Call Tracking Software For Businesses and Agencies

Call tracking software gives you detailed attribution for all your inbound call traffic, so you can measure effectiveness and boost revenue.

Get More Conversions

The simplest way to increase your revenue is to convert more by optimizing your customer journey. Attribution from a call tracking system makes it easy for companies to streamline campaigns for more high-quality leads.

Define the Customer Journey

Call Details

Define the Customer Journey

View a line-by-line description of each lead, including whether the lead was sold or rejected, the time stamp, where the lead came from, which buyer it matched with, and whether or not the lead resulted in a product or service sold.

Define the Customer Journey

Enhance the Caller Experience

IVR and Automatic Call Distributor

Effectively manage your incoming calls with data-driven automatic call routing that distributes calls based on caller IVR responses and agent availability. Use filter settings with caller tracking software so that high-quality leads are given priority.

Get Your Daily Briefing Anytime

Call Logic Dashboard

Get Your Daily Briefing Anytime

See all your daily traffic and other key performance indicators for your campaigns with one program using a comprehensive “at-a-glance” dashboard. This invaluable solution interface gives you real-time data for your incoming calls.

Get Your Daily Briefing Anytime

Call Tracking Software Answers Your Marketing Questions

  • What ads prompted my calls?
  • What keywords are most effective?
  • Which landing pages are successful at driving calls?
  • Which campaigns are getting the best ROI?

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Listen for New Marketing Opportunities

Call Recording

Listen for New Marketing Opportunities

A comprehensive call tracking tool such as sales call recording considerably simplifies tasks and makes critical information easily accessible for businesses to base decisions on. Businesses can bundle digital call recording tools with sales call tracking software to identify issues, recover missed details, keep marketing teams informed, and leverage the potential of untapped insights.

Listen for New Marketing Opportunities

Get Data on Demand in Real-Time

Call Management

Get Data on Demand in Real-Time

Call management provides a smooth, seamless process of lead generation with advanced real-time reporting that guarantees regular updates on the status of your marketing campaigns. Get data-driven solutions aimed at the development and growth of your company with phone tracking software as part of a call management system.

Get Data on Demand in Real-Time

Equip Your Business with Call Analytics

Call Tracking Analytics

Equip Your Business with Call Analytics

Advanced call tracking analytics provide insights into your inbound call tracking and help boost marketing ROI. With intuitive tables and reports, businesses can leverage data from call tracking efforts to assess campaign performance.

Equip Your Business with Call Analytics

Call Tracking Software FAQs

How does call tracking work?

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Call tracking works by empowering a company to have consumer phone numbers that are trackable—this can be applied to custom vanity numbers, local numbers, or toll-free numbers.

When consumers see these numbers online or from other marketing channels and place a call, their calls are tracked by the Phonexa platform. Phonexa delivers valuable data and granular reporting to support these tracking capabilities, providing deep insight to what is driving your calls.

What information can I collect from using call tracking?

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Call tracking delivers a wealth of information to users. You can expect useful insights into your campaign, like what keyword led to the call, the relevant Google Click ID, which web page the call came from, or if the call could be attributed to a marketing campaign.

Phonexa call tracking also lets you hone in on individual calls. The data collected can tell you a caller’s location, the duration of the call, the date and time of the call, whether it is a unique or duplicate call lead, in-depth reporting to why the call was accepted or rejected, and key demographics about your caller.

How can call tracking help with my marketing decisions?

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Call tracking gives you a bird’s eye view of your marketing strategy by connecting your online efforts with your multi-channel marketing activities. With call tracking, you can use caller data for better ad targeting, boost traffic by shifting resources based on real-time call data, generate more calls & leads from popular landing pages, plan future campaign efforts with predictive analysis, and much more.

How does using a ping tree solution with call tracking improve my ROI?

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With Phonexa, you can utilize call lead distribution to boost your revenue by harnessing distribution algorithms based on price, priority of advertiser relationship, and weighted lead traffic – dispersing quality leads to your direct advertisers. Phonexa’s ping tree empowers you to create new monetization opportunities, by distributing your leads to offers that were rejected by other direct advertisers.

What marketing channels work with Phonexa call tracking service?

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Phonexa call tracking service works with nearly every type of marketing channel. You can use it on websites, for paid and organic search, display ads, social media, email marketing, and even traditional sources like print, radio, and television.

