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Phonexa CFO Lilit Davtyan Joins Forbes Finance Council

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2 minute read

Lilit Davtyan, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President for software company Phonexa, has joined the Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level finance executives.

Moving forward, Davtyan will delve into detail about her day-to-day experiences shaping Phonexa from the C-suite, share insights around the industry, and participate in meaningful dialogue with other respected leaders in the Forbes forum.

Davtyan was awarded “CFO of the Year” by the Los Angeles Business Journal in 2020. She’s also a member of Chief, a private network designed specifically for women leaders.

Davtyan is one of the first hires of Phonexa, a tracking and distribution platform for calls, leads, and clicks. She has been with the SaaS company ever since its inception in 2016. She currently oversees the company’s business development, supervises questions of compliance and internal finances, and maintains relationships with key clients.

“We’re pleased to recognize Lilit Davtyan with Phonexa as an outstanding leader and new member,” the Forbes Finance Council said in a statement. “We’re honored to have you in the community. We look forward to reading your insights and seeing the connections you make with fellow members.”

Davtyan joins Phonexa President and CEO David Gasparyan as part of an elite group cultivated by Forbes. Gasparyan has been part of the Forbes Technology Council since 2020 and has penned a diverse mix of pieces around the importance of call tracking and marketing strategies.

“It is an honor to join the esteemed Forbes Finance Council,” said Davtyan. “I look forward to sharing my experiences at Phonexa to foster a better future for tomorrow’s leaders. Trading the calculator for a keyboard with the intent to educate and evolve dialogue among my peers will be a welcome addition to my finance-filled days.”

Having previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and multiple other professional tax and legal firms, Davtyan has over 10 years of experience in business and tax planning. She’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies in her career and has extensive familiarity with the financial industry. Davtyan is also a Certified Public Accountant.

At Phonexa, she works closely with company leadership on long-term strategy execution, while also overseeing the Accounting department and acting as a liaison between the firm and outside legal counsel.

Davtyan received her B.B.A. from Woodbury University and received her Masters of Business Taxation from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Davtyan is situated in Phonexa’s sprawling space in the splendor of Glendale, California on the famous Brand Boulevard. The company also has headquarters in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

For more information about Davtyan, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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