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Phonexa Partners with Fast Debt, Becomes First Lead Management & Call Tracking Platform To Offer Consumer Analysis In Real Time

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1 minute read

Phonexa has announced a new groundbreaking integration and partnership with Fast Debt that improves the quality of leads for mutual clients by providing deeper insights in real time around consumer analysis, risk assessment, and data compliance. 

Fast Debt is a financial marketing technology firm specializing in consumer finance solutions. Through the integration, lead buyers and sellers will now have increased and sophisticated decision logic to accept or reject leads in real time based on the new consumer analysis data made available to them.

The built-in solution gives lead buyers and sellers operating in high-consumer traffic industries like debt, finance, mortgage, home services, and insurance services, among others, a formidable fraud-free front to operate in real time.

Fast Debt will be integrated with Phonexa’s lead tracking and distribution product LMS Sync. This is the first-of-its-kind web leads integration for Fast Debt. 

A separate integration for call leads in Phonexa’s call tracking and distribution product Call Logic is also in the works with Fast Debt, which makes Phonexa the first lead management and call tracking platform to offer Fast Debt’s consumer analysis in real time.

“Our partnership with Phonexa is instrumental in improving the entire consumer finance industry,” said Cyrus Pan, CEO of Fast Debt. “In our eyes, everything starts and stops with the consumer. Fast Debt’s marketing technology helps match consumers with the best available options while increasing lead value exponentially for partners. This solution will become the new industry standard.” 

“This partnership and integration with Fast Debt is a groundbreaking development for lead buyers and sellers because they’re now armed with new insights to make better decisions around their leads,” said Jeffrey Schaffer, Chief Operating Officer of Phonexa. “We’re incredibly excited for Phonexa clients to leverage these new solutions and offerings around consumer analysis, risk assessment, and data compliance. The forthcoming Fast Debt integration for call leads is imminent, allowing Phonexa to further separate itself from the competition and provide immense value to customers using Phonexa’s comprehensive performance marketing suite.” 

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Click here to learn more about Fast Debt.

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