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G2 Awards Phonexa with Series of Accolades in Fall 2022 Report

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4 minute read

Phonexa has once again secured an impressive showing in G2’s Fall 2022 Report, collecting two dozen badges and ranks as well as strong user-generated feedback.

Not only did the all-in-one suite for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting maintain its ability to resonate with users across diverse business models and verticals, but the touted tech company also increased product ranks with substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

As a result, the product competed high and received four Leader Badges in the following categories:

  • Leader (Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Call Tracking)
  • Leader Small-Business (Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Call Tracking)

Recipients of Leader badges sit at the top 25% quadrant of their respective product categories.

Phonexa was additionally named a Momentum Leader, receiving favorable results on the top tier of the Momentum Grid® in the Inbound Call Tracking category.

“We’re not only impressed, but also proud that our software solutions have been so instrumental in the growth of our clients, and their businesses,” said Liana Tonoyan, Chief Information Officer for Phonexa. “It’s a tremendous signal and evaluation to the daily efforts we put into improving the usability of our products, along with the user experience attached to it.”

The efforts and hard work of Phonexa’s Onboarding and Customer Success teams didn’t go unnoticed, as users reported positive feedback on the support side of the operations. As a result, Phonexa was awarded the following new badges:

  • Highest User Adoption (Small-Business)
  • Best Support (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Best Support Small-Business (Affiliate Marketing, Outbound Call Tracking)

“Our dynamic departments always go the extra mile to make sure that our clients and customers are well taken care of,” said Chelsey Reynolds, Vice President of Onboarding and Customer Success. “Our clients are visionaries, and we’re only excited to be helping them lead a new wave of innovation for their businesses through our products, technology, and support.”

Phonexa collected several additional badges that showcase its continued effort to impress users and address their marketing pain points.

Some of the platform’s renewed and newly-earned badges include:

  • Easiest To Do Business With Small-Business (Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Call Tracking, Outbound Call Tracking)
  • Best Meets Requirements (Inbound Call Tracking, Affiliate Marketing, Outbound Call Tracking)
  • Best Meets Requirements Small-Business (Affiliate Marketing, Outbound Call Tracking)
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend (Affiliate Marketing, Outbound Call Tracking)
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend Small-Business (Affiliate Marketing, Outbound Call Tracking)
  • High Performer (Outbound Call Tracking)
  • High Performer Small-Business (Outbound Call Tracking)

To learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, schedule a consultation or email

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