Affiliate Marketing Software for Businesses

Stay ahead of the competition by using white-label affiliate software. Set yourself up for success with the comprehensive capabilities and solutions within Phonexa’s affiliate tracking software.
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Affiliate Marketing Platform Features

Experience the full capabilities of affiliate marketing software uniquely designed to leverage lead management, email marketing, call and click tracking, and automated accounting through the Phonexa suite.

Create data-driven campaigns, maintain valuable partnerships, measure affiliate marketing performance, and manage every aspect of your digital front.

Tap Into Automated Commissions & Quick Payouts

Never miss a payment with our affiliate tracking software. Create your own commission structures to compensate affiliates on time using instant insights and reports on payments, payouts, and overall performance.

Get Granular & Watch Clicks Every Step of the Way

Get started with an automated affiliate marketing software that supports all areas of your affiliate marketing efforts. Real-time reports on campaign performance, analytics on clicks, and conversion approvals provide opportunities to boost your earnings.

Prevent Fraud & Protect Your Partner Campaigns

Trusted by advertisers and publishers in diverse industries, Phonexa’s affiliate tracking software enables users to detect and eliminate fraudulent or repeat clicks from web campaigns. Backed by a robust data security and protection policy and SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 certification, Phonexa provides all you need to establish safe campaigns and ensure precise affiliate program monitoring.

Drive Traffic & Attract the Right Audience to Your Site

Utilize internal metrics within Phonexa’s affiliate management system to track all of your digital sales produced by affiliates and base your future campaigns on purchase trends and analytics that measure the effectiveness of your partnerships and investments.

Your Affiliate Marketing Program’s Success Is Our Mission

Create an affiliate program you’re proud of, and we’ll supply you with the rest.

  • •   Integration support
  • •   Real-time reporting
  • •   Interactive dashboard
  • •   Analytical performance insights
  • •   Higher revenue margins
  • •   24/7 support team
  • •   Data protection
Powerful alone. Better together.

Click “Build My Plan” to discover which Phonexa solution best scales with your business, and identify the product in our marketing automation suite that complements your strategy.

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Affiliate Marketing Software FAQs

What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software is a bundle of products and features that allows advertisers to grow, track, and manage affiliate marketing programs. It is highlighted by click tracking (Lynx), lead management software (LMS Sync), and other leading products within Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

What are the most essential affiliate marketing software features?

Phonexa’s affiliate marketing solution boasts a dynamic set of features and functionalities you can use to grow your affiliate program. Some irreplaceable features are data analytics, affiliate marketing tracking, predictive modeling, real-time reporting, and the ability to maintain valuable partnerships.

Call and lead affiliate tracking through web clicks, journey control, precise targeting, dashboard overview, and customizable lead management are some of the dynamic functionalities offered by Phonexa that are sure to boost the outcome of your marketing campaigns.

How do I know if I need affiliate marketing management software?

If your company is engaged in web lead generation through affiliate partnerships, proper tracking software for affiliate marketers is everything you need to manage, track every single web lead, and click on your lead management dashboard. When working with affiliates, you must get a complete overview of how your total affiliate clicks are generated.

How can I change my affiliate marketing software vendor?

When switching an affiliate software, marketers must identify the alternative vendors that offer an affiliate marketing tracker that fits their needs. Then, you need to communicate with the current service provider and inform them about quality requirements and your intentions to switch. After discussing all the issues with the current vendor, consider educating your employees about the new affiliate marketing solutions you plan to implement.

When vetting new vendors, ensure that the new platform is compliant with consumer protection regulations and laws enforced across different industries, countries, and operational models. Any good affiliate marketing software should also offer a centralized dashboard with real-time data insights and lead tracking functionality.

What are custom solutions for affiliate tracking software?

Every business has diverse needs around affiliate marketing software and its features. While Phonexa offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, it allows brands to create custom lead distribution logic and operations that achieve favorable outcomes to specific goals. Companies can enjoy the flexibility of Phonexa’s all-in-one suite of marketing automation tools, including its affiliate program management software, while building customized functionalities and satisfying individual campaign needs.

How Affiliate Marketing Software Works

Utilize affiliate program software to track digital sales, measure impressions, and manage your affiliate’s progress, conversion rates, and campaign ROI under one dynamic dashboard.
Phonexa’s all-in-one solution is designed to supercharge any affiliate system. It enables marketers to manage and market their products, drive brand awareness, bring in more high-quality traffic, and handle and customize commission rates.

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Visualize Affiliate Marketing Software Processes

Phonexa’s affiliate management software is designed to reveal affiliate traffic data attribution, perform sophisticated tracking, measure affiliate performance, inform marketing decisions, and boost overall sales.

