The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog 2024

Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
26 minute read
Oleksandr Rohovnin
Content Marketer
26 minute read

The synergy of affiliate marketing and blogging has long been discovered by publishers and advertisers. With over 30 million active bloggers in the United States alone and the ever-growing blogging audience, you – a product company or content creator – can turn your affiliate marketing blog into a goldmine, making up to $150,000 per year and more.

The average numbers aren’t that flashy, though. A typical full-time U.S. blogger brings in just slightly more than the national average – $83,843 versus $76,370 – while spending two to six hours on a blog post. ChatGPT doesn’t help much: quality content can only be an original story that translates firsthand experiences about the topic in question.

However, if you already have a blog – especially in expensive industries like insurance, home service, or finance – you can easily marry it with affiliate marketing to establish an additional source of income while not spending too much energy on it.

Sounds promising? Read on to turn your blog into an affiliate marketing powerhouse.

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What Is Special About an Affiliate Marketing Blog?

An affiliate marketing blog may only differ from its non-commercial counterpart on the inside, but this difference is monumental, encompassing the choice of niche, affiliate program, promotion techniques, and more.

The good news is that you won’t have to reinvent much content-wise. If you already run a stellar blog, a few tweaks should be enough to spruce it up for affiliate marketing.

How To Make Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Shine

Now that your blog is up and running, you need your focal point: an affiliate product that draws money from clicks and purchases. You can promote several products at once and many more over time, but it’s best to simplify things in the beginning, gauging your understanding without over-commitment.

Here is a three-step plan to calibrate your content for affiliate marketing:

  1. Choose a niche and a product.
  2. Choose an affiliate program.
  3. Apply marketing magic to your blog to grow revenues.

Let’s break it down in detail.

Step 1 – Choose a Niche and a Product To Promote

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the product you promote, which significantly widens your reach. For starters, you can define a range of commercially viable offers and narrow it down as you choose an affiliate program and understand your business realities better.

For example, home insurance products are a natural extension of real estate businesses, while real estate offerings are typical for insurance companies. In both cases, the affiliated product resonates with the main offer, increasing or adding to its value.

Source: Statista

Content-wise, the world is your oyster. You can experiment with new blogs or polish the old ones with promotional focus, CTAs, SEO tweaks, and everything that can make them click while serving their best interests.

Step 2 – Choose an Affiliate Program

You don’t necessarily have to join an affiliate program, but 84% of publishers do so, and not without reason. Not only does an affiliate network simplify things on the affiliate’s side, but you can run any number of affiliate programs simultaneously for different products and campaigns. An impressive 94% of publishers join two or more affiliate programs, with 20% leveraging five programs simultaneously.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program for Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Commission Structure  

Affiliate programs offer either a bounty – a flat fee per target action, such as a link click or product purchase – or a percentage of the sale, all within a specific payment model:
– Pay Per Sale
Pay Per Lead
– Pay Per Click
– Pay Per Install or Download
– Pay Per Impression
The commission structure must align with your niche, audience, product, expectations, and risk tolerance. For example, the Pay Per Click model always generates more conversions than the Pay Per Sale model, but the latter pays more for a conversion.

Payout Terms

Payment size aside (more on it below), affiliate programs have different payout thresholds, frequencies, methods, and forbidden practices like self-referrals, trademark infringement, or spamming.

Cookie Duration  

Some programs may limit the click-purchase commission timeframe. A 60-day cookie duration means you can only get a commission within the first two months after the click and have no share in anything bought after the deadline.

Promotional Help  

Many affiliate programs, whether run by advertisers or affiliate networks, provide free software and creative materials – tracking links, banners, data feeds, etc. – to maximize your performance.


The lowdown on your affiliate program may predict your result fairly accurately, especially if you can access business cases from similar or the same niche. Among the things to pay attention to are the program’s longevity, stability, feedback, customer support, and transparency.

When in Doubt, Look for the Commission Size

Choosing between affiliate programs may be challenging given the complexity of the market, but you have a surefire stalemate breaker: commission size. All things equal, choose the program – and the affiliate marketing niche – with the highest commissions.

