How Speed to Contact Drives Conversions

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5 minute read

Worth nearly $600 billion, the home services industry has no intentions of slowing down its rapid growth — partially due to the omnipresent need for on-demand home services, paired with new solutions being yielded every day.

With ties to a particular geographical setting, every home service business is competing with many others for the attention of a finite group of potential customers. 

With that, home service providers are left with three prevailing marketing options: 

  • Create more enticing content to improve online presence
  • Bring more valuable and relevant traffic
  • Optimize the lead generation channels on sites

With the first two, you have probably exhausted all of your marketing channels — you are operating a robust website of solution-based blog posts; you’re running multiple pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google, and you’re are on every home advisor’s list imaginable — but you’re still not entirely satisfied with the number of new leads that are coming in. What do you do? 

1. Fix Up New Lead Gen Tactics For Home Services Marketing

To start, think about your future clients’ state of mind when searching for your services online. They’re likely renters looking for immediate assistance with pest control in their rental property. Or they’re homeowners looking to improve their home security system. In both situations, these individuals look for information that will help them make a decision. Providing that guidance will help you lure in those leads. 

There are numerous digital marketing tools and strategies you can use to help leads find your business. But if you don’t know where to start, consider partnering with affiliates to bring in solid, qualified leads to your business. Working with affiliates will help you narrow the focus into finding qualified leads and honing your value proposition. 

There’s a catch, however: getting leads from affiliates doesn’t automatically suggest a closed sale. To convert that lead into a sale, you need a lead management system (LMS) to utilize different communication flows, to follow lead response, lead source, and the outcome of the contact. 

2. Speed To Contact: A Digital Marketing Tool Race

When you get leads from an affiliate or a network of affiliates, you’re likely getting it through “multiple lead distribution,” which means the same lead is simultaneously being sold to as many as five contractors in your area. So, for you as a home service provider, the concept of speed to contact is paramount.

It’s almost like a race toward the finish line — whichever contractor reaches out to the client first and gives them a competitive quote or perk is likely to get the conversion. 

With multiple integrations in your LMS system before purchasing a lead, you can use these various communication channels to help you fasten the contact process, which directly increases conversion rates and closed sales. 

3. Use Multiple Touchpoints With Home Service Industry Clients

Customer touchpoints are where your clients will interact with your brand, product, service, and ultimately — you. The appeal of specific touchpoints among consumers varies according to their demographics and interests. So opening multiple interaction points is indicative of the direction on their journey to conversion. 

With all-in-one integrations encapsulated within Phonexa’s machine-learning software, our platform can help you manage your leads. 

Here are some marketing tools you can use to connect with your leads and track the outcome of your communication: 

  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion: Populate a unique phone number respective to the ad campaign to help you analyze offline call behavior, as well as the metric or campaign the call came from. 
  • Phone Call Tracking Tools And IVR: When a customer interested in your services fills out a form online, and your system purchases their lead, the client’s phone number posts into a dialer, and the client receives a call within a few seconds of purchase. Instead of being put on hold, clients are connected with a pre-recorded IVR right away, which collects critical information and sends the data to the representative on the other end of the call. This speeds up caller-representative conversations and enhances customer experience.
  • Two-way messaging: Receive a text message alert when a new lead arrives in your CRM system so that you can get a quick start on contacting your clients. Send pre-written text messages to your new leads to keep them engaged. 
  • SMS: Imagine that you could send a pre-written SMS campaign with auto-generated links and unique phone numbers that will later help you track the effectiveness of these campaigns. Whether you use text messages to provide a quote to a customer, check in with them after a service, or send special discounts, SMS marketing for home services is one of the most effective means of communication. 
  • Email: Email marketing has stood the test of time, and right now, it’s one of the top marketing tools with the most significant return on investment. “Why?” You ask. It’s because it’s possibly the only marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your clients clearly with a variety of templates that can be edited and customized with images, banners, text, and other graphics to make a better, more visual pitch for your business. In addition, you can embed your email campaigns with auto-generated links and unique phone numbers to later use as a means of tracking the effectiveness of email campaigns for your business. 

Whether you’re searching for home security leads or selling houses in the real estate market; or are in the solar industry, know that you can use one or a combination of the above tools to find solutions to your home service marketing needs. You can do this by leveraging data from all your campaigns to identify trends, plug up any leaks in your funnel, and develop more successful campaigns for the future. 

Only after you have designed different lead flows and methods of communication with your prospective clients will you understand how much of your investments have made a profitable return.

Whichever method you choose, quick, sticky engagement strategies with clients on multiple platforms will make you more money, and what you spend on buying those leads will not be wasted. As a result, you will ultimately minimize spending and maximize earnings. 

Schedule a consultation with Phonexa’s sales team to learn more about how Phonexa can power your lead generation, tracking, and distribution strategy. 

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