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LMS Features: Filtering, URL Tracking, Payout Structure, Fraud Detector, API

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Filtering and Restrictions

Automatic Vetting Based on Customized Filters

Quality is Key

One qualified lead is better than a thousand disinterested leads because it all comes down to your conversion rates. Every marketer has his or her own preferences when it comes to lead filtration, that’s why LMS SYNC allows users to filter their traffic according to their own preferences. Spam filtering to marketing restrictions ensure that only high quality, sales-ready leads will pass through.

Set Filters Based on Results

LMS SYNC’s detailed analytics report on every aspect of your leads and campaigns, allowing you to set filtrations and restrictions with confidence. We acknowledge that too many options can be come overwhelming, which is why we’ve built a lead management software that helps you optimize your system every step of the way.

  • Segment Leads
  • Set Custom Traffic Filters
  • Secure Higher Conversions

URL Tracking

Dusting the digital footprints on your websites and advertisements.

What is URL Tracking?

URL tracking shows the traffic source of each lead that has visited your website or has signed up for your service. By showing the correlation between your leads and the marketing sources that spurred those leads, you can assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your customer journey for exceptional results.

What can be tracked and why?

All digital marketing channels can be tracked in detail, including but not limited to: search advertisements, email campaigns, social media advertisements and blog articles. The accuracy and efficiency of URL tracking makes it a core feature on LMS SYNC. Users can thoroughly trace their traffic sources in order to attribute ROI to the right campaigns.

Easy Setup: It only takes seconds to create a unique URL for each of your various campaigns.

Real-Time Updates: Set notifications or check live updates each time a lead interacts with your unique URL.

Detailed Insights: Receive comprehensive reports on your leads and campaigns, including specific engagement activities, the time and date of each conversion and more.

Track your leads with the best-performing LMS on the market.

Payout Structures

Increase your convenience and profitability with LMS SYNC

How would it change the way you handle lead generation if payouts weren’t an issue?

User experience is always at the forefront of our minds. That’s why we’ve developed multiple payout structures for our users. From tracking transactions to handling prepaid clients and automated invoices, LMS SYNC simplifies the billing process so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

Payout Structures Supported by LMS SYNC

Transactions: Track every detail of your transactions with accurate, user-friendly reports.

Prepaid: Improve your relationships with clients who have an exceptional payment track record.

Credit: Eliminate risks of non-payments by determining the best clients to work with.

Invoicing: Allow LMS SYNC to automate the tedious invoicing process to save you time and resources.

Rebilling: Configure automatic charges each time a certain client falls below a required balance.

Subscriptions: Create a flat-rate subscription fee for Affiliates or clients who sign up for additional programs.

Revenue Split: Share revenue generated from certain leads with other buyers in your network.

Get automated billing and a bundle of other benefits with the best LMS on the market.

Fraud Detector and Email Verification

Powerful Solutions for Combatting Fraudulent Activities

Don’t Handle Fraud on Your Own.

Fraud detecting and lead validation aren’t meant to be done manually. It’s just not scalable to verify each lead on your own. Let our vigilant software sift through your leads to identify unreliable subjects as they present themselves in the system. With stringent layers of vetting in place, only qualified leads will be able to pass through successfully, keeping your library free of fraud and errors.

One System. Five Solutions. Limitless Growth.

  • Lead Uniqueness: This report allows you to analyze publisher details and view the amount of duplicate leads.
  • Data Mismatch: Create custom charts to view various data inconsistencies to catch errors early on.
  • Email Validation: All emails that come through will be automatically separated into three categories: valid, risky, and toxic.
  • Lead Parameter Comparison: Compare custom lead parameters, such as the income types of each lead, to identify potential upsell opportunities.
  • Fraud Overview: Get a detailed overview of your fraud analyses, including all of the above and more, in a user-friendly visual summary.

Identify Fraud and Prevent Errors with the World’s Top Lead Management System

LMS Sync API and Third-Party Integrations

Fast. Seamless. Free.

The First Lead Management System to Offer Free API Integrations

API integration fees can be extremely costly for businesses of all sizes. As your business grows and evolves, more third-party APIs might be added to streamline your workflow. You need a lead management system that not only integrates seamlessly with third-party APIs, but is also cost-efficient for your marketing budget. Our client-focused solution is to eliminate these fees altogether so you can reduce your monthly spend and increase your revenue margin.

Current Integrations

google adwords google analytics sales force


Don’t See What You Need?

LMS SYNC can integrate with any CRM system, legacy software, dialer software and more. Create custom API integrations with any platform you need for your specific business.

  • It’s Fast, Seamless, and 100% Free.
  • Integrate with any platform you need.
  • Reduce spend and increase your profit margin.
  • Experience smooth and successful integrations every time.

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