The top three most lucrative e-commerce niches are SaaS, finance, and beauty & health, all with different nuances. For example, a SaaS affiliate marketing blog is a bit of a gamble, offering commissions from 20% to 70% of the sale, whereas finance produces stable payouts of around 40% of the sale.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Step 3 – Apply Marketing Magic to Your Affiliate Marketing Blog To Grow Revenues

Affiliate marketing is as much mathematics as art, requiring data-driven strategies and creativity that translates these strategies into mouthwatering blog posts. To make the affiliate marketing magic work, you must strike the right balance between available promotional methods and your unique value proposition for a specific blog post.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Grow Income from Your Blog

1. SEO Optimization

With 5.9 million searches conducted on Google per minute, readers from search engines are one of the main traffic sources for any affiliate marketing blog. Any piece of content your produce must be well-optimized for crawlers so that SEO elements don’t conflict with the blog’s readability and value.

Source: Statista

The top-5 SEO factors for search rankings are on-page elements, organic user behavior, accuracy and depth of content, structured data, and content freshness, all necessary to climb the Google ladder.

Speaking of organic user behavior, you can leverage user behavior analytics software to optimize lead flows and conversion, whether generating leads for your business or selling them to advertisers. Data-driven web analytics and visualization will help you understand what users click on what links and why, providing real-time insights into readers’ behavior.

Besides user behavior, there are two more new SEO factors to pay attention to:

  • Third-party cookies. Google has long frowned upon third-party cookies, aiming to disable them over time, starting from 1% of users in the first quarter of 2024. Phasing out third-party cookies would have significant implications for SEO, making it harder to collect user data, deliver targeted ads, and track marketing campaigns. 
  • Artificial intelligence. As of 2023, AI affects SEO and content creation in three ways:
    • AI helps search engines understand user intent deeper, deliver more accurate search results, and enhance customer experience.
    • AI facilitates content creation, enabling quick research and near-instant content generation.
    • AI improves content analytics, prioritizing high-quality, insightful, well-structured content.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to reconcile these factors, leveraging the strength of AI while not overcommitting so your content remains valuable and ranks well. Delegating affiliate marketing content creation solely to AI would be a huge mistake – we’re not there yet.

Uncover the synergy of AI and performance marketing in this 30-minute read.

2. Click Tracking

As you generate clicks on your affiliate links, you need to know where your readers came from, how they interacted with you along the way, and whether they converted or bounced in the end. In other words, you need advanced click tracking software.Click tracking software dissects the customer journey from A to Z, including real-time customer and performance marketing data, unlocking your readers for you. Whether a product company or an affiliate marketer, you can get the most out of every click on your affiliate marketing blog.

3. Social Media Ads

As profitable as SEO traffic can be, nothing beats social media ads in the age of social media. Not for nothing do 90% of marketers use social media to drive readers to their blogs. Among all social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram ads are the most effective in the United States, followed by TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest ads.

Wonder whether you should partner with social media influencers? Here’s about the potential impact of social media influencer marketing on your business.

Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Blog With Phonexa

What about closing the loop between clicks, calls, and revenue from your affiliate marketing endeavors? With the best-in-class performance marketing automation software suite from Phonexa, you can bring it all to a single dashboard, digging deep into customer data, ensuring accurate attribution, and growing your bottom line from day one.

Step up your affiliate marketing game now, or schedule a consultation to learn more about Phonexa.

Bonus: Affiliate Marketing Blogs That Made It to Big Numbers

So how much money can you make with affiliate marketing? We’ve crunched some numbers to compile a list of affiliate blog examples that serve as convincing evidence that any content creator can turn their affiliate marketing blog into a goldmine.

Here’s what we’ve taken into account, ranking affiliate marketing blogs by the share of referral traffic as possibly the closest indicator to the amount of drawn affiliate income:

  • Total website visits
  • Page per visit
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Referral traffic
  • Paid referrals
  • Direct traffic
  • Search traffic
  • Social media traffic

Important: The affiliate blog examples showcased below are not chosen randomly – they epitomize the most important message for a business willing to embark on an affiliate marketing journey:

  • With due effort, any blog or website can make solid money from affiliate marketing outside of their core offering.

