Affiliate Network Explains How It Achieved 30% Less Fraud & 15% More Conversions With Phonexa

Top Affiliate Network From Financial Services Industry Explains

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Case Overview: The Need For A Flexible Lead Management System

This affiliate network is a global authority in the lead generation industry that connects affiliates and advertisers in the financial services industry.

They handle millions of leads and consumer data points each week, and they came to Phonexa with an extensive list of marketing needs and pain points that needed to be addressed in order to streamline and strengthen their lead management processes.

The following is a breakdown of how Phonexa boosted the business of the brand with its all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

Results At A Glance

  • 25% increased revenue due to higher lead volume
  • 15% increased lead conversion
  • 30% lowered fraud
  • 18% MoM increase in lead volume in 2021
  • 30% growth in MoM lead processing in 2021

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Detecting Problems To Provide Solutions

After a detailed analysis and review of their lead management system during a thorough onboarding process, the Phonexa team identified several issues that the network lacked in practice. Five significant needs surfaced.


Fraud: The Killer Of Profits And Relationships

To ensure more transparent and accurate lead transactions, this affiliate network needed technology that provided multi-tiered fraud vetting and prevention functionalities.

The Solution & Outcome

With a granular vision into lead quality, the Phonexa platform lowered fraudulent transactions by 30% last year, giving the network complete control over its lead sales.

The Process

Through a series of data hygiene procedures and the implementation of pre-identified lead parameters with Phonexa’s lead management platform, LMS Sync, this affiliate network scaled its fraud detection functionalities to its high inflow of lead data.

With its “Fraud Overview Report,” the platform provided detailed lead validity reports, using tools like the “Email Validator” and others to identify faulty or fraudulent data coming through the pipeline.

By breaking down the email “validation status,” the system supplied this network with complete visibility into the quality of the email data coming in from a given publisher. They used these system reports to block false leads or publishers based on IP address, social security numbers, and other identifiable information.


Beyond Reporting: Using Cross-Verification & Real-Time Data

With the need to create more profitable and efficient marketing campaigns, this affiliate network required technology to provide real-time data and analytics that would allow them to use cross-verification methods to plan campaigns and track their performance.

The Solution & Outcome

With LMS Sync, this affiliate network gained access to a custom lead analytics software that delivered actionable insights and real-time visibility into data that allowed them to evaluate trends, keep track of data changes and performance, and create future projections.

With increased visibility, the network retained more data for future retargeting campaigns while understanding which aspects of the campaigns needed to change.

The Process

Using comparison reports, traffic flow reports, and filter analyzer tools, the affiliate network understood publisher quality and identified publisher trends, which eventually helped them make better decisions in the long run. With access to robust reports that highlight accept and reject rates, post counts, lead errors, and timeouts, the affiliate network gained the visibility it needed to filter publishers, set goals, and track performance for each publisher profile to make more informed decisions regarding their campaigns.

“The biggest difference for us in using Phonexa is the amount of reporting that is available, which guides us to truly understand how to use statistics to enhance our operations and to allow everyone on our network to maximize on their earnings, regardless of which end of the process they stand.”

CEO of Affiliate Network


Dynamic Ping Tree Functionality With Multi-Tier Bidding

Another issue this affiliate network faced was the lack of variation and structure regarding Ping Tree management. The vastness of this company’s operations required a Ping Tree management system that could be built and optimized to their needs.

The Solution & Outcome

Phonexa built a custom structure of multiple Ping Trees, and dynamic lead flows that ensured high-level optimization and flexibility. With this new Ping Tree model, this affiliate network took advantage of a smart Ping Tree, buyer rotation, and the change of percentage in rotation.

With this capability, the company implemented Ping Tree strategies to maximize the efficiency of finance lead distribution for this business model. As a result, the affiliate network increased its lead processing volume on average by 18% month over month in 2021.

With the setup of multiple Ping Trees, the affiliate network could circulate a higher volume of high-interest leads through each tree, ultimately maximizing profits, and increasing its capabilities.


1 Solution, 0 Downtime, 10 Days Until Live

This network came to Phonexa intending to obtain dependable technology and infrastructure that handles high-volume data, generates insights and analytics, and manages every aspect of affiliate marketing efforts.

Most of all, there was a need to manage all of these operations under the same umbrella that catered to all of their needs regarding high-volume data transfer and feature implementation.

The Solution & Outcome

With an industry-record average of 10 days to take a user live with its complete suite of marketing products, Phonexa supported this company’s needs with its positioning as an all-in-one solution backed by a strong tech-core that handles millions of leads and data points each day.

Since then, the affiliate network has utilized the resources and tech tools needed to manage all ends of their affiliate marketing efforts while maximizing the system’s data-handling capacities and doubling down on earnings.

They further utilized the platform to create custom system notifications, functionalities, and other tools to detect technical errors, fraudulent activity, and other essential messages regarding their campaigns.

“Regardless of how much traffic we generate or the volume of data coming in, Phonexa’s capability of being able to process all of that is consistent with its promise. We can still manage and process our leads quickly, which adds so much value to how we do what we do.”

CEO of Affiliate Network


Quality Control: Red Flags & Early Warnings

To promote higher lead quality and selling impact, this affiliate network needed the right tools to identify when a low-quality lead came through the pipeline.

The Solution & Outcome

With Phonexa implementation, this affiliate network gained access to in-depth “Traffic Flow Reports” that helped them understand publisher quality and whether or not they have a “first look” with lead traffic or if publishers have sent them duplicate or faulty leads.

The system’s “Quality Indication Bubbles” within the “Lead Details Report” has been instrumental in helping this affiliate network see the quality of the lead, along with different data parameters that are coming in for those leads.


This affiliate network came to Phonexa with the need to achieve a more harmonious process for their lead management efforts. With Phonexa, they tackled all of their pain points and reached growth on a month over month and year over year basis.

With the implementation of unique and customizable solutions to each pain point, the company has now achieved the following:

  • The ability to vet and prevent fraud early on
  • The visibility into campaign metrics and analytics
  • A dynamic Ping Tree that supports multi-tier bidding
  • A lead management platform and system with a robust back-end and ability to process high-volume leads
  • The ability and tools to complete quality control around the “first look” at lead data

With an automated lead management system that runs smoothly, the affiliate network can refine its place in the financial services marketplace.

“Phonexa is an integral part of our company’s operations, which gives us a 360-degree coverage of our business. This robust platform gives us the chance to deliver the experiences our affiliates and publishers want, which is the timely, efficient, and safe transfer of data and leads that come to us.”

CEO of Affiliate Network

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