Oleksandr Rohovnin

Oleksandr Rohovnin is a copywriter at Phonexa. His passion is digital marketing, innovative technologies, and – above all – distilling vast amounts of complex information into engrossing narratives anyone can relate to. At Phonexa, Oleksandr stokes passion for marketing automation and lead generation in every story he curates.

How To Revolutionize Your Affiliate Management With Affiliate Software
How do powerful affiliate networks like Amazon Associates handle hundreds of thousands of affiliates and...
38 minute read
How To Boost Revenue per Lead in Affiliate Marketing
The ever-growing affiliate marketing spend and increasingly-complex affiliate networks – Amazon Associates alone unites over...
11 minute read
What Is Affiliate Marketing? Your 2023 Guide on Affiliate Marketing
The affiliate marketing landscape is an ever-competitive $17-billion-worth battleground where thousands of affiliates and...
33 minute read
Phone System for Small Business: What Is It and Why You Need It
You could be making one of these grave mistakes! Find out how to avoid them altogether.
33 minute read
Top-Tier Cloud Call Center and Contact Center Solutions for Business
What solutions would the right cloud call center platform include?
20 minute read
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