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The Guide to Inbound Call Tracking Software

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7 minute read

The inbound call has become a powerful force for businesses of all stripes. Technology has made it easier than ever to research businesses and call them in an instant. As more consumers make these calls, businesses have come to rely on inbound call tracking software.

Why are solutions like call tracking software and inbound call tracking so vital to businesses today? Because inbound calls continue to be consumers’ preferred way to get in touch when making a purchase.

A study from Google shows that 61% of mobile users will call a business when they are in the purchase stage of the sales funnel. The Harvard Business Review says that customers are still interested in talking to a real live person when considering goods and services.

In order to get the most out of their prospects, businesses need to know about inbound call tracking software, different call tracking vendors, and the different kinds of inbound call tracking tools.

What You Should Know About Inbound Call Tracking Software

Since call tracking software is such a useful tool for businesses, there are a variety of call tracking vendors who can provide you with a call tracking solution. Inbound call tracking is the process of tracing a call back to the marketing effort, or efforts, that drove the prospect to make a call.

This is often done by using call tracking software with unique tracking phone numbers that are associated with different marketing channels. Call tracking software will come in the form of a cloud-based solution, also known as Software as a Service, or SaaS.

The great benefit of using a SaaS platform for inbound call tracking is that it is a subscription service over the internet and doesn’t require the installation of costly software. The right SaaS call tracking platform will also be able to integrate with the other applications you already use, including your CRM (customer relationship management).

Why Use Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Businesses have much to gain when they use inbound call tracking software.

To start, you can use inbound call tracking to get critical insight on the attribution for all your marketing efforts.

Attribution will let you know how well each of your marketing initiatives is performing by showing you how many inbound calls you’ve received from your different channels. It will make it clear which marketing efforts are working successfully and which ones are falling below expectations.

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Inbound call analytics provide an even more granular look at all your inbound calls, so you know where calls originated from and the demographics of your callers. These details are invaluable when it comes time to plan your next campaign because they will let you know who you should be targeting.

When using call tracking software, there are other inbound call tracking tools that can help your business. Using an IVR and call routing as part of your call tracking software gives you an efficient way to manage your inbound calls.

Callers are greeted by the IVR and provide responses that are useful in directing them to the right representative. Then call routing ensures the caller is connected to the first person available who can help them, all while providing the representative with all the relevant information the caller provided the IVR.

These inbound call tracking tools improve your call workflow and make for a better customer service experience.

Who Uses Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking is valuable to any business that uses lead generation marketing and manages a medium or large volume of inbound calls.

One such industry that gets a great deal of value from inbound call tracking is the insurance business. Insurance agents have much to gain by using inbound call tracking because it can help them optimize their marketing efforts to get quality insurance leads. When insurance agents can drive more quality insurance leads, they’re able to underwrite more policies.

While insurance agents are in a great position to use call tracking vendors to get tracking solutions that will grow their business, another type of business that can scale up with inbound call tracking is the healthcare industry.

Those who work in healthcare can adjust their campaigns to reach more potential patients when they use call tracking. The right call tracking solution will give healthcare marketers the tools to be HIPAA compliant, like advanced call recording that allows PHI (Protected Health Information) to be redacted from call recordings.

These tools allow healthcare marketers to improve their marketing initiatives without compromising on patient confidentiality.

There are a great number of businesses that can benefit from using a call tracking solution. Some include real estate agents, educational institutions, and home services. One industry that has seen measurable benefits to using call tracking software is financial services.

Companies that provide mortgages, personal loans, or other types of loans are able to use call tracking tools to create hyper-targeted campaigns that allow them to improve their marketing return on investment. The success of these businesses is a testament to the near-universal impact that inbound call tracking can have on companies looking to drive and manage more inbound calls.

Features of Inbound Call Tracking Software

Companies that are considering call tracking software should also be aware of the many different inbound call tracking tools. As mentioned, you can use IVR and call routing to better manage your inbound calls.

These features will greet your callers with a customized message and interact with them to get the information necessary to direct the caller to the correct destination. This process lowers wait times for callers and also allows businesses to handle calls more efficiently.

Call tracking vendors also offer companies usage of toll-free numbers and vanity numbers that can be used to drive and track their inbound calls. These numbers help with driving inbound call traffic because they cost nothing for consumers to dial and are often easier to remember.

A vanity phone number can even become part of the branding of your business, like “1800-CARS-NOW.”

The different call tracking tools available will vary based on the call tracking vendor you choose. Finding the call tracking software that’s right for your business is one of the most important decisions you make.

Let Phonexa help you assess your inbound call tracking needs by scheduling time with our team of experts today.

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