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Phonexa Launches Revamped Partnership Program with Personalized, All-Encompassing Benefits

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2 minute read

Marketing automation company Phonexa has announced the launch of its revamped Partnership Program with a personalized new twist aimed at helping clients accelerate revenue growth opportunities and marketing through technology partnerships.

Phonexa’s Chief Strategy Officer Amanda Farris and Vice President of Partnerships Sara Malo will be tasked with spearheading and executing the Partnership Program’s strategic goals.

The revamped Partnership Program will focus entirely on the individual needs of each partnering company by providing them with valuable benefits and solutions within Phonexa’s all-in-one suite of marketing automation tools for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

The new Partnership Program portal will enable Phonexa clients to tap into diverse rewards and partnership perks, including a 10% monthly revenue share for every new client they refer to Phonexa.

Following the first 12 months of the referral’s contract with the company, a 2% revenue share will be allocated to the referring partner for the lifetime of the new client.

Partners can also further grow on a four-tiered benefit scale through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond-level partnerships.

By becoming Phonexa partners, businesses will also reap the benefits of the company’s Connect-2-Save syndication program by inviting other Phonexa users into their networks, as they’ll get to share the costs of calls and lead exchanges with them.

Other partner benefits will include exposure to Phonexa’s portfolio and client base, technical support for integrations, prominence on the Phonexa website and relevant promotional materials, and possible speaking and attendance opportunities with Phonexa’s event, MailCon, the world’s preeminent email and omnichannel marketing conference.

“We reimagined the Partnership Program to provide all of our partners a white-glove experience and rewards that truly make a difference in their business models,” said Farris. “We know our industry finds partnership to be the best business avenue, and we are equipped with the team, tools, and solutions to reach favorable outcomes for everyone involved.”

“Through this comprehensive program, our partners will be able to customize their experience and earn the benefits that are best suited for their company’s needs,” said Malo. “The more referrals they bring in, the more our partners will grow and scale.”

With an all-encompassing personalized effort to unite the industry together through meaningful partnerships, Phonexa’s program is another strategic move to widen the company’s impact while helping companies respond to market demands and industry needs across all verticals.

“Our Partnership Program team is where experience merges with leadership. Amanda and Sara are both industry veterans, and they have fresh ideas to drive change and grow impact,” said Phonexa CEO Lilit Davtyan. “With the two of them at the forefront of our company’s partnerships, I am confident that this dynamic duo will further grow our community-building initiatives.”

Visit Phonexa’s Partnership Portal to learn how Phonexa’s comprehensive Partnership Program can benefit your business. Sign up today to get started.

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