8 Things We Loved About 2023

Germain Palacios
Content Writer
7 minute read
Germain Palacios
Content Writer
7 minute read

In the fast-paced world of performance and partner marketing, 2023 emerged as a transformative year marked by technological leaps, shifting consumer behaviors, and a relentless pursuit of innovation at Phonexa.

As we bid farewell to another formidable year, it’s time to reflect on the moments that defined 2023 and celebrate developments and accomplishments that made it a year to remember.

From accolades and partnerships to product advancements and more, each aspect paints a vibrant picture of how Phonexa continuously pushes boundaries.


1. Phonexa Celebrates Sign Unveiling & Expansion Into Canada

Phonexa celebrated many milestones in 2023, but the granddaddy of them all was the unveiling of our new brand sign atop the 15-story building of our Glendale, California headquarters.

In a corresponding move, we also expanded into Canada due to the market demand for our tech solutions throughout North America.

The sign unveiling signified Phonexa’s long-planned expansion in the Jewel City and cemented us as a key force in growing Glendale into becoming Southern California’s next greatest tech hub. The Los Angeles Business Journal even featured us on a cover story outlining all of the details across our global business, which also features headquarters in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

On May 12, we commemorated the landmark occasion by hosting a swanky soiree attended by partners, clients, and dignitaries, including Glendale’s former Mayor Ardy Kassakhian.

2. iClear Highlights Tech Innovation

Phonexa’s touted tech team tirelessly worked by innovating and building custom solutions across our entire suite of enterprise-grade marketing products with one goal – to optimize and power performance marketing automation.

Key upgrades made to the platform included iClear, a fraud detection and email verification tool.

Other new features include:

  • Basic Phone Number Validation: This service allows users to check the validity of a phone number according to the format, region, type of phone number, and more.
  • Address Validation: Detects if the same IP address was used to submit different information.
  • iClear Manual Check: This feature allows users to create iClear service requests manually. Manual requests can be processed for third-party services such as Email Hygiene, IP Analysis, Litigant Alert, Litigator Database Lookup, etc.

These enhancements mark Phonexa’s commitment to providing advanced tools and features, ensuring our clients have the most effective solutions for their unique needs and goals.

3. UX & UI that’s Better Than Ever

In addition to all of the tech upgrades, we also improved the UX and UI of our platform year-round. Some of the essential ones include:

  • Smart Search: Phonexa introduced a new feature to enhance the search experience.  In addition to providing users with relevant search results, we incorporated the capability to effortlessly access relevant Knowledge Base articles.
  • My Favorites: The My Favorites pin icon allows users to pin frequently used features and tools to the top of their Phonexa dashboard. In addition to placing these features in one convenient location, users can also add any page or report to My Favorites, thus saving time and increasing productivity when using our robust platform.
  • Dark Mode: For Phonexa users burning the midnight oil when reviewing their performance summary, we developed a solution that’s easy on the eyes – Dark Mode! Using Project Settings, users now have the flexibility to set up Dark Mode on a customized schedule or let it automatically adapt to their operating system. Users can also switch the site theme to Dark Mode for a constant nocturnal experience.

4. Product Tour Gives You The Phonexa Experience in Real-time

One of our favorite developments in 2023 was the launch of the Product Tour, allowing users to embark on a self-guided and engaging exploration of our robust and comprehensive platform.

The Product Tour provides an ungated and guided journey through our key offerings, giving prospects better insights into the features that matter most to them. This interactive experience ensures that each demo is more impactful and tailored to individual needs, enhancing the overall understanding of Phonexa’s diverse suite of solutions.

Here’s a menu of the products you can seamlessly explore during the Product Tour:

5. Amplify Webinar Series Sets New Standard For Learning Industry Insights

In a bold move toward fostering a community of empowered marketing professionals, Phonexa proudly launched Amplify – a dynamic hub for thought leadership and industry insights. Amplify goes beyond the conventional boundaries of marketing platforms, offering engaging webinars that ensure the Amplify community stays at the forefront of industry advancements.