None of the listed websites was designed as an affiliate marketing powerhouse in the first place, but they all managed to draw significant affiliate traffic from their blogs. For example, Outbrain drives an unbelievable 73% of its traffic from referral sources; Squarespace draws 35.29% of the total traffic from affiliates, and so on.

Without further ado, behold the blogs that made it to big numbers in the affiliate marketing game!

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With around 500 million monthly visits and $1 billion annual revenue, Outbrain is a popular advertising platform that provides customized content suggestions through widgets linking to sponsored articles, films, and other content.

Having the highest share of referral traffic share in our list, an incredible 73% of all their traffic, Outbrain leverages user browsing history and interests to create targeted and engaging ads. If there’s a company to ask how to do affiliate marketing with a blog, Outbrain is the number one candidate.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand2

A popular all-in-one website creation and hosting platform provides tools and templates that help laymen construct visually attractive websites while having little to no coding knowledge.

The suite includes a website builder, professionally created responsive templates, solutions for online storefronts, and blogging tools like social media integration, tags, categories, content scheduling, and more. 

Traffic-wise, referrals account for an impressive 35% of all traffic, an unequivocal site of the impact of affiliate marketing on Squarespace’s bottom line.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand3

Paperform is a web-based form builder that enlivens drag-and-drop interactive forms, surveys, quizzes, and landing pages for coding laypeople. The toolkit contains everything you need to collect exhaustive customer data and capitalize on these insights.

With Paperform, you can customize text fields, multiple-choice questions, dropdown menus, file upload options, and other features within registration forms and site pages. Traffic-wise, they must be making tons of money from affiliate marketing, drawing around a quarter of their total traffic from referrals, or around 400,000 referral visits monthly.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand4

BigCommerce is a platform for developing and managing online stores through tools like

  • A code-free shop builder
  • E-commerce features: product catalog management, inventory tracking, order processing, etc.
  • Performance marketing tools: SMM, email, SEO, etc.
  • Hosting services
  • Analytics and reporting tools

BigCommerce draws over 5 million monthly visits and heavily relies on referral traffic.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand5

OnPassive is a technology startup that provides an AI-powered business automation platform covering two major dimensions:

  • Business solutions: AI-driven marketing, customer relationship management, lead generation, advertising, and more.
  • Performance marketing solutions for improving online presence, lead generation, and sales through customized marketing campaigns and advanced targeting.

Onpassive runs a referral and affiliate program, allowing readers to become members and promote the platform in exchange for commissions. The company has over 2.3 million monthly visits and rich referral traffic.

Learn more about how automated affiliate marketing can revolutionize your business.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand6

Taboola is a native ad platform that connects publishers and marketers through a content recommendation widget. Besides the widget, the company offers native ad tools and real-time insights into content and performance marketing campaigns.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand7

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop shop builder, SEO and e-commerce features, add-ons, plugins, and integrations with CRM platforms. Ranked 3rd in the business and customer service category in the United States, Shopify draws around 92 million visits monthly, of which around 10% are referrals.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand8

LiveChat provides live chat software and customer support solutions, with the core product being a real-time customer care platform that enables live chat communications. Besides, the company runs a partner program for businesses and individuals that want to promote LiveChat software as affiliates, resellers, or technical partners. The program alone collects around 24,000 monthly visits, mostly direct traffic.

Thrive Themes

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand9

Thrive Themes is a WordPress theme and plugin development company that focuses on helping website owners and entrepreneurs create high-converting and aesthetically attractive websites through proprietary plugins. 

Thrive Architect

 Drag-and-drop site page and article creator

Thrive Leads

 List development and lead generation

Thrive Quiz Builder  

 Interactive quizzes for lead generation and market research

Thrive Ultimatum

 Scarcity campaigns, countdown timers, and limited-time offers

Thrive Apprentice

 Creating online courses and membership sites 

Thrive Ovation

 Collecting customer testimonials

All plugins and tools synergize to create conversion-focused websites from scratch and without technical knowledge. Thrive Themes draw over 240,000 monthly visits, including around 9% of referral traffic, knowing how to make money in affiliate marketing all too well.

Lori Ballen

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand10

The highest-ranked individual affiliate marketing blogger on our list, Lori Ballen, runs an eponymous website about real estate, digital marketing, and business.

