiple campaigns for different products or at different seasons.

Create content that your prospects will be interested in reading, making sure to incorporate your brand’s personality in your content. You’ll also want to distribute your content across all relevant platforms.

The above are 8 marketing channels that all businesses should focus on in 2021. Determine which ones are most valuable to you and implement a strategic marketing plan to get the most out of each channel.

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