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Why We Made a B2B Commercial

We recently debuted a brand new commercial for the Phonexa platform that puts a lighter spin on a seminal event in the history of communication: the invention of the telephone. The ad highlights the way technology can be so innovative that it’s nearly impossible to believe.

A humorous video spot like this may catch some off guard, considering that Phonexa is a B2B company and the conventional wisdom is that B2B video content should be straightforward and informational. In writing for the BuySellAds blog, Vanessa King explains that “For a long time, B2B marketers have embraced straightforward and safe campaigns, sticking to tested placements and appealing to the rational side of the brain.” The theory is that B2B companies are making direct pitches to businesses and their marketing only needs to be slightly more engaging than a PowerPoint presentation.

While we are certain here at Phonexa that our powerful all-in-one platform can speak for itself with its sophisticated features, ease of use, and ability to optimize your ROI, we are also firm believers in taking a unique approach to everything that we do. That includes our own advertising and marketing efforts.

Still some may wonder exactly what inspired us to make our latest commercial. Here are the reasons we decided to make our B2B commercial.

We Thrive on Defying Conventions

Phonexa began because our founder saw businesses using cumbersome, expensive, underwhelming software to manage their leads and determine their ROI. Our company was built on being imaginative and tackling issues in unconventional ways. So it would only make sense that we would take the same approach to getting our name out there.

In the world of call tracking and analytics, companies are often reluctant to get too creative with their video content—some companies ignore video content altogether. At Phonexa, we have been making videos since the very beginning because we believe it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with current and prospective clients.

Our new commercial is simply a continuation of the outside-the-box thinking that has been in our company DNA since the beginning.

We Have Something Important to Say

The decision to create our B2B ad wasn’t only borne out of a desire to make an ad: we also wanted to capture people’s attention to make a point about how Phonexa has changed the game. We have the only all-in-one platform for call tracking, lead generation and distribution, and email marketing that comes with free API and third-party integrations. Our technical team and account managers are the best in the industry when it comes to onboarding and continuing support.

We’ve known that we have been shifting the paradigm of expectations since our company was founded. With our new B2B commercial, we are excited to share that message with a wider audience.

Our Focus is Technology…. And People

While here at Phonexa we are relentlessly focused on pushing the capabilities of what our technology can do, we know that ultimately all our technological advancements are designed to help businesses. It’s why we built our all-in-one platform while keeping the user in mind above all else. It’s why our experts and account managers are available at every client’s beck and call.

We wanted to make sure our humanity, and our humor, would be reflected in our B2B commercial. Shelby Blitz, in her blog post “Why B2B Companies Should Be Using Humor in Ads,” explains that while your staff can be filled with awesome people, “You need a way of communicating all that awesomeness to potential clients before they’ve even spoken to your team.” That’s exactly why we decided to make and release this ad. We wanted to make an impression on those who already know us and those who we haven’t met yet.

We are changing the game. We are unconventional. We are creative—and we have a sense of humor.

Watch our B2B commercial below:

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