Phonexa Ping Post Calls Offer Transparency and Strategic Spending

Mark Kosin
3 minute read
Mark Kosin
3 minute read

Businesses who depend on quality call leads for their success now have an incredibly useful new technology at their disposal with Ping Post Calls from Phonexa. This feature, exclusively available on the Phonexa platform, gives call buyers more value when they buy their calls by providing greater transparency and introducing a more strategic way to approach call customer acquisition.

The great advantage provided by Ping Post Calls is that it gives buyers expanded control over their lead buying by letting buyers see caller information before they buy. Ping Post Calls also comes with real-time bidding for calls—creating a dynamic marketplace for call leads that benefits call buyers, lead generators, and customers.

What are Ping Post Calls?

Ping Post Calls are the process of pinging multiple lead buyers with customer information, then allowing each buyer to automatically put in a bid for the call, resulting in the call being matched with the highest bidder. This represents a major leap forward compared to how standard call distribution works.

Ping Post Calls vs. Traditional Call Buying

During traditional call buying, prospects call a number they have seen from a marketing campaign from either digital or offline channels. The caller enters their information and is then routed to a buyer via an automated call distributor.

With Ping Post Calls, a prospect calls a number from a digital or offline marketing campaign and is asked to provide relevant information. Then, the call lead with the caller’s information is pinged to multiple buyers, who will have the opportunity to place a bid on the call.

Buyers can use the lead application information included with the call and current agent availability to determine their bid. This puts buyers in a position to bid more on callers that they believe have greater value to their company.

If the highest bidder does not then answer the call, the call will go to the next available buyer.

What are the Benefits of Ping Post Calls?

There is a reason Ping Post Calls are universally seen as a major leap forward in call tracking software and inbound call marketing. Utilizing Ping Post Calls results in great benefits to the buyers, publishers, and customers.

Buyers appreciate Ping post lead distribution sofware because they get transparency into the call leads they are looking to acquire. Each caller is presented with data points that will allow buyers to make a strategic bid based on the value they see the lead brining to their business. With this clarity introduced into the lead-buying process, buyers can fine-tune their bids and other factors in their lead acquisition to ensure they are getting the maximum value.

Lead generators, or publishers, enjoy benefits from Ping Post Calls as well. This process means that publishers are able to share one call lead with multiple buyer options at once, increasing the likelihood of a successful match to a buyer. Ping Post Calls also stand out as a more efficient way to distribute calls, because callers are automatically bid on by multiple buyers—streamlining the customer journey.

This process also benefits the callers themselves: they are placed in a situation where they are going to be matched with a business that is in the best position to meet their needs. Buyers will bid highest on callers who they see the most long-term success potential with, meaning there is a greater chance of satisfaction for the customer.

Why Phonexa Ping Post Calls Stand Out

While others may lay claim to similar technology at a later date, Phonexa is already delivering an effective and highly dynamic platform for Ping Post Calls. Users can expect an exceptional Ping Post Call experience, with skilled onboarding and technical support to take them every step of the way.

Ping Post Calls are a valuable part of the multi-channel Phonexa platform, which also offers call marketers such tools as an IVR constructor, call recording, and detailed call analytics with fast-loading reports. Call marketers will also be able to utilize Phonexa Cloud PBX—an easy cloud-based way for businesses to manage their calls.

In addition to these call tools, Phonexa offers a suite of marketing tools for web leads and email marketing, equipping large firms with all the functionality they could need, or giving startups and medium-sized companies a platform with scalability.

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