Great Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Reach the Top

Kira Remy
6 minute read
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Kira Remy
6 minute read

From whitepapers and webinars to calls and clicks, lead generation is a constant uphill battle for many sales and marketing professionals. 

Rather than continuing the climb at such a steep incline, we’ve got a few new strategies as you hike toward the summit of success. 

Focus on Automation

Skip the gondola line and automate your outreach

With modern automation software, you’re able to do everything from tracking to routing generated leads to automating certain sales processes that free up a lot of your time spent on outreach. When lead generation is a numbers game, automation can help. Using a lead management tool can expand your revenue and reach with automated distribution and robust analytics like Ping Trees and Predictive Insights. 

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Solidify Your Base

Ditch your hiking poles and focus on customer retention

While customer retention is a bit antithetical to lead generation and new business, it’s worth working on first. Only after your business has a strong foundation on how to establish long-lasting relationships with the customers you already have, should you move forward to the next path in searching for new ones. Helping your customers in each phase of the buying journey will pay off in the long run. The ROI here is that when trying to close new business, you are able to point back to case studies and testimonials of examples that your business has been able to support. 

Additionally, lead generation is ultimately supported through positive word-of-mouth referrals, or even incentivized referral campaigns that your marketing team can successfully produce because of the strong interpersonal relationships you’ve cultivated with your bought-in business. 

Rely on Others

Why climb solo when you can get a leg up from a partner? 

Partnering with other leading marketers in your industry can be a key strategy in improving your success. From expanding your reach and partnering with others to help advance your customer service capabilities, to reaching out to a peer in the same vertical for advice or inside industry knowledge, business partnerships are a great way to understand how to rerouting lost leads. 

Additionally, working with an industry expert, often a key part of an advanced lead tracking and routing software, can help support your lead generation efforts as well. Oftentimes the content produced by these brands can not only serve as points of reference for how to best structure your business but their content can be an example for how to structure your own blog, email campaigns, or whitepapers. 

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Personalize Your Efforts

Like a backpack covered in patches and pins, personalization is a key to standing out

The information you derive from data and analytics can help you understand your audience and how to better attract customers similar to those already using your product or services. Understand metrics like seasonal increase, the average dollar spend, and customer demographics. Model your new business and lead generation operations after what is working and rely on data to back up your choices. 

Make Email Marketing a Priority

The key to a successful hike is a solid foothold 

Similar to the importance of nurturing your existing customer base before beginning the search of a new one, email marketing can often seem like an antiquated channel for your innovative marketing mind, but in fact, it’s integral to your company’s success. A solid email marketing strategy can be just as beneficial in growing your customer base as any other content marketing initiative. 

Like blogs and whitepapers, a successful email contains relevant and dynamic content. Personalizing your messaging depending on the audience and exactly what type of lead you’re trying to generate is important. Focus on concise subject lines that are creative but also get straight to the point – remember this is the first thing leads will see. To that point, spend some time on the aesthetics of what you’re sending. Having a mobile-friendly email with a follow-up action or goal behind it will encourage readers to convert as well. 

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Kira Remy
Kira Remy was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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