Lori offers courses, coaching programs, and resources to help entrepreneurs and real estate professionals expand their companies through performance marketing. With around 50,000 monthly visits, Lori drives around 9% of her traffic from referrals and heavily relies on social media.

Admitad Academy

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand11

Admitad Academy is an affiliate marketing educational platform that offers affiliate and performance marketing courses, webinars, workshops, and other knowledge sources. The company is a vivid example of how a relatively small business can apply affiliate marketing to blog posts. 

With around 35,000 monthly visits, Admitad Academy collects around 9% of referral traffic while drawing the lion’s share of visits from search traffic.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand12

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin for membership management. The plugin offers features like content restrictions to transform your website into a membership-based platform.

Key Features

Membership Management

Membership levels with different access rights, content limitations, and price choices

Payment Integration

Integration with common payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe to manage subscriptions and payments

Content Dripping

Membership-driven content distribution

Coupons and Discounts

Creating and managing coupons and discounts

Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring and analyzing membership statistics

Email Marketing Integration  

Engaging with service subscribers through newsletters, updates, and promotions

With an impressive 33% of search traffic, MemberPress can boast around 8% of referrals and over 120,000 monthly visits, a more-than-decent number for a plugin.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog- brand13

GoDaddy is a well-known biggest domain registrar that offers domain names and software like 

  • Website construction tools
  • Email hosting services
  • Website security solutions
  • Performance marketing tools

The company collects over 40 million monthly visits, of which 6.7% are referrals.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand14

GetResponse is an all-encompassing email marketing platform that provides

  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Lead gen page builder
  • Email templates
  • Automation tools and A/B testing tools
  • Automated email sequences
  • Performance reports

GetResponse runs webinars, provides solutions for performance marketing analytics and sales funnels, and integrates with many e-commerce, CRM, and content management systems.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand15

Affilorama is an online platform and community that offers training and resources for affiliate marketers so they can grow their bottom line while staying on the legal side of things. With around 60,000 monthly visits, Affilorama effectively monetizes its affiliate marketing blog, gaining 6.2% of referral traffic and considerable affiliate commissions.

Key Features

Training Courses

Video lectures, textual content, and step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorials

Tools and Resources  

Tools and resources around market research, keyword analysis, and website optimization


Website performance, SEO, and performance marketing tools


Affiliate website design training package


A pre-built affiliate website, content, and email marketing sequences


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand16

One of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world, Awin offers a quite standard affiliate marketing toolkit, including click tracking and commission management. The platform does what every other affiliate network strives to do: match advertisers and affiliates on mutually beneficial conditions. 

To talk numbers, Awin is visited by over 12 million people monthly, collecting 4% of customers from referral traffic.

Smart Passive Income (SPI)

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand17

SPI is an online brand and platform spearheaded by Pat Flynn, an entrepreneur, blogger, and podcast host. The platform offers tools, materials, and courses for developing and growing a steady stream of passive income.

SPI toolkit includes resources and software for affiliate marketing, digital sales, and generating revenue from advertising on websites or podcasts.

Affiliate Summit

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand18

Affiliate Summit is an affiliate marketing conference where participants – affiliates, publishers, affiliate networks, and industry experts – share their unique experiences and knowledge. The conference jumps locations every time to attract new participants from the affiliate marketing and adjacent industries.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand19

Scaleo runs cloud-based affiliate monitoring software for companies and individuals, including

  • Affiliate tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Commission management
  • Fraud detection

Attendance-wise, Scaleo is one of the modest examples in our list, with around 38,000 monthly visits and 3.5% of referrals.

Content at Scale

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand20

Content at Scale is AI content generation and verification software that checks whether the content in question is humanlike, a helpful thing to know if you want your affiliate marketing blog to rank high and not get penalized by search engines.

With Content at Scale, you can create blog posts, documents, and videos from a single keyword without being afraid of receiving penalties from Google. The service generates SEO-friendly content that passes plagiarism checks, an opportunity embraced by around 2 million monthly visitors.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand21

Wix is a cloud-based drag-and-drop website creation platform for people unfamiliar with coding. Instead of toiling on your website for days, you can drag-and-drop your website from scratch within minus or just use one of the pre-designed templates.