Do you offer toll-free and vanity numbers?

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Yes, we are pleased to provide companies with convenient toll-free and vanity phone numbers.

Can I customize the caller experience?

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Phonexa offers a variety of ways that you can create a custom caller experience, delivering customizable features such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and incoming call greeting recordings per call channel. You can utilize local phone numbers depending on your target audience’s location, or pull other data from callers to connect them with the right representative.

Is there a way to record calls?

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Yes, the Phonexa platform comes with call recording. This valuable conversation tracking tool gives companies the opportunity to get a detailed understanding of their conversion calls. Recordings can be used for training purposes or as a way to improve sales performance and customer service.

Can I create a custom IVR that can route callers to specific destinations?

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Absolutely. Our custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) not only lets you route callers according to specific metrics or filters that you decide; you can also make sure that callers are met with a friendly greeting and a set of menu options to expedite their experience. Schedule a free demo.

What is a Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) and how can it help my marketing campaign?

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DNI is an inbound call tracking feature where a unique phone number is tied to each ad source to help marketers evaluate offline client behaviors in the same manner they track online behavior through the use of cookies. By implementing DNI, businesses can establish a local presence, increase their marketing budget in real-time, track social media metrics, and use international toll-free phone numbers to market their products and services.

How can businesses leverage Call Attribution for their marketing campaigns?

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By attributing every inbound call, businesses can collect data and gain deep insights into customer behavior, customize and improve the customer experience to engage customers, and implement intelligent call routing to increase customer retention. All of these benefits allow businesses to identify missed opportunities for future campaigns.

Problems Call Tracking Software Solves Do you know how to track a call that can lead to a conversion?

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Businesses looking to evaluate their marketing tactics and campaigns often ignore the need to capture vital data from phone conversations with prospects and clients. Understanding how to track incoming calls and make educated decisions is crucial for pinpointing the best-performing channels and ensuring future business growth.

It’s common for marketing professionals to want a better understanding of their call attribution and precise access to data on marketing efforts. Implementing phone call tracking helps brands successfully identify the digital assets, web pages, or keywords that drive calls, leads, and conversions.

Call tracking services empower businesses to keep track of and gain visibility into their conversion metrics and customer retention rate. Ultimately, companies equipped with the right call tracking software can leverage their capacities and problem-solving abilities.

Here’s how Phonexa’s call tracking system can help your business tackle marketing issues and capitalize on call tracking data.

Identify Marketing Efforts That Drive Calls

Tracking calls helps companies solve numerous problems like identifying channels, specific efforts, and their impact on call volume. With this information at hand, businesses can optimize their marketing spend, discover more about prospective clients, and get more context on customer behavior.

Call tracking software can deliver a considerable volume of information on callers, including insights into active campaigns like the reasons behind calls, caller ID, Google Click ID, caller’s location, and web pages where calls originated.

Capture Critical Call Activity Data

Phonexa’s call tracking solution enables businesses to learn about sales, marketing, and how to support team performance. Customer service call tracking software has everything an organization needs to capture crucial high-quality data and keep its campaign and call logic focused.

By implementing an automated solution geared toward tracking telephone calls and managing them, companies waste less time on manual tasks, build data-rich buyer personas and CRMs, decrease the number of unanswered calls, and increase cross-team transparency.

Effective Call Distribution

An automatic call distribution (ACD) system – which is part of Phonexa’s Call Logic platform – redirects inbound calls to appropriate departments and individual recipients based on caller information and predetermined rules or IVR survey results.

The parameters companies use to determine how automatic call distribution routes incoming calls may differ. They often include area codes, caller’s location, the time of the call, skills required to handle specific queries, and so on. Common routing strategies include rotary, fixed order, skills-based, and simultaneous call distribution.

Phonexa’s inbound call tracking software works hand-in-hand with an automatic call distributor and IVR system to help companies transform how they approach business calls and lead conversion.

Enhance Customer Journey

The customer journey differs from brand to brand. While leads have different expectations, pain points, and experiences, every company needs to understand which paths consumers might take while interacting with a business.

A customer call tracking software enables companies to track leads all the way from their first phone call to a sale while collecting data at each touchpoint. The gathered call data is then weaved together to create various customer journeys and secure conversions.

