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Why Email Segmentation Matters in 2024 and Beyond
Affiliate mailers, marketers, and brands continue to tackle the issue of standing out and creating...
The Power of Email Personalization [+ Proven Strategies]
Email marketing has come a long way from its humble beginnings. What started as simple...
How To Improve Email Deliverability for Your Business
With an incredible 13.3% CAGR, email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to...
Top 8 Strategic Approaches to Generating Commercial HVAC Leads
This article is part of our HVAC lead generation series, where we share insights on...

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Ping Post Calls Integration Builder: Phonexa Product Updates
Here are just some of the latest features we’ve released across the Phonexa suite in recent weeks.
Financial Lead Generation 101: Financial Leads That Can Bring You Profits
Financial leads are crazy expensive, with the average cost hovering around $555 for organic leads...
New Google Sheets Integration & More: November 2023 Product Updates
Here are a few of the notable features and enhancements introduced in November across Phonexa's product suite.
Blog Monetizing Guide: How To Make Money From Blogging
Making money from a small business blog may seem like a straightforward process, but there’s...
How To Build Affiliate Marketing Content That Actually Ranks
Whether you’re well-versed in or new to affiliate marketing, it is important to make sure...
How To Reach Your Target Audience Using Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is only as effective as the strategies and practices that accompany it. Explore the best marketing automation practices companies can use to reach their...
New Validation for Phone Numbers Based on Regions: May 2023 Product Updates
Phonexa’s tech team has been working hard, innovating and building custom solutions across our products...

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