Likewise, Wix provides basic SEO tools and handles website hosting, so you can connect your domain or purchase a new one directly from the platform. The service enjoys around 50 million monthly visits and ranks 4th in its category.

Narrato Workspace

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand22

Narrato Workspace is a new AI-driven content creation and collaboration platform that creates quality, SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content within seconds. You can automate content workflows, improve search engine rankings, and create compelling images and graphics matching your branding.

Narrato Workspace has a diverse blog that draws around 75,000 visits monthly and counting, ranking 229th in its category. 

Shout Me Loud

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand23

Shout Me Loud offers guides, tips, and tutorials for individuals and businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and succeed in performance marketing. With around 250,000 monthly visits, the company heavily relies on search traffic while drawing some referrals and capitalizing on its affiliate marketing blog.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand24

Skimlinks is a monetization service founded in 2006 by Alicia Navarro and transformed into an affiliate marketing powerhouse collecting over 230,000 monthly visits. It offers link generation, a wide network of merchants, and real-time affiliate marketing reporting and analytics.

Book Written

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand25

Founded and managed by Pradeep Kumar, Book Written is a platform where everyone can learn more about books, poetry, literature, and art. The website offers book reviews, lists, a newsletter, and advertising opportunities, enjoying around 200,000 monthly visits.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand26

A well-known New Jersey-based business magazine and media corporation offers business news and analysis, lists and rankings, thought leadership, lifestyle and entertainment, and an online content platform with a network of contributors. Forbes continues to be a widely read and influential magazine, collecting over 120 million monthly visits.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand27

Another business behemoth, LinkedIn is a renowned professional network that brings together experts, firms, and job seekers from diverse sectors.

LinkedIn users may generate digital resumes, cooperate with individuals in their sector, join groups, and exchange professional updates. The most popular website in our rating, LinkedIn, boasts over 1.6 billion monthly visits.

Jessie on a Journey

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog- brand28

Jessie on a Journey is a travel blog by Jessie Festa, a travel writer, photographer, and blogger who covers travel-related themes like adventure travel, cultural encounters, food & drink, and solitary travel. Around 250,000 traveling aficionados visit Jessie’s blog monthly.

Neil Patel

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand29

Neil Patel is a digital world celebrity and the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, a digital marketing company that helps brands boost their online exposure and presence. 

Neil Patel’s eponymous website is a focal point for his blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other content. The performance marketing guru shares his expertise and ideas with around 4.5 million visitors monthly while being no stranger to affiliate marketing.

Location Rebel

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog- brand30

Location Rebel is a website run by Sean Ogle to assist individuals in achieving location independence through the flexibility to live and work from any place in the world rather than being bound to a single office.

Location Rebel provides a variety of materials, classes, and guidelines to assist people in starting internet enterprises, freelancing employment, and remote work prospects, explaining how to develop a consistent income stream while being free to travel and work from anywhere.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand31

Oberlo is an e-commerce dropshipping service designed to help you find and sell products without having to stock inventory.

Key Features

Dropshipping Integration

Integrating your online business with dropshipping providers

Product Sourcing

Sourcing goods from different vendors

Product Customization

Changing product names, descriptions, photos, and pricing to match your branding and target market

Inventory and Order Management  

Synchronizing inventory and monitoring orders 

Pricing and Analytics

Product performance insights, sales patterns, and more

Oberlo has grown in popularity among new online entrepreneurs thanks to its user-friendly UI and smooth connection with Shopify, collecting around 2.4 million visits monthly.

HubSpot Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand32

A world-known marketing and sales software company offers a broad spectrum of performance marketing and customer service materials alongside inbound marketing ideas, tactics, reviews, and advice. HubSpot’s blog is one of the most trusted sources of information in the digital world, visited by around 12 million people monthly, including around 1.76% referrals. 

Search Engine Journal

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand33

Search Engine Journal is an online newspaper around SEO and digital marketing, covering content strategies, SMM, paid advertising, and more. The platform runs a dedicated affiliate marketing blog, collecting around 3.5 million monthly visits.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand34

Semrush is a comprehensive digital marketing software suite that provides tools for performance marketing and competition analysis.