Pinpoint Keywords That Drive Calls

Inbound call tracking can be handy if businesses need to capture more keyword data and refine their targeting tactics. Call tracking software ensures that keyword data is no longer lost when a user dials up a call.

Tracking helps companies identify keywords, spot trends through conversations, and recalibrate their marketing strategies. Call tracking software guarantees that every visitor action is tracked and every call is handled professionally by capturing all interactions like page visits, filled out forms, or live chats that lead to inbound calls.

Attribute and Improve Marketing ROI

Businesses focus on improving marketing ROI for many reasons, and one of the most common reasons is to justify resource distribution. Brands equipped with the best call tracking software can measure ad campaigns, determine baselines, and assess the impact of inbound phone calls on revenue growth and overall marketing output.

Phonexa’s sales call tracking software shows brands what happens between the lead’s first visit, a call, and the time a lead decides to make a purchase. Access to this comprehensive data empowers companies to measure and attribute ROI efficiently.

Here are some of the ways call tracking can help with measuring marketing return on investment:

  • Visitor-level call tracking: Consumers see a unique call tracking number when they visit your website. This number follows visitors as they navigate or return to the company website. When a prospective customer calls one of these free call tracking numbers, the visitor-level call tracking software attributes the call to a specific channel, ad, and keywords that initially brought the prospect to your website.
  • Campaign-level call tracking: It helps companies track revenue generated by channels like social media, email marketing, or offline ads. In this case, a free call tracking number is assigned to a specific source.
  • Multi-channel attribution: This method lets companies view the entire customer journey from the first ad a visitor clicked to a couple of calls and a direct website visit. Call tracking software allows businesses to see each source and assess the value of each channel and touchpoint.
Identify Growth Areas

Companies that use phone call logging software can significantly benefit from numerous valuable metrics it offers, including call volume information, agent efficiency, resolution rate, customer experiences, and call outcomes. This information helps brands discover operational inefficiencies and uncover growth opportunities for specific departments, individual agents, and businesses.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Today, call tracking is an essential part of customer service, and it helps company representatives, support agents, and marketers enhance the customer journey by using interactive voice response software.

An IVR system enables brands to create custom greetings, offer callers a self-service option, improve first-call resolution results, and route calls to appropriate destinations. In addition, it gives businesses a competitive advantage and an opportunity to personalize an entire customer journey.

Implementing IVR and call tracking software ensures that consumers will be catered to based on their demographics, psychographics, purchase history, and other crucial data.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Most enterprises rely on inbound calls as one of the principal channels for generating and converting high-quality leads. It’s only natural since inbound calls help companies enhance customer engagement, align offline and online efforts, and capture critical call data.

Phonexa’s call tracking software can help brands enhance the quality of leads by bridging the gap and helping them integrate phone calls into the customer journey and their marketing strategy. In addition, the companies can tap into per-channel, per-visitor, or per-campaign performance by utilizing vanity toll-free numbers for successful call tracking.

Tap Into Campaign Insights

Businesses often look for nuanced information across their marketing channels to eliminate the blind spots in their lead generation and attribution efforts. With the right call tracking services and call analytics tools, companies can reshape their multi-channel strategies, tap into the customers' needs, maximize the use and value of obtained call data, and manage the customer lifecycle.

Call Tracking Features

Call tracking software can help you explore and expand your tracking options, whether your company needs to optimize active campaigns or boost sales.

Phonexa’s inbound call tracker can deliver detailed attribution for your call traffic, paid search, email campaigns, SEO efforts, and more. It allows using toll-free, local, and vanity numbers for businesses that wish to implement a call tracking solution.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Most call tracking solutions use dynamic number insertion (DNI) to attribute inbound calls to specific channels and campaigns. It enables businesses to assign tracking numbers to online and offline sources or visitors. This way, companies can track sales calls to where they originated and identify the sources that can help brands generate more leads and engage more prospective clients.

DNI automatically assigns tracking numbers to digital or offline assets as a standard call tracking feature. It helps track calls coming from numerous campaigns, including PPC ads, organic search, and social media.

Call Tracking Numbers. Businesses can use different free call tracking numbers. The trackable phone numbers can be vanity, toll-free, or local.

Prospective clients can see trackable numbers online or offline, depending on the company’s needs. When consumers make calls, trackable numbers route them to specific business phone numbers, allowing brands to capture crucial information on user actions before the calls.

