IVRs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems aren’t going anywhere. They’re improving and becoming more valuable for companies and...
2 minute read
API and Third-Party Integration
API and Third-Party Integration helps your business grow by providing you with the right tools.
1 minute read
Vanity Phone Numbers: Trends for the Future
Vanity Phone Numbers are still a proven marketing winner and are still a tired and true path to marketing success after decades...
4 minute read
Web Dialer and Softphone: The Modern Day CRM
The two most important components of the CRM are the Web Dialer and the Soft Phone, but what are these features?
2 minute read
Speech-to-Text: VoicePLUS
VoicePLUS is comprised of two main features: voice recognition and speech-to-text. There is no need to waste time and transcribe...
2 minute read
Can You Use it in a Sentence?: DNI and Third-Party Integration
We’re digging into the world of call logic platforms by focusing on DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) and third-party integration.
2 minute read
What is Cloud PBX?
Cloud PBX. You’ve heard the term before, but what does it mean? We break down the features and benefits of making use of a Cloud...
1 minute read
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