Key Features

Keyword research

Uncovering relevant keywords for content marketing campaigns, including search traffic, keyword difficulty, and similar keywords

Competitor analysis

Keyword, backlink, and ad campaign analysis

SEO tools

On-page SEO analysis, site audits, and backlink analysis

Paid ad research

Analyzing and optimizing Google Ads and PPC campaigns

Content marketing insights  

Content optimization and analytics solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social media account management, post scheduling, and social media performance monitoring


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand35

AuthorityHacker provides website design training and tools, such as step-by-step website design guidance, SEO techniques, content marketing, monetization strategies, link building and outreach, community support, and more.

Authority Hacker’s courses, blogs, and podcasts educate and empower over 500,000 people monthly to build lucrative online companies based on strong performance marketing and SEO concepts.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand36

Hootsuite is an SMM tool that lets people and organizations manage and schedule social media content from a single dashboard. Generating over 3.4 million visits monthly, Hootsuite is popular among marketers and social media managers that want a complete solution to simplify their social media activities and successfully engage audiences across platforms.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand37

Affilimate is an affiliate marketing software that helps website owners and bloggers track and analyze their affiliate marketing campaigns. Among the main features are affiliate link tracking, conversion attribution, real-time analytics, data integration, revenue reporting, and click fraud detection. Affilimate has over 200,000 monthly visits, 67% of which come from the search.

Mitigate these attribution risks to maximize your affiliate marketing performance.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand38

Bluehost is a web hosting provider that offers shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, and other customized hosting options.

Some of the features include:

  • Domain registration
  • Website builder
  • Email hosting
  • Security features

Ranked 8th in its category, Bluehost collects around 8.6 million monthly visits.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand39

Kinsta is a WordPress hosting service that uses Google Cloud Platform and other cutting-edge technologies. They offer strategically distributed data centers, allowing you to select the server location nearest to your target audience for faster website performance.

Blogging Wizard

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand40

Blogging Wizard is an online platform providing blogging, content marketing, website management advice, instructions, and tools. With around 500,000 monthly visits, Blogging Wizard empowers content creators to improve their blogging and expand their readership.

Blogging Wizard helps marketers across many dimensions, including content production, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and website design. Their affiliate marketing blog covers blogging, e-commerce, WordPress, email marketing, monetization, SEO, social media, performance marketing & sales, website design, web hosting, and more.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand41

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media platforms and visual discovery engines that allows you to explore, save, and share photos and videos (pins) on virtual collections known (boards). The platform inspires and encourages creativity, organizing, and planning.

With over a billion monthly visits, Pinterest is an inspiration source around topics like home décor, fashion, recipes, DIY projects, vacation destinations, and more. It goes without saying, you can expose your product to a billion-wide audience.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand42

Ahrefs is an SEO and performance marketing software package that offers tools for website analysis, competition research, and content improvement. It’s frequently utilized by digital marketers, SEO experts, and website owners to boost online presence and search engine rankings.

Key Features

Backlink Analysis

Evaluating backlinks to your or competitors’ websites

Keyword Research

Identifying keywords that bring organic traffic 

Site Audit

Auditing websites for broken links, duplicate content, and other technical issues that affect SEO performance

Content Explorer

Identifying popular and trending content for specific topics or keywords

Competitor Analysis  

Insights into competitors’ SEO methods: top-performing sites, backlink profiles, content strategies, etc.

Site Explorer

Analyzing a website’s performance, including organic search traffic, top-performing pages, referring domains, and more


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand43

Adsterra is an ad network that facilitates ad display by matching advertisers and publishers. 

  • As an advertiser, you create an ad campaign with specific targeting criteria (location, demographics, psychographics, etc.). As a publisher, display target ads on your website, mobile app, or other traffic channel to receive commission.

Adsterra supports multiple ad formats, including pop-under ads, display ads, direct links, interstitial ads, push notifications, and more. The platform leverages various targeting options to guarantee that advertisements are delivered to the most appropriate audience and employs optimization algorithms to increase the efficacy of ad campaigns and the advertiser’s ROI.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand44

MarketSplash is a new informational platform that covers digital marketing, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and design. Through detailed blogs, Market Splash educates over 250,000 monthly readers.

