Close More Deals With B2B Sales Software

Phonexa empowers businesses of all sizes with its automated enterprise sales software. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your sales process, engage more prospective clients, or enable your B2B sales lead generation activities, every solution in Phonexa’s marketing suite is designed to drive growth.

Reach Prospects Online And Optimize B2B Sales Funnel

With Phonexa’s suite of solutions, brands can manage longer sales cycles, optimize call and web campaigns, engage with more leads, and enhance the customer journey. Explore what it means to fully utilize the capabilities and benefits of an automated B2B sales software.

Scale With Call Analytics

Tap into detailed campaign measurements and put your data in perspective with the help of call analysis. Call analytics allows pinpointing. Those efforts drive more calls and leads and help understand how to structure your B2B sales funnel and IVR.

Eliminate The Guesswork

Phonexa is committed to innovation and strives to offer effective solutions to clients. Waves, Phonexa’s proprietary predictive call modeling and analytics tool, allows clients to take the trial and error out of the B2B sales approach and create more targeted campaigns.

Get Greater Insights Into Leads

Track customer journeys, manage prospects, increase direct sales, and automate the entire lead lifecycle with Phonexa’s lead tracking software. It allows sales professionals to take a closer look at the KPIs and make every B2B sales promotion activity count.

Put Data To Work

Phonexa’s lead analytics solution allows leveraging audience insights, grouping leads, building more efficient workflows, employing smarter spending tactics, and facilitating the business-to-business selling process.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Every solution Phonexa offers is enough to help companies grow, but when used together in one marketing suite they can push your business to new heights.

Exceed Your Goals With Phonexa’s Marketing Suite

Phonexa serves clients in all industries. With our B2B sales software, brands can customize, optimize, and enhance lead flow and consumer engagement and, as a result, improve CR and ROI. With a singular suite of solutions, businesses can make strategic decisions and close B2B deals in half the time.

Combine Sales And Marketing B2B Efforts

Phonexa’s suite of solutions empowers brands to bring their A game by helping them achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to implement your dream solutions, features, or workflows, Phonexa’s got you covered.

Facilitate Enterprise Sales Jobs

With the B2B sales tool from Phonexa, brands can streamline their B2B sales lead generation efforts. On top of that, it helps businesses focus on creating cross-functional teams that share a vision and utilize only effective B2B sales approaches to generating qualified leads.

Get Creative With Your Media

B2B promotions are no good without email campaigns. Phonexa’s E-Delivery can help you drive email performance if you’re looking to set up automated email campaigns, all while optimizing and improving deliverability.

Ensure Uninterrupted Service

Investing in Cloud PBX is an excellent way to facilitate B2B sales jobs, increase enterprise sales and conversion opportunities, ensure high agent performance, and get actionable insights on conversations with prospects and clients.

Leverage Accounting Automation

For most tech-savvy brands, manual accounting is old news. Books360, an ultimate add-on to Phonexa’s suite of solutions, allows businesses to advance their management, workforce and control their finances while keeping tabs on clicks, leads, direct sales, or calls.

Definitions & Features

What Is B2B Marketing?

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B2B, otherwise known as business-to-business process, refers to any content, strategy, or sales process geared toward other enterprises. It means that B2B strategies target the interests and needs of organizations or their representatives.

What Is B2B Sales?

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The term B2B sales implies communicating and selling to other organizations. Unlike B2C sales, the principal goal and examples of B2B is to partner with another company and set up a smooth cooperation process.

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