New Ping Tree Functionality, Smart Search: April 2023 Product Updates

Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
2 minute read
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
2 minute read

Phonexa’s tech team has been working hard, innovating and building custom solutions across our products to optimize and power your performance marketing automation campaigns.

Here are just some of the new features and improvements for April across our suite of products for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and so much more.

Updates Across Phonexa’s Suite of 8 Products

Smart Search

Smart Search is a new interface feature designed to improve the search experience for users by simplifying and accelerating the process of searching for specific keywords and phrases within Phonexa’s system.

Redesigned Interface & Pinned Favorites

We’ve updated Phonexa’s interface view to provide a more user-friendly experience. Additionally, with the introduction of Pinned Favorites, you can now easily access your most frequently used items by pinning them to the top of the menu or sidebar.

LMS Sync & Call Logic Updates

Leverage a New Ping Tree ‘Even Distribution’ Strategy

Our new ping tree “Even Distribution” strategy allows you to distribute leads equally between all campaigns inside each rotation. Learn more

Campaign Groups

Monthly cap notifications are now available for Campaign Groups. Set a monthly cap for the total number of sold leads across all campaigns within the group. Learn more

Integration Builder

The Integration Builder now comes with improved functionality and UI, including added logs, an approved testing mode, and more. These features make it even easier for you to create custom integrations for your products in real time. Learn more

Product Builder

The ability to import, export, and duplicate custom products is now available with the addition of new features. With improved functionality and user interface, these processes are now even more seamless, and it allows you to easily configure and optimize your products. Learn more

Call Logic Updates

Notification for Tracking Pool Number Utilization

Automatically send notifications to a publisher when all of the numbers from the Tracking Pool are in use. Learn more

Tracking Pool Examination

Obtain detailed analytics based on the performance of the Tracking Pool over a given time period or product. Learn more

Audio Assets in the Global Media Library

New pre-recorded audio recordings are now available with standard sounds for IVR actions like silence, transfer, voicemail, reject, and more – all of which can be used for IVR building and block configuration processes. Learn more

LMS Sync Update

Price Reject Analysis

View detailed information about the price-reject leads by the hour. Learn more

E-Delivery Update

Message Customers Through WhatsApp

Now you can send messages to customers via WhatsApp – a new addition to the available delivery channels. Learn more

For questions about any of the new features and updates, or to learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution, schedule a consultation, email, or call (818) 800-0000.

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Liana Tonoyan avatar
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
Liana Tonoyan is the Chief Information Officer at Phonexa. She oversees the operational and technical sides of the business for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. Liana works closely with the company's leadership to set and drive organisational vision and technical strategy, all while ensuring effective implementation for goals and objectives. Liana has extensive experience across online marketing and lead generation industries throughout her career. She’s previously worked at KPMG, where she managed the operations department and worked closely with C-level staff.
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