With the right affiliate tracking platform, brands can manage all their digital efforts in one place, all while leveraging an optimized ping tree and visualizing future growth opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions That Deliver Results

Phonexa’s top-rated affiliate tracking tools supercharge businesses across different verticals, making it one of the market's best affiliate marketing software solutions.

Don’t take our word for it. Check what our clients say about the best affiliate software. Check what Phonexa users say about the best affiliate software. Here are their testimonials.

What Our Customers Say About Phonexa’s Affiliate Marketing Software

"I love their support and that they are always willing to jump on the phone or email and troubleshoot. Very helpful. They are experts in lead gen and have a comprehensive approach to best practices, and their insights are beneficial for optimizing performance.

The platform has many features that make it robust but also requires a learning curve. So I appreciate the extra options, but wow, it's a lot to learn. We had bad attribution before Phonexa, and now we can track up to 2 tiers, so we know the origin of every deal. Our affiliates have never been happier thanks to Phonexa's marketing tracking software."

Jason J.

"Phonexa is the best platform for lead generation and affiliate marketing. What we like best about Phonexa is how complete and versatile the platform is. The system makes it very easy to configure and deploy campaigns in a matter of minutes. Once that part is created, it continues to amaze you with outstanding reporting and controls for you to visualize ROI and profits, control fraud, and track conversions.

The affiliate system gets constant updates and new features from its great development team. The support at Phonexa is outstanding. You are able to get a quick resolution to any issue you come up with, and when you get stuck and need a hand, someone is always there to help. As an affiliate that runs campaigns in several verticals, Phonexa has been a time and money saver for us by providing us with an amazing platform in a complete package."

Agency in Marketing and Advertising

"Phonexa has it all. If you are looking for a platform to achieve everything in one login, Phonexa is that product. From a reporting portal to building forms, building APIs, and Ping Trees that you can all connect to, Phonexa is the best out there. Not only is the product excellent, but their support is second to none, we have been working with Phonexa for a while now, and they always take on your feedback, including listening to suggestions on improvements and, in most cases, implementing them. I suggest working with them, from running web pages to call centers. They can help you with it all."

Dylan B.
Managing Director

Implement Affiliate Marketing Software as Part of Your Performance Marketing

See how to use Phonexa’s affiliate marketing solutions within Lynx to promote your affiliate links and run lead generation, email, and call campaigns.

Click Tracking

Affiliate Marketing Software

Lead Tracking

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

What is the difference between B2B and B2C affiliate marketing trackers?

B2B companies tend to focus more on what and how they measure affiliate campaigns' performance. B2B affiliate marketing is typically more challenging than B2C since it involves more complex sales cycles and fewer but more influential prospective clients. Therefore, identifying and implementing the appropriate affiliate link tracking software is essential to generating high-value customers and making informed business decisions.

With the right affiliate program tracking software, businesses can ensure that they only pay for results that directly impact their sales funnel. Besides, creating affiliate programs and working with affiliate networks can benefit brands and content creators interested in making money from influencer marketing.

What to do before implementing your affiliate marketing software

Before implementing an affiliate tracking software, internal teams need to dive deeper into buyer personas to determine their goals, strategies, and KPIs and the outcomes they expect to gain through their marketing efforts.

Then companies should start structuring affiliate commissions around specific goals and identifying the most appropriate affiliate tracking systems that fit their business needs.

What are affiliate links?

An affiliate link is a URL that contains information like an affiliate username or ID. Advertisers use affiliate links to track sales and keep tabs on the inbound traffic resulting from affiliate marketing campaigns.

What is the affiliate onboarding process?

Affiliate onboarding refers to introducing new partners to a company’s products or services, providing access to the tools they might need, explaining company rules and requirements, and assigning a personal manager for future communication and guidance. Effective affiliate onboarding is essential to the growth of any affiliate program, affiliate retention, and business growth.

How does affiliate tracking software help businesses drive revenue?

Phonexa’s affiliate marketing tracking software helps manage clicks and lead data by providing granular analytics around campaign performance, conversions, and other key metrics that allow businesses to make predictions and scale their campaigns appropriately.

Why do businesses need white-label affiliate software?

A white label approach offers numerous advantages to brands, including:

  • White-label affiliate marketing software is easy to implement and customize
  • The white-label approach helps brands save time and money

Phonexa's white-label affiliate software enables businesses to leverage a comprehensive suite of solutions, get granular insights, improve conversion rates, and keep customers satisfied.

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