Advice For Every Stage Of The Performance Marketing Journey

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1 minute read

Phonexa COO Jeff Schaffer recently appeared on the “Enformed Insights” podcast in an episode titled “Unlocking Success in Performance Marketing: Advice For Every Stage Of The Journey.”

The “Enformed Insights” podcast shares an inside look into how industry experts succeeded in their respective fields.

Schaffer joined host Fred Pfeiffer, Enformion’s Director of Business Development and Marketing Intelligence, to discuss his journey in performance marketing and the insights he gained along the way.

Here are some of the highlights from the conversation:

(00:40) Information on Schaffer’s background and the road that led to Phonexa
(03:12) Schaffer outlines his approach to building and managing high-performing teams
(05:18) Advice for newcomers to the performance marketing industry
(08:58) Developing a passion for the industry
(11:26) Breaking down Phonexa’s key differentiators in the performance marketing software landscape
(13:55) The biggest challenges and opportunities facing the affiliate marketing industry
(16:45) Insights into Phonexa’s growth, future expansion plans, new features, and functionalities
(19:13) How Phonexa ensures its products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their clients
(21:35) Schaffer provides a real-world example of the Phonexa platform helping a client achieve success
(23:02) The biggest pain points Phonexa helps clients solve
(25:37) Tips on using news sources to stay current with industry trends

To continue the conversation with Jeff, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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