Phonexa delivers the best inbound call tracking service, ensuring a high level of data granularity and preventing the data trail from going cold after customers pick up the phone. Businesses equipped with Call Logic – Phonexa’s phone call intelligence solution – can gather and leverage valuable call data like keywords used in conversations, date, time, call outcomes, and other information.

Local Numbers. Businesses often use local call tracking to connect with a specific community and target customers interested in local brands. Local tracking numbers can also be helpful for companies targeting particular media markets.

Toll-free Numbers. Toll-free vanity numbers are often used for offline campaigns like radio or TV ads. Brands also use toll-free numbers for digital campaigns to test and assess their marketing efforts, identify trends, and raise brand awareness.

Custom Vanity Phone Numbers. Brands use memorable words to create custom vanity phone numbers. They help businesses stand out, increase call volume, and expand their local and national presence.

Call Recording

Call tracking and recording software work hand-in-hand to ensure call center clarity for brands. Call recordings help companies keep track of agent performance and establish quality control processes. It is an excellent option for brands looking to improve customer experience and provide uninterrupted service.

Furthermore, call recordings are often used for legal and compliance purposes. Brands must ensure that the company standards are met at every stage of customer communication and that every customer’s issue is identified and resolved on time.

Call Transcription

Creating a text-based history of phone conversations is necessary for every company. From a business perspective, call transcriptions can help brands improve employee training and provide feedback to call center agents.

Since the text has more analysis features than audio, it's crucial to log the words spoken in phone conversations. Phonexa's voice recognition and IVR system can help businesses improve menu navigation, learn speech patterns, and transform speech to text and vice versa.

Automated Сall Routing

Attributing call traffic helps companies gain insights into customer behavior, customize and personalize the customer journey, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Customer experience often depends on how professionally the calls are handled. A data-driven ACD call routing system enables businesses to effectively manage call flows, lines, and hold times. When used with the call tracking systems, ACD allows using filter settings to prioritize high-quality leads.

Conversation Intelligence

Conversation intelligence is popular among enterprises and small businesses as a more intuitive solution. Conversation intelligence aims to turn information into a dynamic tool geared toward business growth. It combines such features as call intelligence and conversation analytics that can be found within Phonexa's Call Logic solution.

Call intelligence software bundled with the conversation analytics tool offers transcripts of conversations, keyword-level tracking, and causality analysis. It can also deliver valuable intel on product improvement, sales, customer experience, and marketing output.

Call History

Marketers need access to call data and campaign reports to analyze phone calls, map out caller journeys, build sales strategies, and create nurturing campaigns. The call history feature collects and stores all critical information such as caller IDs, client phone numbers, date and time of calls, etc.

Since every piece of information is essential to every marketer and sales representative, implementing phone call logging software is an excellent choice for brands looking to personalize calls, improve retention, and collect critical information.

Call Analytics

With advanced phone call analytics, marketers can use granular reporting and data insights to scale active campaigns and develop successful strategies.

Call analytics software helps marketing and sales departments break down the performance of specific keywords, view campaign progress, and evaluate their digital efforts and conversion rates. Call analytics is integral to sales call tracking software, helping brands get a complete view of the customer journey through inbound calls.

Real-Time Reports

Call tracking reports help brands maximize the use of captured data and speed up the decision-making process.

Real-time reporting and analytics features are part of Phonexa’s call management software. These features are designed to perform a thorough analysis of call volumes, approaches, trends, keywords, and performance of marketing channels.

Real-time call tracking reports help companies find power in the present and make changes to active call campaigns in a matter of minutes. On top of that, real-time reporting enables companies to keep track of every incoming call by showing the time of calls, hang-ups, CR, number of missed calls, CTR, and more.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a technology that allows clients to interact with a business through telephone touch tones before their calls are routed by the ACD phone system and handled by human operators.

It’s not uncommon for IVR systems to have built-in AI and voice recognition features that recognize caller voices, collect helpful information about the queries, engage clients in a conversation, and help businesses create customer profiles.

The IVR system cost may vary depending on the services your company needs and the quality of the technology. Phonexa’s IVR system is part of the Call Logic solution, offering businesses an opportunity to elevate the customer experience by improving their call capacity, optimizing funnels, and customizing brand voice.

