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3 minute read

Virtual assistants have slowly integrated themselves into our everyday lives, with Siri constantly at attention in our coat pockets and Google Home answering our every request in the comfort of our living rooms. Without much of an announcement, these intricate AI technologies have successfully settled themselves into our daily routines. This seamless integration of man and machine didn’t happen overnight, but it certainly happened quickly because of one major aspect of good marketing: personalization. Nothing is more ‘personal’ than a personified robot assistant. We’ve dreamt about it for ages in our movies and media, and now that industries have the technology they need to make this virtual assistant come to life, it has understandably become a hit.

The idea of personalization has spread much further than just AI home assistants. From the moment consumers get on a call with a company, they are tracked, routed, and serviced based on personal details, such as their first and last names, location, call history, and more. Companies that have chosen to personalize their calls this way position themselves at an advantage over their competitors in terms of customer acquisition and customer retention. They understand that the gist of mass marketing starts with personalization. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which your business can automate the personalization process with call tracking to save time, money, and other valuable resources.

Call Tracking Knows Your Callers by Name

Even while your callers are speaking to an automated machine, that process in itself can be meticulously personalized if your system is integrated with call tracking. Before the call is picked up, call tracking will already be sending customer information to your IVR and agent, such as the caller’s first and last name, phone number, call history, purchase history, and so forth. This allows your IVR and/or agent to address the caller by name, allowing the conversation to be smoother, more enjoyable, and truly personalized. According to HubSpot and other credible sources, mentioning the customer’s name in an email subject line has been shown to increase the email open rates significantly. Adlucent discovered that 71% of consumers prefer personalized advertisements because it’s more thoughtful and makes the consumer feel more motivated to take action. Businesses can easily achieve this level of personalization through an advanced call tracking solution.

Call Tracking Optimizes Your Advertisements

Not only does call tracking make your calls more enjoyable and efficient, it also personalizes your advertisements. While call tracking optimizes your customer service to boost your customer retention rates, it helps you attribute ROI to the correct advertisement sources for better customer acquisition strategies. Customer acquisition, or the act of acquiring new customers through outbound marketing, requires a deep understanding of the type of advertisements that work best for your target audience. To have this understanding, you need a proper tracking solution that gives you customer details (as mentioned before) and campaign details. Call tracking does both, and so much more.

Imagine that you’ve employed multiple online and offline marketing campaigns for your new product launch. Assuming that some of these campaigns perform well and others, not so much, you will have a much easier time tracking your results with a single tracking platform. Call tracking allows you to track all of these various campaigns on one unified platform so that your campaign optimization process will be much more efficient and accurate. With the detailed campaign insights customer information you’ll receive with call tracking, you can personalize your future campaigns in ways that will better reach your target audience. The best way for any business to ensure long-term success is to constantly perform A/B tests with their existing advertisements and improving on the kinks that need the most optimizing. Call tracking is the tool you need to straighten out these kinks in your future campaigns. Get the right data today to make better campaign decisions tomorrow.

To get the most out of call tracking, schedule a consultation with Phonexa today. Our dedicated expert will walk you through the platform and show you how call tracking can grow your business from the ground up.

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