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Phonexa CEO Lilit Davtyan Launches ‘Level Up With Lilit’ Podcast to Highlight Personal & Professional Transformation of Influential Leaders

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2 minute read

Award-winning executive and Phonexa CEO Lilit Davtyan has announced the launch of her new video podcast series, “Level Up With Lilit.” 

The bi-weekly podcast will feature guests from all walks of life to talk about emerging trends, personal and professional transformation, triumphs, struggles, mindset, family, and everything in between. Through the podcast, Davtyan will lead dialogue on personal and professional transformation, AI, technology, and other topics.

The conversations will dive deep into the stories of influential individuals from well-recognized brands and organizations across diverse industries, including Fortune 500 tech companies, educational institutions, insurance and marketing agencies, and more. 

“I started off as a CPA, then became a CFO, and now, I am the CEO of Phonexa,” said Davtyan. “But none of my accomplishments would have been possible without the brilliant minds that I’ve met along my journey, and I can’t wait to share the stories of these inspirational leaders so that listeners can level up in their own lives and careers as well.”

The first episode of “Level Up With Lilit” features IBM’s Global Marketing Transformation Partner, Christine Duque.

Davtyan and Duque discussed the role of customer-centricity in an ever-evolving digital world, the process of digital marketing and tech transformation, Duque’s personal journey going from an opera singer to martech, and so much more. 


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About Lilit Davtyan: 

As Phonexa’s CEO, Lilit Davtyan shapes the all-in-one performance marketing automation suite for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, by leading the company’s business development, strategic growth, client relationships, operational transformation, and financial health.

Formerly serving as the company’s CFO, Davtyan has overseen an average of $200 million in revenue yearly throughout Phonexa Holdings and its related entities businesses in Los Angeles, United Kingdom, and Ukraine since 2016.

Davtyan’s rise through the ranks has been highlighted by a membership in the Forbes Business Council, as well as Chief, a private network designed specifically for female leaders. 

In 2020, Davtyan was named “CFO of the Year” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, nominated again for the honors by the LABJ in 2021, and also nominated by Los Angeles Times for a CFO Leadership Award in 2021. She’s also been recognized as a Top 100 Accountant in Los Angeles by LABJ and as an honoree by the Women of Impact Awards.

Having previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and multiple other professional tax and legal firms, Davtyan, who is also a Certified Public Accountant, has over 10 years of experience in business and tax planning. She’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies in her career and has extensive familiarity with the financial industry.

Additionally, Davtyan serves as an Advisory Board Member for Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing’s CFO and Inspirational Women division. She’s also an Advisory Board Member of Opal Solutions, which is an organizer of global conferences across multiple verticals, including technology, finance, and business.

Davtyan received her B.B.A. from Woodbury University and received her Masters of Business Taxation from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

With experience in establishing and growing businesses across multiple sectors, Davtyan has acquired the skills to add value as a leader in fast-growing private companies that are transforming their business model.

To learn more about Davtyan, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit

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