Automatic Call Distribution

What is an automatic call distribution? It’s a system that typically works with IVR to manage and intelligently route phone calls. The principal purpose of an automatic call distributor system is to streamline the communication process. It helps businesses and dedicated inbound call centers manage calls, monitor, and utilize data captured from incoming calls to improve customer experiences.

The ACD call routing scenarios may differ from company to company, but the typical scenario includes the following stages:

  • The IVR system greets callers that contact the business.
  • The IVR offers several options to choose from to navigate the menu.
  • The ACD call routing system then directs them to the appropriate department or agent based on the predetermined routing rules.

The ACD software is an invaluable asset for any business that regularly interacts with consumers over the phone. ACD is also excellent for support teams and call centers handling large call volumes.

Voice Recognition

Managing a large volume of incoming calls is impossible without an appropriate tech stack like interactive voice response software, ACD call routing, and Cloud PBX. It allows businesses to understand callers better and distinguish the voice of an individual speaker.

Implementing such solutions enables brands to streamline handling phone calls and pulling up critical call data.

Static vs. Dynamic Call Tracking

Call tracking allows marketers to maximize their impact, optimize marketing spend, and drive more sales. Marketing professionals use static and dynamic call tracking for different campaigns to solve specific tasks.

Static call tracking allows businesses to assign marketing tracking phone numbers to offline campaigns. It can also be used for digital assets, but the downside to using this type of call tracking is limited metrics and the inability to break down generated calls by source, channel, or ad unit.

A DNI feature is at the core of dynamic call tracking. It helps marketers indicate ineffective marketing initiatives, optimize resource allocation, and determine the number of calls generated by ad campaigns, visitors, or keywords.

Both call tracking methods can be used in marketing campaigns, but the principal differences are in the goals companies expect to achieve. In some cases, combining two methods can work effectively if a brand wishes to separate specific marketing channels.

Cloud vs. Hosted Call Tracking

Many brands struggle to choose the proper call tracking and call center analytics software, unsure whether they should use a hosted or cloud solution.

Implementing cloud call tracking solutions requires less maintenance and upgrades since they are hosted on the cloud space by the service provider. Also, there is no need to use hardware or store data on the company premises.

Utilizing hosted or on-premises solutions imply installing and hosting them on your in-house servers. The significant downside to implementing a hosted call tracking solution is the need for regular maintenance.

Here are the principal differences between hosted and cloud-based online call tracking:

  • Setup time
  • Costs and expenses
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Software reliability
  • Remote access

Ultimately, cloud-based call tracking systems have more security mechanisms, scalability, and flexibility. While it means that the company will not have ownership of the call tracking software, it allows them to deploy complex communication services and get solutions up and running without extra time and effort.


These systems have a lot in common since IVA and IVR are excellent alternatives to customer support agents. Both are designed to improve customer experience, manage support tickets and requests, and simplify the resolution process.

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a feature used by business phone systems like Phonexa’s Cloud PBX to deliver uninterrupted service to clients, shorten customer wait times, increase conversion opportunities, and score keyword usage in conversations.

IVA – or intelligent virtual assistant – is an AI-powered system that enables companies to automate self-service and analyze customer data and responses.

Here are the principal differences between IVA and IVR systems:

  • The principal goals of IVA are to offer self-service to clients and eliminate the need to communicate with a live agent.
  • The end goals of the IVR system are to gather information about callers and route them to appropriate agents or departments.
  • IVAs can handle complex support tickets.
  • IVRs provide spam filter protection.
  • IVAs utilize voice biometrics.
Who Should Use Call Tracking Software

There is a strong reason brands across various industries use call tracking software, and it’s access to actionable data. Let's take a closer look at some businesses that should use call tracking.

Insurance Carriers

Insurance companies must build trust and strong relationships with clients to remain competitive and scale their business. Implementing the best inbound call tracking service can have a significant impact not only on their customer service but also on their spending, the number of underwritten policies, and conversion rate.

Financial Services

Financial call tracking and lead management help companies tackle a variety of challenges, including the ability to provide prospects with peace of mind over their financial decisions. With the right call tracking software, businesses can automate their efforts, maintain high ROI, boost earning potential, and turn every call into a conversion.

Home Services

As for the home service industry, calls are integral for companies looking to establish connections with clients and boost sales. Home service companies can use call tracking reports to better understand which campaigns in which locations perform the best. With a call tracking app, businesses can manage lead distribution and handle every customer request on the go.

