Phonexa Kicks Off Q2 with New Product Updates and Integrations

Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
3 minute read
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
3 minute read

The spring season is here, and our product and tech teams have been working hard building custom solutions to your marketing automation needs for use in the second quarter, and beyond.

As a result of that innovation, we’ve developed new functionalities to further solidify three of our core products – Call Logic, LMS Sync, and E-Delivery. This will certainly be music to the ears of our current crop of customers, and future clients alike.

We’re moved by the remarkable feedback we received from our users in the recent G2 Spring 2022 Reports, which ranked Phonexa among the quickest and best-performing marketing software for all industries and verticals.

So now, we’re coming to you with better functionality, more updates, and formative software improvement to our all-in-one suite for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

Read on to learn more about how these product updates affect your marketing strategy and operation.

Phonexa Kicks Off Q2 with New Product Updates and Integrations 2

Increased Bulk Actions for E-Delivery

As your email subscriber tally grows, segmenting email addresses into lists becomes more critical for targeted campaigns. Phonexa’s E-Delivery platform provides the exact tools you need to support your email and SMS strategies, attract and retain your target audience’s attention, and meet your goal of increasing engagement and open rates.

Smoothen your conversions through our newly-updated functionality for bulk actions, filtrations, and validations to ensure that only high-quality active contacts lists are included in your email campaigns. Some E-Delivery updates include:

  • Bulk actions, such as “Start,” “Stop,” or “Delete Selected Campaigns,” can speed and streamline your email campaigns.
  • Bulk actions, such as “Edit,” “Remove,” or “Delete Contacts,” have been updated in our SMS/Email Global Suppression feature to maintain a healthy email list.
  • The suite has a new autoresponder functionality to “send only to new subscribers” to help mailers target new email addresses on a segmented list.

Want to get granular with your email list? Here are some things you can do to use filters to your advantage:

  • Add a new phone number to the email list or import it from a CSV file.
  • Narrow down the search results by filtering a phone number indicating when the phone number was added to the list.
  • Use our Email Validation” paid functionality to ensure that only high-quality contact lists are promoted in your email campaigns.

Interactive Voice Response Gets Even More Responsive

There’s nothing better than having a responsive and efficient IVR to improve your call routing and TCPA compliance efforts and call flow effectiveness. With our newest updates, you will be able to optimize and edit your IVR flows to tap into better call filtering tactics and thus provide your buyers with better quality calls.

The following areas of Phonexa’s IVR have been updated:

  • Create a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or edit the existing schema using our new and advanced blocks to qualify and route the caller to the appropriate destination while protecting your brand from spam or bot calls.
  • Temporarily block a caller’s phone number for a specified time range, branch the calls depending on the lead input, or set up third-party service integrations to perform real-time validations.

Explore more information on advanced IVR blocks in this Knowledge Base article

Measure Lead & Campaign Performance With LMS Sync

Forecast the best time for your lead generation and distribution campaigns and target the right audience utilizing Phonexa’s advanced predictive modeling software to aggregate and import key data points into a predictive algorithm while uncovering and reflecting on your past campaign performance.

Other ways to uncover the best value for your lead-centered campaigns:

  • When it comes to cap-out options, you can optimize your budget and that of your campaigns with LMS Sync’s weekly and monthly cap-out features.
  • Want to take that to another level? You can adjust lead prices in real-time without changing the lead status.
  • Enable the Disposition Pingback feature to allow buyers to set and update the lead disposition through custom APIs.

With all of the above integration and functionality updates, you will get closer to saying goodbye to annoying delays and manual work in sending automated and segmented emails, creating or editing your IVR flow or schema, and managing your lead distribution and the revenue that comes from it.

Ensure that only high-quality, sales-ready leads will pass through using the following features here, and if you don’t find the answers to your questions, our team of experts are always available to customize solutions specific to your business needs.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa powers lead generation businesses with its dynamic all-in-one marketing platform.

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Liana Tonoyan avatar
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
Liana Tonoyan is the Chief Information Officer at Phonexa. She oversees the operational and technical sides of the business for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. Liana works closely with the company's leadership to set and drive organisational vision and technical strategy, all while ensuring effective implementation for goals and objectives. Liana has extensive experience across online marketing and lead generation industries throughout her career. She’s previously worked at KPMG, where she managed the operations department and worked closely with C-level staff.
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