7 Ways a Lead Management System Can Grow Your Business

Everybody is seeking a technological advantage when it comes to growing their business, even the original entrepreneurs of growth: farmers. Across the Midwest, the next generation of farmers are utilizing technology like global positioning satellites and automation to more efficiently irrigate and harvest their crops. Data collection and analytics allow farmers to get a better idea of how their farms are operating. Some have even likened the innovation going into growing corn and wheat akin to that in Silicon Valley.

While you may not be in the business of waking up at the crack of dawn to feed the chickens and till the soil, you’re still no doubt getting up every morning eager to find ways to expand your business. Marketers may find one catalyst for growth to be a new lead management system. With the right lead management system, marketers and CMOs get a tremendous assortment of tools at their disposal that can help them run more efficient campaigns and get better data insight. Companies will be able to harvest the benefits like a farmer in the fall.


1. Track Leads

Without question, one of the greatest challenges for marketers in the midst of a campaign is keeping track of all their incoming leads. Tracking leads becomes even more important as a business seeks to scale up and take on more volume. Dropping or losing leads is no different that throwing money out the window—a wasteful practice that no business with growth aspirations can sustain.

A lead management system can be invaluable for businesses looking to expand. By giving marketers an easy-to-use way to track leads, they can know that every lead is accounted for.


2. Advanced Lead Filtering

As leads flood in during a campaign, the sooner you know which ones can be useful to your business and which should be cast away or redistributed, the better it is for your business. That’s why a lead management system that can quickly filter your incoming leads is such a tremendous asset to any marketer. It saves time by pre-emptively eliminating leads you don’t want, allowing you and your team to focus on the ones that matter.


3. Improve Internal Communication

Another asset is the connectivity that a lead management system can provide. When your whole team is working off one lead management system, it keeps everybody up-to-date on each lead’s status. It also lets the sales department and marketing department work off the same data sets on the same user interface, reducing any confusion or miscommunication. Businesses will be in a better spot to hit their full stride once everyone is pulling in the same direction.


4. Data Collection and Analysis

While sales folk may be working hard to convert all the incoming leads, marketers are going to want to know more about each prospect and their customer journey. The URL tracking capabilities of a lead management system can be invaluable for those marketers who want to get more insight on their campaigns. Every lead becomes a data point and the predictive modeling capabilities of a lead management system help turn all that raw information into insightful displays. With a clearer vision of how past campaigns have performed, businesses are in a better position to map out their future.


5. Time-Saving Automation

For any business that has hopes of scaling up, automation is a must. Putting the complex operations of lead tracking and filtering into the trusted care of a lead management system can allow businesses to grow without a fear of overloading their ability. Once your business has successfully automated to handle hundreds of leads, you can be confident that it can handle thousands of them when the time comes.


6. Rapid Response Reports

Veteran marketers know that campaigns are full of uncertainty. The ability to monitor your campaign as it happens goes a long way in creating a better return-on-investment. The right lead management system can give your business real-time reporting so that changes to your campaign can be made in an instant.


7. Seamless Platform Integration

Businesses looking to expand are nearly always going to have to integrate their platform with third-party vendors. Having an adaptable lead management system that is backed up by a dedicated staff of engineers allows companies of all industries to confidently plot their way forward. Free API integration can be a terrific benefit for businesses interested in streamlining their workflow or expanding their reach. With the flexibility afforded by easy platform integration, businesses are free to take on new challenges—to grow, diversify, or consolidate. A lead management platform makes it all possible.

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Mark Kosin is a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing. His background includes experience in copywriting, search engine optimization, B2B marketing, social media, and video production.

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