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Phonexa, MailCon Successfully Unite Email & Omnichannel Marketers in New York with Glamorous Mixer

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2 minute read

Owned, operated, and powered by Phonexa, the all-in-one marketing automation platform for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, MailCon successfully united top professionals in the email, omnichannel, and affiliate marketing industries for its MailCon Mixer event on May 23 in Manhattan, New York.

The second annual networking soiree took place at the ultra-posh 48 Lounge in Times Square, gathering nearly 500 marketing executives under one roof to bond over business partnerships and their shared interests in marketing trends, technology, and more.

The gathering exceeded previous MailCon meetups in volume by covering more dynamic entertainment and networking spaces.

The entertainment lounge encapsulated a lively scene with a traditional and satellite bar with custom cocktails, a live DJ booth, and plenty of room for mingling and dancing.

With a more laid-back networking space in the back of the lounge, guests reconnected with peers and socialized with new ones as they played billiards, enjoyed gourmet cocktails and coffee, and took New York City-themed pictures in a photo booth.

“Every event we organize is bigger and better than the previous one, which means that we are doing something that the marketing community wants and needs, and that is truly inspiring,” said Kristen Haines, CEO of MailCon. “It’s an honor to have the support of hundreds of brilliant minds and innovative companies who help us unify people through MailCon.”

“The MailCon Mixer was a great appetizer before MailCon’s robust and educational conference, which is set to take place in 2023,” said Lilit Davtyan, CEO of Phonexa. “New partner companies and long-time supporters of MailCon all came together under one roof to make the Mixer a reality.”

The MailCon Mixer was made possible with invaluable partnerships and sponsorships with companies like Atwave, Emercury, EPCVIP, Skenzo, and Digital Bulldogs, among many others.

The MailCon Mixer marked the sixth MailCon event since Phonexa’s acquisition of MailCon in 2018, and the ninth event overall. The most recent MailCon event included the first-ever standalone three-day conference in January in Las Vegas.

“The MailCon Mixer wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support we receive from everyone in our industry,” said Sara Malo, Phonexa’s Vice President of Partnerships, who also supports MailCon’s sponsorship and partnership initiatives. “It’s a great feeling to know that all these companies believe in the mission of accomplishing a supportive community of email and omnichannel marketers.”

Details regarding the next MailCon conference – set to take place in 2023 – will be announced this summer.

Stay tuned and connected with MailCon to get the first scoop on future events, industry content, and more.

Learn more about how Phonexa powers MailCon to build a diverse community of omnichannel marketers while introducing unparalleled brand partnerships and opportunities for professional development.

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