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Phonexa Unites Marketing Community at MailCon in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

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3 minute read

Marketing automation platform Phonexa is further growing a community and collaboration amongst marketing executives, publishers, advertisers, and thought leaders in lead generation by diversifying its company portfolio and brand positioning with the merger of MailCon, the world’s preeminent omnichannel and email marketing conference.

Phonexa will be hosting, creating and fostering a new community around MailCon by powering the event in Las Vegas from January 11 to 13 at the Caesars Palace, as nearly 50 expert speakers from driving forces in lead generation, including LinkedIn, Deloitte, and Constant Contact will congregate.

With over 70% of expected attendees being directors and C-level marketing decision-makers, MailCon unites top minds in marketing under one roof to find their next strategic partners in order to collaborate and share marketing expertise across a packed and diverse three-day agenda.

MailCon is a highly engaged global community of marketing professionals who meet to share new insights around the latest tech, trends, and strategies in email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, mobile, and omnichannel marketing.

MailCon will warm up the desert on January 11 with a networking welcome reception at Topgolf. Day 2 will conclude with The Marketer’s Ball at the ultra-posh and swanky Omnia Nightclub, with an exclusive performance by multi-platinum award-winning artist Ja Rule. It will then conclude after another day of networking with the best and brightest in marketing and lead generation with the MailCon & Affy Awards.

This will be the fifth conference since Phonexa’s acquisition of MailCon in 2018 and the eighth event overall, and it will beat previous events in scope and content.

To foster collaboration amongst its attendees and community members, MailCon has relaunched the all-new MailCon app (available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play) for attendees to easily communicate and network with one another. MailCon Las Vegas 2022 tickets are still available. Visit for more information.

“Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. The ‘more’ couldn’t be more evident than in MailCon. Phonexa is now ‘more’ than just software — we’re also a flourishing community of marketing professionals,” said Phonexa President David Gasparyan. “We are looking forward to nurturing and cultivating the community for years to come.”

Phonexa’s always-growing software currently entails seven solutions in LMS Sync (lead tracking and distribution), Call Logic (call tracking and distribution), Cloud PBX (cloud phone system), Lynx (click tracking), Books360 (automated marketing) as well as E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing) and Opt-Intel (suppression list management).

“Phonexa takes great pride in its customization capabilities in order to cater to the needs of our clients. Our email marketing products in E-Delivery and Opt-Intel will now increasingly grow to be even more powerful because both are uniquely positioned to scale with unfiltered feedback from our MailCon community,” said Gasparyan.

Phonexa will also be a part of the select group of speakers at MailCon as the company looks to offer invaluable new insights over hands-on workshops, panels, unmatched networking, and parties.

Amanda Farris, Phonexa’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Curt Frieden, Everflow’s Vice President of Business Development, will be doubling down on the company’s partnership by tag-teaming to talk about building sustainable lead generation strategies.

During Affiliate Summit West in November, both brands held a private dinner to discuss how to bridge the gap in conversions. Phonexa will mirror such events and further tap into its community elements and open the door to MailCon members through its Partnership Program.

“Working and partnering with key communities and influencers in the email industry, such as Women of Email and Women of MarTech as well as other related organizations and events, has been a fundamental part of MailCon and Phonexa’s overarching strategy,” said Phonexa CEO and CFO Lilit Davtyan. “It’s imperative to build a diverse community that introduces more opportunities to people from all walks of life. We look forward to further shaping diverse and inclusive discussions and partnerships with our emerging community.”

“This community merger is a landmark day for our company, the conference, and the email marketing community alike,” said Kristen Haines, CEO of MailCon. “We look forward to a prosperous future with our formidable parent company in Phonexa.”

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