How To Create An Effective IVR Survey

IVR Survey 101: 10 Tips On Delivering An Unparalleled IVR Experience

When consumers can’t resolve issues, they pick up their phones and dial up a call. Since they’re looking for a way to make a problem go away, making a call can significantly speed up the process. But if their calls are put on hold or get endlessly transferred, the irritation grows.

Let’s face it: every consumer expects an informative response and a fast reaction to the issue that has been raised. However, using intrusive online forms and surveys is a thing of the past. That is why tech-savvy businesses nurture customer relations through technologies like interactive voice response (IVR).

Utilizing an IVR system helps enterprises manage numerous calls, refine customer journeys, and stay available at all times. It can also come in handy if businesses run customer satisfaction or loyalty programs. In this case, they can obtain additional information through interactive voice response surveys.

Let’s explore the importance of IVR surveys and why they have become a staple of customer service.

Why Use Interactive Voice Response Surveys

It’s no secret that businesses strive to maintain service standards and measure the quality of their services. They launch training programs for employees, focus on quality management, monitor satisfaction rates, and nurture customer loyalty. However, the most reliable way to accomplish these goals is to ask the right questions.

Since IVR systems are not limited to inbound calls, enterprises use post-call surveys to receive feedback from clients on specific products, issues, or experiences. When creating IVR surveys, businesses often use voice of customer survey questions. They help to obtain measurable responses from clients and gain deeper insights into their needs and sentiment.

Here are the reasons why enterprises need to leverage the IVR technology and surveys:

  • Ability to manage high call volumes
  • Opportunity to personalize messages and greetings
  • Power to capture crucial information about the callers
  • Ability to improve retention rates
  • Effective automatic detection of fraudulent phone calls
  • Opportunity to instantly respond to negative feedback
  • Power to collect and process only relevant information
  • Potential to increase satisfaction rates

While this technology allows obtaining massive volumes of reliable and meaningful data, it is crucial to understand how to design effective surveys. Let’s examine how enterprises can make sure that every IVR encounter is enjoyable for clients.

What Is an IVR and Why Does Your Business Need It?

10 Best Practices For Delivering Unparalleled IVR Experience

Here’s the thing: businesses never risk losing their core customers. With IVR technology at hand, they can effectively eliminate dissatisfaction and receive customer feedback in an instant.

But what if your IVR survey is ineffective? Here’s how you can ensure that your survey design, script, and questions are on point.

Conduct Preliminary Analysis

Developing a specific system of data analysis procedures at the early stages is critical to the success of your campaign. Despite the popular notion, marketers need to outline how to handle incomplete surveys, when to tweak the active ones, and how the captured data will be used before launching a survey.

Determine The Topic And Stick To It

Whether you want to receive feedback on a specific product or a recent issue, narrowing an IVR topic is essential to keep your survey to the point. This way, you will obtain only relevant information.

Remember That Simplicity Is The Key

Complex questions in an IVR survey can demotivate and confuse clients. The best approach is to focus on asking simple questions that elicit fast responses. Apart from making general inquiries, you can also use qualitative and quantitative questions. This way, you can find out more about different touchpoints.

Create High-Converting IVR Script 

When you’re looking to encourage positive customer interactions, eliminate frustrations, and resolve incoming customer inquiries, creating an effective and tasteful script is your best bet.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when working on a script:

  • Keep the structure clear
  • Include positive trigger words
  • Keep it concise and accurate
  • Present no more than five options to clients

Define Focus Keywords

Depending on the IVR goals and topic of your survey, you need to define the focus keywords. This way, you will create well-structured questions and improve the effectiveness of the survey.

Keep It Short

There’s always a chance that consumers might get bored, confused, or distracted from the IVR survey. If that’s the case, your next attempt might also fail. Bear in mind that the time of your clients is valuable. That is why it is essential to develop short but logical surveys that hold their interest.

Be Ready For Extremes

It’s no secret that the most vocal clients are those with strongly negative or extremely positive experiences. That’s why when crunching data, it’s important to remember that such extremes typically do not correlate with the entire target group.

Ensure Voice Recording Is A Pro

Here’s the thing: businesses cannot afford to ignore the quality of pre-recorded messages. After all, high-quality voice recording ensures clarity, shows professionalism, and captures your company’s tone of voice. Make sure the person you hire is well equipped to handle the task.

Make Test Survey Calls

There’s no denying that testing is essential in any marketing activity. The same is true of surveys and IVR campaigns. Test results can help you improve the quality of questions and optimize your survey call tactics.

Crucial Timing Is Of The Essence 

Collecting IVR feedback is not only about keywords, concise questions, and survey length. It is also about timing. Keep in mind that the sooner you follow up with clients after a specific call, a product purchase, or a complaint, the more accurate information you will obtain.

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SEO & Social: Utilizing an IVR system helps enterprises manage numerous calls, refine customer journeys, and stay available at all times. We explore the importance of IVR surveys and why they have become a staple of customer service.

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