Small Businesses

Satisfying the clients’ needs and ensuring excellent customer support is essential to the success of small businesses. Local companies can fine-tune their targeting tactics with inbound phone call tracking, streamline call campaigns, ensure effective call traffic attribution, and increase revenue potential.

Travel and Hospitality

A call tracking solution helps optimize and recalibrate travel and hospitality marketing. This industry, in particular, deals with calls daily. For that reason, it’s crucial for hotel and travel businesses to ensure that their marketing budget delivers actionable results.

Attributing each call to the marketing source, website interaction, or ad can also help these businesses decrease CPL, fine-tune funnels and drive more sales.


Making an impression and providing a superior customer experience helps healthcare organizations increase customer acquisition and deliver better access to care. Online call tracking enables healthcare facilities to capture critical marketing data, automatically route customer calls, and decrease the number of unanswered patient calls.


Incoming call tracking software empowers car dealerships and service centers to capture data in real-time from customer conversations. It helps companies in the automotive industry elevate customer experience, boost sales, and get a bird’s eye view of digital and offline campaigns that drive conversions.

B2B Businesses

B2B companies strive to optimize their marketing spend and understand what attracts their prospects and drives incoming calls. Call tracking software can help B2B businesses identify keywords, optimize conversion funnel, and pinpoint specific marketing initiatives that drive web and call leads.

Lead Generation Companies

Call tracking software for lead generation can fulfill many needs, including detailed information on online and offline campaigns, in-the-moment optimization of the lead funnels, and access to granular call tracking reports.

Lead generation companies often cast aside some of their leads. But Phonexa's reinvented ping tree technology like Ping Post Calls 2.0 – part of the Call Logic solution – can help businesses leverage a lead distribution and nurturing system by reviving declined leads and turning them into a new revenue source.

Call Tracking Software for Paid Search

Companies often use call tracking tools to refine and optimize their paid search efforts. One common use case is Google Ads, which is aimed at getting a closed-loop attribution for inbound phone calls.

For instance, when a call is placed, Phonexa’s sales call tracking software reports specific call events and captures click identifiers to provide complete visibility of your paid search campaigns.

Its integration with Google Ads allows identifying which keywords or ad groups drive different call outcomes, measuring revenue generated by calls, and optimizing keyword spend. Also, Google Ads enables tracking of various call conversions, including calls made directly from ads and clicks on free call tracking numbers on your website.

Call Tracking Software for Personalized Customer Experience

Call centers and businesses must address multiple issues regarding the marketing budget, customer experiences, lead management, and conversions. With call tracking and analytics solutions, companies can retrieve real-time insights into caller journeys, including engagement history with digital assets and specific touchpoints.

Phonexa empowers businesses with comprehensive solutions for call tracking, automated call routing, lead management, agent scoring, link tracking, and much more. The comprehensive suite of solutions provided by Phonexa helps brands capitalize on data and offer their customers carefully mapped out, optimized, and personalized journeys and experiences.

The Pros of Using Call Tracking Software

Companies often look for comprehensive solutions that deliver measurable results and make an immediate marketing impact. A suitable call tracking software allows businesses to make data-driven decisions and collect helpful information on call campaigns.

ROI Attribution. Without sales call analytics, companies encounter many difficulties when it comes to call traffic attribution. One of the primary use cases for call analytics is creating a clear view of ROI and identifying the call leads that lead to conversions.

Detailed Analytics. Call tracking data unlocks numerous insights into active marketing campaigns. For instance, call tracking reports and other data analytics tools help brands streamline communication, optimize workflows, buy and sell leads, and scale ad campaigns.

Improved Call Volume. Call tracking solutions often include tools that help businesses spot trends and make data-driven predictions. With predictive modeling, companies can see the likely outcomes of campaign optimizations and create strategies to boost call volume and improve ROI and conversion rate.

Customer Intelligence. Access to the first-party data provides access to customer demographics, psychographics, and customer interests that can be used to create buyer personas and deliver personalized experiences.

Optimized Media Spend. A wide range of detailed reports and granular customer data helps brands make targeted adjustments to improve their marketing spend. Call tracking empowers companies to analyze filter settings, drive more high-quality call traffic, view comparison reports, identify trends, and spot issues – all to ensure effective resource allocation.

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