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Phonexa Onboards Clients to Platform in Unprecedented 10 Days, G2 Study Finds

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3 minute read

Marketing automation platform Phonexa onboards the clients they sign with an impressive speed, to the tune of an average of 10 days – a stark contrast compared to the 26-day average customers go live, with similar products and platforms.

The remarkable score for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, was outlined in the recent G2 Winter 2022 Report. G2 is the largest software marketplace and review platform, where Phonexa was also named a Momentum Leader and High Performer across over a dozen categories.

Phonexa has gained serious momentum on this front in recent months due to the influx of resources dedicated to its Onboarding and Customer Success departments, which is highlighted by a 24/7 support staff. Phonexa also promoted Mohd Abbas to the position of Vice President of Onboarding and Customer Success last month, to further fuel growth across customer satisfaction and product implementation.

“Our clients are at the very heart of what we do, so we’ve worked hard to create a team of onboarding professionals and tech developers that work together to seamlessly help Phonexa users achieve better results and revenue,” said Abbas. “As these standings suggest, we’re doing exactly that. I’m grateful that my team’s hard work and dedication have bared fruit in a big way through these G2 standings.”

According to Abbas, going live in a mere 10 days brings instant results like:

  • Quick implementation and smooth transition
  • Fast turnaround with custom feature integrations
  • Easy data migration, transfer, and setup
  • Decreased disruptions to company processes
  • Higher revenue

Abbas also said that Phonexa clients – and the clients their clients serve – have more streamlined processes that help them avoid missed business opportunities due to insufficient scaling.

“We’ve used two other well-known call management software products, and Phonexa is superior in so many ways. Their implementation services are second to none,” said Frank Avilla, Vice President of Client Services for Calls By Brand. “Phonexa’s continued support and assistance post-live has helped us increase our sales and profitability by over 20%. I would highly recommend Phonexa to any agency in the lead generation business, as Phonexa is so much more than just a call tracking software.”

Abbas explained the secret behind the 10-day success with the four major phases of onboarding.

Phase 1: Business Introduction
An initial call is conducted, during which the customer and onboarding specialist identify the needs, pain points, and goals of the business that is getting onboarded.

Phase 2: Implementation & Migration
Responding to the goals and pain points identified in the initial conversation, the Phonexa onboarding team presents the client with actionable solutions. Then the clients are walked through an orientation-like process, highlighting the all-in-one platform, its features, and setup. Data transfer then takes place.

Phase 3: Strategize & Tackle Success Tactics
During this point, an onboarding representative works with the client to establish in-depth improvement strategies and practices to ensure a high return on investment and full materialization of the suite. Considerations for additional customization or feature implementations are assessed.

Phase 4: Finalizing Efforts
At this stage, onboarding is complete, and the case is transferred to a customer success manager, who becomes the point of contact between the client and Phonexa. This representative regularly checks in with the client throughout the lifecycle of the user’s platform across all activities.

“This swift four-phase plan changes everything for businesses of all sizes across all verticals because it paves the way for users to leave the platforms that no longer serve the scalability and needs of their businesses,” said Phonexa Chief Information Officer, Liana Tonoyan. “Our technology is fully scalable with custom integrations, reports, and tools that solve even the most complex needs of clients.”

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