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Phonexa, MailCon Host Webinar at GURU Conference 2023

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Phonexa CMO Talar Malakian and MailCon CEO Kristen Haines hosted the “Email Newsletters: Strategies for Growing Your Audience & Monetizing Content” webinar at GURU Conference 2023 on Thursday, November 9.

The two seasoned executives discussed ways to monetize newsletter content effectively by exploring various topics, including:

  • The power of email and challenges in newsletter monetization
  • Content creation and finding your niche
  • Strategies for growing an engaged subscriber list
  • Proven monetization tactics

The GURU Conference delivers the latest digital trends, email best practices, and emerging tools email marketers need to enhance their performance.

Get an in-depth breakdown of the insights shared during the webinar by reading the recap on our blog.

To continue the discussion of newsletter monetization, connect with Malakian and Haines on LinkedIn.

To further explore the path to email newsletter monetization, check out GURU and Phonexa’s co-presented e-book, “Monetizing Emails: Your Fast Track to Scaling Revenue Through Affiliate Marketing via Email.”

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