At the heart of Amplify is a commitment to empowering marketing professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of performance and partner marketing.

Top experts from the likes of Google, G2, Tipalti, IPQS, and Hawke Media were some of the featured Amplify speakers.

Join Amplify here to stay in the know about our next webinar.

6. G2 and Capterra Rate Phonexa With Raving Reviews, Awards

Phonexa once again reaffirmed its position as a leader in the tech industry by garnering a slew of top honors and badges from Capterra and G2.

Phonexa was included in a series of product shortlists across Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice.

Phonexa also made its mark across G2’s quarterly reports by collecting several dozen badges and ranks across categories, also dominating G2’s Europe, EMEA & Americas markets with top new leader badges.

7. Partnerships We Struck and Love

Phonexa announced partnerships with Tipalti and Corpay to fortify its automated accounting platform Books360. Phonexa partnered with Tipalti to launch an integration for Phonexa clients that makes global payment methods automated, compliant, and easier than ever for affiliate marketers and publishers. The partnership with Corpay facilitates simple and secure commission payments to affiliates across the globe.

Phonexa also partnered with Anura to release an integration for clients and prospects to eliminate ad fraud and reduce spending on fraudulent campaigns, giving Phonexa clients the ability to use Anura within their Phonexa account to identify suspicious activity based on Anura’s offerings and protect against both invalid traffic and human fraud in real-time.

Phonexa also joined Google Cloud Marketplace in order to provide customers with a new enterprise-grade solution for effectively managing and optimizing lead generation and performance marketing programs for inbound web and call campaigns, outbound call campaigns, email, SMS, and more. Google Cloud Marketplace lets users quickly deploy functional software packages that run on Google Cloud, and allows customers to easily start up a familiar software package with services like Compute Engine or Cloud Storage, with no manual configuration required. When customers transact through Google Cloud Marketplace, they can unlock the value of Phonexa and Google Cloud’s partnership and realize key benefits and features.

The partnerships struck in 2023 have bolstered the Phonexa platform with cutting-edge tools and integrations. Keep an eye out for more partnership announcements in 2024.

8. ‘Level Up With Lilit’ Takes Flight

We closed out a spectacular 2023 in Q4 with the launch of Level Up With Lilit, a podcast hosted by Phonexa’s award-winning CEO Lilit Davtyan.

The podcast embarks on an inspiring journey of personal and professional growth as Davtyan invites a diverse group of entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and emerging leaders for thought-provoking conversations.

The launch of Level Up With Lilit continued a remarkable year for Davtyan. The Phonexa CEO was named the 2023 Female CxO Trailblazer Award winner by the independent UK-based Tech Trailblazers Awards. Earlier in the year, the Los Angeles Times also honored Davtyan with its prestigious “CEO of the Year” award.

Davtyan also received recognition as one of the distinguished honorees at the 2024 Women of Impact Awards presented by Women Impact Tech. The Top 50 Women of Impact accolade celebrates outstanding women who have significantly shaped the landscape of the tech industry.

One More Thing Before 2023 Comes to a Close

We want to make your success a part of our story in 2024.

That’s why Phonexa is offering a 10% OFF SUBSCRIPTION FEE DISCOUNT* to all new accounts! Seize this amazing stocking stuffer for your business by contacting sales@phonexa.com to get started today.

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* The discount is only applicable to the monthly licensing fee for the 2024 calendar year. The promotion expires on January 31, 2024.

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Germain Palacios
Content Writer
Germain Palacios is a Content Writer at Phonexa. He is an alumnus of Kean University, where he earned a degree in English and graduated with honors. Germain also possesses a background in business administration. After graduating on the East Coast, he relocated to California to advance his writing career. Germain’s previous writing has been featured in several publications, including SoberRecovery.
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