7 Benefits Of Using A Cloud PBX Technology

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4 minute read

Have you ever been greeted by the IVR when contacting a business? If you have, it means that you’ve encountered one of the features of the cloud PBX technology operation.

Cloud PBX solutions have been especially appealing to enterprises lately due to their cost-efficiency, scalability, and customizable nature. The hosted PBX is what companies need to replace a once-popular and effective analog phone service and free up the space it takes.

Today, it is not uncommon for enterprises of all sizes to switch to cloud-based phone systems. In fact, over 90% of enterprises claim to experience an improvement in security after transitioning from their traditional phone system to the cloud. It also helps marketers meet all the latest data compliance requirements. No extra effort is required.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how the cloud-based phone system works and the benefits of adopting it.

What is PBX?

Otherwise known as a Private Branch Exchange, this business phone system was around for decades, enabling enterprises to handle all types of voice communication. The original version of the system allowed sharing the external and internal phone lines.

The concept remained the same; only the lines were replaced with internet-based software like Phonexa’s Cloud PBX

How Phonexa’s Phone System Works

Cloud PBX is a phone system hosted in off-site data centers. It connects all the devices inside the organization and offers the following exclusive features:

  • Call scoring that allows tracking the keyword usage during conversations
  • Increased conversion opportunities thanks to the outbound calling
  • Uninterrupted operation of the system
  • Affordable setup
  • Seamless integration with a suite of in-house products
cloud pbx benefits

As an integrated solution, Phonexa’s Cloud PBX works with all of its platforms, including lead distribution (LMS SYNC), call tracking (Call Logic), and click tracking (Lynx). By utilizing a suite of solutions from Phonexa, enterprises can bundle the benefits of seamless integrations and get the most out of all the essential products merged together.

Let’s take click tracking as an example. Lynx is a click/link tracking tool that allows tracking the performance of any marketing initiative. It delivers actionable web traffic data, identifying the links and channels that are underperforming. Combined with hosted PBX, it can help enterprises collect valuable attribution data, identify current trends, make the most of real-time reports, and identify the top-performing channels.

Cloud PBX systems stand out thanks to their dynamic functionality and significant flexibility. That is why it is an excellent way to examine and gain an understanding of caller journeys, identify the touchpoints, as well as the areas for improvement.

So if you haven’t made the switch yet, here are 7 reasons why you need to consider a cloud phone system.

#1. Cutting-Edge Features For A Low Cost

One of the principal advantages is that a hosted PBX is reasonably priced. It demands no extra equipment, setup costs, or routine support service. It makes the solution affordable for any organization: a startup, small-scale enterprise, or large corporation. Besides, cloud phone technology offers considerably more features than its predecessor.

#2. Painless Scalability

The ability to scale is no longer a luxury. A fierce competitive environment made it a necessity for most companies. With this system, they can increase the number of users or downsize at any moment. Ultimately, it obviates the need to overpay for unused resources and allows reserving them for planned expansions.

#3. Off-Site Operation

Figuring out how to build an international team and grant it access to this technology will no longer be an issue. The system allows operating from different continents but in the same environment. It means that the cloud phone can be easily accessible via an app or a browser regardless of the location –all thanks to a solid internet connection.

#4. Intuitive Interface

There is a perception that using such systems requires having a technical background. As is the case with any new product or solution, inexperienced users will need onboarding to understand all the settings. However, the intuitive interface will make the transition to this technology smooth and easy.

benefits of pbx

#5. Effortless Monitoring

Cloud PBX solutions can help you keep your finger on the pulse of all the activities and KPIs like call rates, available agents, ongoing calls, and much more. This way, you can evaluate the quality of the tasks performed by your agents, gain access to their call recordings, and utilize all the reporting tools facilitating the assessment process.

#6. Client Satisfaction

As mentioned before, the system is not location-based. It means that if it is combined with call tracking and distribution solutions, your enterprise can utilize different memorable local numbers while providing service in a specific country, region, or state. This way, you can deliver exceptional service to your clients and increase brand recognition.

#7. Customizable Nature

Apart from offering a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive interface, the PBX solution allows business owners to add or remove users, track the performance, or update IVRs in a matter of minutes. And while it is very unlikely that businesses might require back-end assistance, solution providers can help with any changes at no additional cost.

The power of unified communication should never be underestimated. And if your company hasn’t switched to cloud solutions yet, you might be surprised by how much it misses out on. 

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