Why Call Tracking Matters to B2B Marketers in 2022

Kira Remy
4 minute read
Kira Remy
4 minute read

The way consumers interact with B2B businesses shifted greatly in 2020. While many industries struggled over the last year, B2B solutions surged as buyer needs for digital services increased. In order to be prepared for 2022, B2B marketers should have a sustainable marketing strategy that lays the groundwork for what’s ahead.

This year, employees will continue to work remotely, and alternatives for in-store shopping will undoubtedly be in high demand. The most successful B2B marketers will highlight products and services in a way that both attracts consumers, and makes remote employees easily available for any customer requests.

Call tracking is an efficient way for businesses to have success in B2B marketing in 2022. Below we’ll explore exactly why it matters and how your business can fully utilize the benefits.

Understanding the Value of Your Call Tracking

Since consumers prefer interacting with a human during their buying journey, it’s important that all companies communicate a clear call to action on their website landing pages that allow the consumer to get in touch with a sales representative or customer service agent. An in-depth Hubspot study found that CTAs that are tailored to each visitor performed over 200% better than basic site directions.

In order to specify that type of messaging, your business will have to collect and track consumer data pertaining to visitor location, browser language, and whether they are a revisiting customer or a new lead. B2B call tracking not only allows marketers to attribute revenue to their personalized marketing and content marketing for SaaS efforts but gather the data that makes specified CTAs possible in the first place.

Through dynamic number insertion (DNI), call tracking software implements different phone numbers on campaigns and to various audiences. With the help of call tracking, B2B marketers can easily tell which campaigns are generating inbound calls and also monitor the progress of their marketing efforts through defined phone numbers on the landing pages of specific campaigns.

Call tracking platforms provide marketers with the full picture of the customer journey through the collection of data. Tracking certain inbound leads and client calls provides B2B marketers with essential insights into what worked over the last year and what to implement in the future.

With restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, B2B companies should have a clear picture of how to enter the next year prepared and ready to optimize their digital marketing capabilities to their fullest potential.

By using call tracking, businesses will be able to achieve the following in 2022.

Manage Increased Inbound Calls With IVRs

In order to properly respond for an increase in consumers browsing websites during this time, businesses should offer clear CTAs throughout their landing pages and make it easy for consumers to call. B2B marketers that have already taken the extra step to prepare for the increase in consumer traffic are sure to receive an increase in inbound calls.

In order to manage that influx, considering a call tracking solution that has the option of setting up interactive voice response (IVR) is the best next step. Configuring an IVR to ask callers allows you to understand the reason behind the placed call and route them to the best destination based on their responses. An IVR provides answers to common questions that B2B marketers have around staying at the forefront of industry expectations.

Furthermore, call tracking systems with IVR capabilities open up a whole world of data-collection possibilities for B2B marketers. From being able to forward calls to specific agents based on locations to prioritizing callers your company prioritize leads and efficiently solve problems

Understand What’s Happening on Calls

Call tracking and analytics platforms can also serve as a database of recorded calls that can be studied for training purposes, as well as future planning. B2B marketers can hear, firsthand, what’s happening on inbound sales calls to then truly uncover which of their marketing efforts are driving their calls to begin with. Having insight into not only the reason behind the call but the location of the caller can be pivotal pieces of information when crafting a future marketing campaign.

If unconverted calls are an issue, you can analyze your recordings and transcriptions to see if your locations, call centers, and remote agents are saying the right things when buyers call. You can then pinpoint any issues. For instance, are they asking the right questions in their discovery calls? Are they failing to mention new pricing or promotions? You can then take steps to remedy them. In addition, you can share these recordings and transcriptions with your locations and/or call centers to use as coaching tools to improve performance.

Convert More Calls to Customers

In addition to incorporating personalized CTAs within your landing pages, B2B marketers should focus on increasing the opportunities for consumers to place calls. Call tracking with ‘click-to-call’ technology and Google Ads has made this process seamless for both B2B marketers and consumers.

Similar to the way PPC ads operate, call tracking (in conjunction with Google Ads) allows you to see which of your Google forwarding numbers generate the most call leads in real-time. By associating your call forwarding numbers with certain B2B marketing efforts, your business understands exactly which calls are coming from organic search results and which are from paid advertisements.

Ultimately, aligning your B2B marketing efforts with call tracking software prepares your business for all the adjustments and successes that lie ahead in 2022.

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