MarketSplash narrows it down to three main content categories – marketing, design, and tool guides – helping users stay in the loop around their niche and continuously expand their knowledge on the topic.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand45

With almost half a million monthly visits, Voluum is virtual performance tracking and optimization digital ad and affiliate marketing platform that provides advanced call tracking, management, and ad optimization tools for campaigns across different channels and traffic sources.

Key Features

Campaign Tracking

Real-time ad campaign monitoring, including clicks, conversions, expense insights, and other performance marketing data

Traffic Source Integration  

Integration with traffic sources, affiliate networks, and advertising platforms

Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions like leads, sales, sign-ups, downloads, installations, and more

A/B Testing

Split-testing ads, landing pages, and other offers

Traffic Distribution

Managing traffic distribution across offers and landing pages

Reports and Analytics

Real-time and historical reports and analytics


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand46

BloggingTips is an online platform dedicated to tips, guidance, and tools for bloggers and content creators. The website has a wealth of articles, lessons, and instructions on various topics related to blogging, content marketing, and website monetization.

BloggingTips highlights blogging techniques, monetization, SEO and traffic generation, blogging tools and resources, and website design and UX, aiming to help new and expert bloggers. Likewise, they feature guest blogs and invite industry professionals to share insights into the blogging world.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Blog - brand47

Concluding our list with Fiverr has a special vibe to it. A freelance powerhouse with around 60 million monthly visits, Fiverr connects digital service seekers and suppliers since 2010, having grown from the $5-for-anything sales model to one of the world’s largest and most well-known freelancing markets.

The Fiverr platform gives organizations and individuals access to a global pool of freelancers, making it easy to obtain specialized services quickly and affordably. The website’s review system and seller ratings assist buyers in making educated judgments and selecting trustworthy service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is affiliate marketing blogging?

Affiliate blogging is making money from a blog through affiliate links that promote a third-party product or service. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in what you promote, but the product or service in question should be closely connected to the context of your blog.
For example, a real estate agency can promote home insurance policies on their blog, a company involved in finance can advertise a stock exchange, or a fitness blogger can encourage readers to try a special diet to stay fit.
Companies that make money from affiliate marketing usually don’t partner with advertisers directly but through an affiliate network, a middleman that creates a mutually beneficial market for affiliates and advertisers. In this market, both parties can choose a reliable partner that fits their reputational and financial requirements.

How do you create a blog for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing blogs are regular blogs that contain affiliate links, ads, and other promotional materials, so there’s no such thing as an affiliate marketing blog. In blogging, you focus on the quality of content in the first place and then add affiliate links, ads, and other promotional materials that can monetize the value you bring to your readers.

How much can you make from affiliate marketing blogging?

Your blogging potential depends on your content quality, niche, target audience, affiliate program, customer trust, and more factors. While there are no explicit data about how much an affiliate marketing blog brings on average, a quality blog will likely allow you to reach and surpass the average revenue from affiliate marketing efforts:
Below $10,000 annually – 57.55%
$10,000 to $50,000 – 16.21%
$50,000 to $100,000 – 5.15%
$100,000 to $150,000 – 7.94%
$150,000 and more – 3.78%
Only a small share of bloggers make fortunes from their affiliate marketing endeavors, but you don’t necessarily have to turn affiliate marketing into a full-scale job. Instead, you can use your affiliate marketing blog as an additional source of income.

What are the best affiliate programs for new bloggers?

There’s no such thing as the best affiliate programs for new bloggers nor the best affiliate networks for bloggers, as it all depends on your niche, budget, risk tolerance, and multiple other requirements.
To choose from many blogging affiliate programs out there, consider the following factors:
– Commission size and structure
– Payout terms
– Cookie duration
– Customer support
– Background
The right program will maximize your affiliate marketing income while minimizing legal and reputational risks.

What are the examples of affiliate marketing blogs?

Among the well-known affiliate marketing blog examples are Shopify, Forbes, Fiverr, Neil Patel, Ahrefs, Affise, MarketSplash, and more. Neither of these companies is an affiliate marketing company per se, but they all leverage affiliate programs for blogs to maximize marketing revenues.

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